Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Let me set the stage. Austin (age 3 1/2) called me yesterday.

Austin: Grandma, can I come to your house tomorrow?
His Mom: (In the background) Austin! You aren't supposed to invite yourself to Grandma's house.
Austin: (to mom) I said tomorrow!
Me: Austin, I'd love to have you come stay with me tomorrow
Austin: It's ok mom! I love you Grandma
Me: I love you too, Austin. I'll pick you up tomorrow afternoon

Fast forward to tonight. Big supper, play outside til dark.

Austin: Can I take a bath?
Me: Sure (I smile as I draw the bathwater, knowing he will play a long time)

10 minutes later

Austin: Grandma! I have to go poop.
Me: I'm coming!

I quit what I'm doing and get there as fast as I can, pull him out of the water and put him on the pot.

Austin: I'm shivering
Me: I know... I'm wrapping you with a towel
Austin: Here comes a BIG one
Me: Ok hun, you are such a big boy

Now I hear plop plop as I am wrapping a towel around him
I sit on the rim of the tub next to the stool
He lays his head on my lap and wipes his nose on my pant leg

Me: Are you done?
Austin: No, there is a baby one coming
Me: Ok, we'll wait

Small plop

Austin: I almost pooped in the bathtub
Me: I'm glad you didn't - you are a big boy
Austin: I yelled at you but you didn't come
Me: I came as fast as I could
Austin: I almost pooped in the bathtub (lol)

He wipes his nose on my pants again
Me: Do you need a kleenex?
Austin: No, I have your leg (I kid you not.. he said that!)

Me: Are you done?
Austin: I'm not done AGAIN
Me: Ok
Austin: Here comes another big one

Plop plop

Me: Are you done?
Austin: I'm not done AGAIN AND AGAIN
Me: Ok

We sit there a bit longer, another swipe across my leg with his nose

Me: Are you done now?
Austin: (big grin up at me) Yep

I swear it stunk to high heaven in that bathroom and I loved every minute of it! LMAO I'm kinda strange, huh.


LadyStyx said...

ew *gigglez* time to invest in some air fresheners or candles for the bathroom!

ChicagoLady said...

Such a cute story! Those are times that stay with you forever!

And it was funny you should blog about poop tonight, as Styx and I just watched Bones tonight, and there was LOTS of poop tonight.

AliceKay said...

LOL...I was laughing the whole time I was reading it. LOL. Austin sure sounds like a cute kid. LOL.

LadyStyx said...

Lots and LOTS of it Chicago! *laffz*

sexy41 said...

I was so cracking up as I read this. You have great grandkids Punkn. I am still a laughing, thank you for my laugh of the day.


Tori_z said...


(Glad I wasn't eating though).

Intense Guy said...

Oh poop. I missed Bones - I was so tired I crawled onto sofa and passed out.

Now let's see here - we got a three year old that knows how to get himself invited to his way cool granny's house - enjoys the tub - is toilet trained so well he knows his sizes and counts - and best of all - wipes his nose what's available. This is a super cool guy! He's going to be voted most popular in school someday. :)

Karla said...

What a wonderful memory to carry with you forever Punkn :-) He sounds adorable! You are very blessed!!!

Punkn said...

Bones? What is bones? Am I missing some awesome TV show??? It must be awesome if it is about poop, right? LOL

Jess said...

I really loved reading this post.

I really really did...

Lainie said...

LMAO I am still chuckling. I can wait to have grandkids though. LOL