Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Bushytail fights back

You know that pesty guy I was talking about? The one with the funny colored feet? The one who has been harassing all things orange, fuzzy, flying, etc.? You know the one I'm talking about, well he's gone too far now.

First of all, he ran over my poor lil paw this morning. For no good reason! So I got my cuz to go reason with him. A photo op for a squished foot. That's reasonable I tell ya! He's been harassing me and my friends for weeks on end and now after one weekend of showing him how it feels, he runs me down! Tried to kill me in cold blood!

Yea well I have my spies and I already know he is going into the Witless Protection Program under the silly name of Rocky. Where the devil do they come up with such ridiculous names! I mean Bushytail and Nutkins are good names. And Cuzin' Chuck (weird colored feet guy refers to him as Major Chuck)is a good name. But Rocky? Well he isn't going to be able to hide with the name Rocky!

Does he have any idea how many relatives I have running around out there - spying.
Cuzin Chippy and Chuzzelwit are already on this job.

We are onto you Iggy, aka Rocky, aka Pesty Man


AliceKay said...


LadyStyx said...

*wipes monitor after spewing water while reading this one*

Karla said...

LOL I Love It!!! *can't wait to see Iggy's response*

ChicagoLady said...


"Witless Protection Program"...classic!

This was great, punkn!

Intense Guy said...


The Squirrel War is over - I've surrendered and LadyStyx held the kangaroo / squirrel court trial.

Now that we are both war veterans, me and my buddy Chuzzelwit like to hang out with each other.

Ausgrl said...

Words escape me. LMAO

Tori_z said...

Great post! :)