Saturday, August 30, 2008

Let me show you how it's done...

"Hey, Bushytail, I'll get him as he comes around the bend! We'll show that pesty guy who's been hounding us just what it feels like"

Awww come on Nutkins, no way are you going to get a good shot that way, you need to use a tripod or the picture will be blury just like his are of us.


DANG, he must have turned the bend just as we took the picture.

That's ok, we won't miss him again.


Well, shoot, I could have sworn he was sitting there a split second ago. He moves faster than we thought.

We need to go about this smarter. Let's zoom in more.

We'll sneak into his house just like he does ours...

Where'd he go????
There's his shoes, but he looks different than I remember him...

Ok, now for zooming in. Here we go....


"Psst Fuzzy, a hostage OCHA..." And what's up with those feet?

"I don't know Nutkins, should we report him to the OCHA Patrol?"

"Dang it Bushy! You bumped my lil munchkn paw and all I got was his feet. But, we're getting closer. At least he was inside those shoes this time."

"Remember, Nutkins- ZOOM - in.
Nobody is going to believe us if we don't get a close up of the pest!"


Awwww mannnnnn! I got his fingers. It looks like he is harassing birds, too. What a jerk.

We are running out of time here. We are going to be known as Bushytail who got Nutkins. One more shot. We cannot fail this time.


Sigh. A cicada? How are we supposed to get a picture of this guy when all he does is harass OCHAS, animals and insects? I think we need to report him to the OCHA Society of Cruelty to All Things Orange, Fuzzy, Flying, or Buzzing.


Maybe we'll have better luck tomorrow... You can run pesty man, but you can't hide...


LadyStyx said...

Holy SHIT!!! That was HYSTERICAL!! LMAO!!!! *wipes tears from eyes and performs the "Im not worthy" bow at punkn's feet*

Ok...seriously...kudos to the person who photoshopped the squirrels with the cameras....especially that first one. Friggin awesome work there.

AliceKay said...

LOL...cute, very cute. Kudos to Punkn. LOL

Punkn said...

LOL Styxy - credit for those pictures go to a google search and a scanned birthday card that I bought last week for a friend. I didn't know what I was going to do with it, but I knew I had to do something! Then I remembered all those wonderful pictures on Iggy's site - and the rest is history. Now get back up off the laughing floor.
TY for the kudos AK and Styxy. :)

Karla said...

I'm with Styxie..down here laffin my butt off , tears streaming from laffing so hard!
That was great Punkn! what a good laff to wake up to!

Lainie said...

Very creative punkn. LOl Can't wait for pesty guys reaction!

AliceKay said...

You and me both, Lainie. LOL

LadyStyx said...

*dittos Alice and lainie*

Read this to hubby and he just sat there and shook his head with a smile on his face muttering "bad bad bad"

Punkn said...

*picks Karla up off the floor and wipes her eyes for her (you can blow your own nose)*
Ditto AK, Lainie, Styxie.
Dang, I wish the pesty one would hurry up - I'm dying to see his reaction. This is killing me, LOL!

ChicagoLady said...

OMG, that was awesome! He just might think twice about trying to get pictures of them now! You gave me a really good laugh today, I needed it, so thanks!

Intense Guy said...


Walkers Log 2008-Oh-9-oh-1, 20-05

While on a routine survey patrol of the Charlie sector near Valley Forge, I have been feeling someone or something has been watching me. My tingling six sense has led me to put my sensors at maximum range and put myself on red alert. A couple times out of the corner of my eyes, I think I have detected a blurry furry mass that could be a mammal's tail - but I can neither confirm or deny the existence of any lifeforms other than myself. My aural scanners are not in optimal condition, but I am nearly positive I have heard shutter clicking, flash bulb popping, tripods being dragged on the ground and some nervous chittering.

My domicile intrusion alarm has sounded a couple times recently, the motion detectors have been tripped but nothing shows on the video feeds - infrared or visual. I've noticed tuffs of fur, broken acorn, hickory, and walnut shells around my doorway and an increase in Bullwinkle droppings.

I must get to the bottom of this soon.

Punkn said...

Huggssss Chicagolady - glad I made you smile :)

Punkn said...

LMAO Iggy.
We thought you might be onto us - your radar is pretty good. Red alert, huh. We're going to leave the tripod at home next time and take our chances with blurry pictures. Walkers log, lol. You are too much!

Intense Guy said...

You are incredible Punkn. :)

I thoroughly enjoyed this entry and your imagination.

Blogs full of Orange Sheep... Photographer Squirrels... Purple Houses with OCHA neighbors... Pesky Guys... I hardly know what to expect next - but I know it will be interesting, entertaining, heartwarming and/or compassionate. I love seeing all of you people laugh - and sharing what life throws at us.

Thank you, Punkn and all of you,

:) *Hugs*

Punkn said...

:) *Gives Iggy a huge hug, curtsies and says thank you*

I am in awe of the imagination of my blogger friends. In addition to the purple house, orange sheep, car spindles, we have rainbows every other week, a mountain that needs a facelift, fireworks in the middle of the night, and a poor child playing in OCHA #4's puddle.

Keep on keeping on folks, it is always fun to see what the next blog holds!

Ausgrl said...

ROFL Punkn. I have been busy fiddling with my blog and decided to take a break.. Well two trips to the loo later I am still laughing.
I have to ask though who is wearing the purple pants or is that lighting?