Wednesday, June 18, 2008

60th Wedding Anniversary

60 years. Wow! How many of us can say we have been married for 60 years? I can only claim a little over half that many years. We celebrated my parents' 60th wedding anniversary this past weekend. After Mass we had a special blessing for them. Hubby, me and our special group of friends sang our version of Alison Krauss' "A Living Prayer". Then we had a reception in our parish hall. We invited only immediate family and almost everyone made it - about 50 in all.
Mom will not remember any of this day but it meant the world to my dad. Here are a few pictures from their special day.

This is my mom and my oldest grandson, Travis. She watched him each day for the first six weeks of his life. There is something to say about early bonding. She still asks how he is but doesn't know him when she sees him. Travis originally took her Alzheimer's disease hard. Now he just spends as much time with her that he can.

Me, and my two oldest grandkids, Travis (12) and Emily (10).

Me and hubby, my sister, my brother and his wife, and youngest brother with mom and dad

With most of the great grandkids. My grandkids are all of the kids in the back (with the exception of the cutie boy in the red shirt) and the two sweeties next to my dad.

With all of their grandkids and their spouses except one. My kids are next to mom and dad - daughter Tessa in green and her hubby, Bill, and in blue is Julie and her hubby, Doug. My son Greg is in the back row on the left with his wife, Alicia.
Well, this is about it. It has been quite a week. We have had company for 7 days.... but then that is another blog entirely!!!!!!
Later and have a great week all!


Intense Guy said...

That last picture with the whole family around your dad put a huge smile on my face.

This past weekend was "Father's Day" and your Dad must have marvelled at his extensive clan. I'm sure he was beside himself in joy and a quiet inner-pride. You can see it in his eyes.

And such a good looking family too - the ladies are all lovely and the guys all sharp looking.

Thanks for sharing these pictures Punkn. The smiles on all these faces put one on mine - its contagious :)

Oh...and by the way... it looks like you were talking too much to eat... LOL I think that is a sign a very good hostess!

LadyStyx said...

Holy cow...lookit all those peeps!! Anymore and I'd swear it was the Sugden clan (mom's family). There were 8 kids at one point (mom was next to the youngest with one of the sons younger than of the older boys has since passed on) and each child had a spouse and minimum of 2 kids (most had 4 or more) and there are grand kids and great grands....I'd like to say great great grands but Im not sure on that one. All I know is if we invited everyone...well we'd need 3-4 pavillions in a park just to fit everyone.

Looks like a grand time was had by all though. Thank you so much for the share.

Punkn said...

LOL Ladystyx. There were originally 13 kids in dad's family. He only has three sister's left. There were 8 kids in mom's family. There are 4 of them left. It is a shock to me when we get everyone together and there are so few. I was always used to needing a huge hall for family reunions.

Intense Guy said...

Holy cows... If I do the math right (and I'm almost going to need s computer to do this!) that makes 19 "blood" Uncles and Aunts! And we didn't count their spouses (if they had one)! You most have a bazillion cousins! :)

My Dad was an only child and my mom, the last of three, and she was much, much younger than her brother and sister. So I ended up being around my great-aunts and uncles far more often and even at that, there were only four of them that I ever knew. And now, I think the 2 nephews and 1 neice are going to be all there are "going forward".

:) Thankfully, I gots "chat family"!

AliceKay said...

Beautiful family, Punkn. I could see the joy in everyone's faces. The day will make wonderful memories for many.

My maternal grandmother took care of me for the first three months of my life. She always called me "her kid". :)

ChicagoLady said...

What awesome family pictures, punkn! Despite the fact your mom won't remember it, and doesn't remember everyone, I know that celebration will be important for everyone else.

Lainie said...

Family is awesome to have whether it is blood family or chat family. I too come from a rather large family. I have 32 first cousins and I have no clue how many second or third...
We only get together now when there is a funeral it seems, but the 60th wedding anniversary party has given me an idea. My parents have been married for 56 years..I have 4 years to plan a huge reunion.
Thanks for sharing your family with us!