Friday, May 9, 2008

Going to the dogs...

Radar is our guard dog. He is an Anatolian Shepherd/Great Pyrenees mix.

These dogs are bred specifically for guarding and he does a great job. The sheep are constantly in danger of predators - in our case it the coyotes and packs of wild dog. He sleeps most of the day and then goes into action at night. This particular dog will let strangers into the sheep field, which is kind of good because people often want to stop and see the sheep. He is wary of them, but will let them come into the field as long as Jim or I are with them. We had a guard dog before this, Buddy, who would only allow Jim, me, our grandson, Travis, and Jim's brother into the field. We felt the sheep were safer from poachers, but it sure did make it challenging to let people see the sheep. We would have to always pen him up first.

This is Buddy. Komondors originated from Hungary and have cords (dreadlocks) when they are groomed. Being a working dog, Buddy was just dreadful looking... but he sure knew how to do his job. I hated it when he passed away.

We have another guard dog in another field that is an Anatolian Shepherd/Komondor mix. I don't have a picture of her for some reason. She (Becky) does a good job too. We often hear the two dogs bark back and forth as if they are warning each other of danger. Both dogs are good size, weighing between 80 and 100 lbs. (you might not want them at your place Chicagolady...)
Now our other two dogs are a different story. We also have a Bassett (Lucy) and a Chihuahua (Whiskey). The Bassett is the dumbest dog I've ever owned and the Chihuahua is possessed when it comes to me. He goes ballistic if he even thinks someone is going to touch me. He is fine if I initiate the touching but not the other way around. We have found if Jim and I are going to snuggle on the couch, Jim has to sit down first and then I can join him, but not the other way around... *shakes head*

We call this one Whiskey Dog... he is possessed!


LadyStyx said...

Whiskey's just doing what Chis do...they bond with the one person only. Katylou is the same way with hubby. She is fine if he initiates contact but dang if anyone can touch him (even me). These dogs are fiercely protective of the person they deem as "theirs".

AliceKay said...

I loved the pics and it was interesting reading about the dogs you have there.

Intense Guy said...

Little dogs often have a lot of spunk - more than big ones sometimes, maybe to make up for their lack of size.

Radar is a beautiful dog - his eyes have lots of soul in them too. Those are some really neat doggy breeds you have there Punkn!

LOL@Basset comment - there is one I walk by in by neighborhood that runs up and down a fence between us making me fear he/she will trip on their ears. After 5 years now, I've my saying "Hello Freddy", they answer to that. I think the dog's name is really Ruth.

ChicagoLady said...

I've had an 80lb German Shepherd mix in an apartment before (with 2 cats and a roommate.) Too bad this apartment building doesn't allow dogs.

Lainie said...

My Chi is also very protective. When my father comes over to fix the deck or mow the lawn and no one is home, Huntababes doesn't utter a sound. But if I am at home, he barks the entire time.
Rick also has a very protective Chi who actually drew blood, (mine) when I tried to pet him and Rick was holding him.