Sunday, July 27, 2008

Reply to my concerns...

Amazingly I did hear back from the politician who I felt misrepresented himself in a letter to his constituents. The email was incredibly long. I have taken the liberty of pasting portions of it in this blog.
He wrote, "I apologize for any confusion, but I had to limit the letter to a minimal size. Our family is like many that was told that physical parish territories do not mean much for mandatory membership." "...our family is one of over 150 families that belong to St. Peters Church and live in Callaway County."
"I believe I have the education, experience, common sense, and true calling to achieve more for the citizens of Callaway County than any of my opponents. In the short time left before the election, I wish I knew how to let people know me as well as my friends do.
I appreciate any help in my campaign and regret my inability to communicate my sincerity to the citizens on my limited budget. I hope people realize I am running for office on my own merits instead of marketing ideas taught by campaign advisors.
I, seriously, would like to resolve any impressions or misunderstandings because I believe in honesty. If you would want to meet with me or talk to me on the phone, please call me at (cell phone number provided here)."
Here is the amazing thing. After Mass this morning he was waiting in the gatherieng area to meet me. He wanted me to know that he really does care about our parish even though his family attends another one. He felt he really did help in building our church by putting cash in the collection basket and attending our functions. I told him that didn't quite cut it and that I thought his letter was an exageration. I didn't have time to talk to him very long, but my final impression was that here is a guy who really does want to do good. He has no budget and no poliical experience and doesn't have a ghost of a chance of winning. However, I think he will actually get my vote. I have never known a politician to go out of his way to resolve a problem the way he did. Am I being too easy on him? Probably so, but then I tend to see the good in people.


Intense Guy said...


Well, it's nice to see he realized he had a problem on his hands -

As for whether you let him off easy, it's hard to say, but thats the real shame of it, the bulk of them are so rat's ass slimey and lie (misrepresnt the truth?) so much you don't know what to believe of them.


AliceKay said...

Sure sounds like he meant well, but it also sounds like he knew he had to mend some fences with someone who has a lot of influence with other people in the county. Let us know how the election turns out come election time.

Karla said...

Well! An honest politician...a rarity.
Did you let him off too easily. Perhaps, but he meant well even though putting a little money in the collection plate isn't really "helping build a church". As you said he exaggerated. He was misrepresenting his contributions to the city/county/state. *shrugs*
That's why I stay outta political debates LOL!

LadyStyx said...

If it had been just a letter, I would have said it sounded like he was blowing wind up ya ass....but to take the time to meet up and attempt to fix the problem in person, well that just says something of his character (assuming it wasnt just all an act). Personally, I dont trust anyone in politics...period. It'll be interesting to see how things pan out around election time.