Friday, September 19, 2008


I have this embroidery business. Jim and I operate it out of our home. It is custom machine embroidery. I do the designs using computer software and then download them to the embroidery machine. I got into the business by accident - it started out as a hobby with a home embroidery machine.

Anyway, where I am going with this is that I've discovered if you do a good job, charge reasonable prices, and stand by your word, the sky is the limit!

I've done no advertising other than a sign on my car. Jim is my Marketing Manager. I do believe he could sell ice to an Eskkimo. He met a guy yesterday who had a screen printed shirt on that was kinda tacky looking. He pointed to the shirt and said "embroidery wouldn't flake..." The guy order 60 shirts from us! Then another guy from a local bank called me today to say they want to switch their business to me because I am a local small business. They had been outsourcing the job. I honestly have no idea what kind of volume they are talking about and it kind of scares me. Will know more after I talk to them more.

The strange thing is most people never ask about price. For some reason they just assume I'm going to be reasonable. And from what I can tell, I am. A local community college was paying $10.50 per shirt to have a logo embroidered on shirts they provided. That is ridiculous! I was able to do the job for $5.00 per shirt and make a very tidy profit. If they would go with large quantities, I could get that price down quite a bit. I've decided people are greedy. I'm no exception, but I'm beginning to think I'm not quite as greedy as some. Plus, I have the benefit of low overhead. That goes a long ways in being able to keep my costs down.

I'm not too sure where I am going with this post other than, this was on my mind, so it is what I blogged. Plus, I'm thinking there are a lot of people out there who have dreams but fear pursuing them. I'm sure many won't work for many reasons. The idea may be impractacle, the market might be saturated, bad planning, on and on and on.... But, if it feels right to you.... put together a business plan and see if maybe it is worth running after.


Punkn said...

Oh, and before you ask.... No, I don't have a web site. I have more business than I can handle already lol.

ChicagoLady said...

I think it's great that you've found success doing something you love. (At least it sounds like you love it.)

I'm still trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up.

LadyStyx said...

LOL Chicago...same over here too.

Sometimes word of mouth is all it takes punkn.

Tori_z said...

I'm glad you're able to do a job you love rather than just working at a job you only "don't mind" just because you feel you "have to" as many people do.

LOL @ Chicago & Styxie!

I haven't even decided if I want to grow up yet. I'm thinking I'll give it a miss. Maybe I'll grow up in my next life? *shrugs*

Karla said...

Word of mouth has always been the best advertisement because ppl only tell other ppl about good or bad things and so you must be good to get so many recommendations!

I always wanted to be an accountant but my mother told me I was too dumb...Now I can't sit to go to school. Follow your own dreams and let noone discourage you!

AliceKay said...

That's great, Punkn. I hope the business continues to grow and grow. I've seen pics of someone's dad wearing a hat or two that you've made around in a blog somewhere. :)

We don't advertise much for the feed mill (and very rarely advertised when Dad ran the place except for the Dairy Princess program each June) because having a good product and good service where customers go out and tell others where the best place to buy feed is located is all the advertisement we need. I had several new customers just last week, and one even told me that she "heard" we had the best feed around. Makes for good business.

Gee, Karla...I'm sorry to hear that. Your mother shouldn't have told you that. :\ I intended to go to business school after high school to become a CPA but then I changed my mind and went to work for a bank.

Punkn said...

LOL chicago, did I say I grew up? ;)
Yep styx,when I first started out I decided if I couldn't make it through word of mouth, then I was doing something wrong
Ahhhh Tori - I worked for state government for 32 years before I was able to follow my dreams and doing something I enjoyed - and LOL at giving growing up a miss
Shame on your mama Karla! I kinda had the same experience though - my parents never told me I was too dumb to go to college, but they never encouraged me... So, when I turned 40 I decided to enroll in college and graduated with a BS in Business - It's never too late to start!
Ak as I was writing the blog, I thought about the feed mill and was wondering if you advertised - kinda thought not. I can see you working at a bank with your attention to detail....

MarmiteToasty said...

This is just great :) - good for you..


Punkn said...

Welcome & thank you Toasty!

Jess said...

I'm sure, in the future, I will be wandering around America and I'll stumble across your town.
And everyone will be wearing embroidered tee-shirts.
And I'll be like "ah".
And then I'll go get one :P.
Sounds like fun, your computer embroidery jazz thing.
Jess x