Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Trip to North Woods, Upper Wisconsin

It has to be a sin to have so much fun and see so much beautiful scenery.
Well, if it is, then I am sure to go to Hell after this past weekend, because I saw amazingly beautiful countryside and laughed until my sides and face hurt.

I met Dennis (Snowman) online many years ago. Over the years our families have become very good friends. He and his wife, Kris, have visited us in Missouri quite a few times. This was our second time visiting them in Wisconsin. They have a cabin in Northern Wisconsin in an area called the North Woods. It is where Dennis hunts and where they go just to get away. We drove the 9 hours to their house on Thursday. Thursday evening we ate a light meal of ham sandwiches and solved the world's problems over a bottle of rum. Friday morning Dennis' brother, Larry and his wife, Joyce, joined us for the 4 hour drive North. First stop was about 30 minutes from home for breakfast. I knew right then and there this was going to be more than a 4 hours drive! Anyway, the further North we went, the more vivid the scenery became. It got mighty cold too. The top temperature was mid-50's.

Bar hopping was on the agenda for our first evening at the cabin. Now, we are in a very remote area, but there seemed to be a bar around every corner. Funny thing is, we made it to one bar, drank more pitchers of beer than I've ever seen (I'm not much on beer, so I had no trouble staying sober) and had some of the most wonderful fried fish (I have no idea what kind!) and laughed at anything and everything. It seemed everyone knew everyone else and the fact that we were strangers made no difference. They felt very comfortable poking fun at us just as easily as they did at each other.

On Saturday we started our day out with a huge breakfast of bacon, eggs, fried potatoes, homemade V-8 juice, and lots of coffee. Then we headed out to drive the backroads looking at the scenery. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. Later on we headed back to the cabin and just kicked back, taking naps, reading books, or sitting around just visiting. Everything was very relaxed. Big steaks were the order of the meal that evening. I can honestly say I don't know what kind of steak it was, but they were big and tender. And people kept showing up! People from the bar the night before, the couple who lives upstairs in the cabin (Joe and Honey - oh what a colorful couple they are!), their grandson. I was like, OMG, we are not going to have enough food. But it was like the loaves and the fishes - on a bit smaller scale lol, but somehow there was plenty of food to go around. Nobody left that table hungry, that is for sure. And of course there was plenty of beer, rum and other liquor. I wasn't quite as sober when I went to bed that night lol.

Sadly, we had to head out Sunday morning. We had to be back in Missouri by Monday afternoon. So, we drove as far as we could on Sunday - made it pretty far into Iowa. Then Monday was back to reality. We were in Missouri by 1:00, I was into work by 2:00 to finalize a few things, was at the nursing home by 5:00 to visit mom and home to fix a big pot of stew and do laundry by 6:30.

I hope you enjoy these few pictures of the 70 odd ones I took.

This picture is one of my favorites. The lake is called Black Lake. The waters are a coppery/black color. The brilliant red of the trees are reflected in the lake. It was so peaceful there.

Jim, Deanna, Kris and Dennis

Alright, so the devil made me do it. I just couldn't resist taking this picture of Jim and Dennis' version of solving the world's problem. You can bet they had a beer can in their hands.

This is a picture of most of the people who showed up for the steak dinner on Saturday night.


Intense Guy said...

Beautiful - simply beautiful - all of it... the friendship, the food, the time spent together sharing, the color of the trees and the ripples on the lake.

I'm glad you got to partake and enjoy - it had to replenish your soul.

Jess said...

Gorgeous trees - hope you didn't have to drive too far to get there becuase I find that always somewhat spoils a lovely place.

Karla said...

That is just simply one of the most beautiful sights I've ever seen...That tree by the lake made me just go awestruck!
Your neck of the woods has some mighty purty scenery too!

AliceKay said...

Sounds like a fantastic trip, Punkn. Beautiful country up there, too. I'm glad you were able to get away for awhile and have such a great time.

sexy41 said...

Such a beautiful place Punkn. Sure sounds like you had a blast. Really glad you both had a great time. You needed to get away.


LadyStyx said...

Ohhhhh it looks so LOVELY up there!! I particularly LOVED the one picture with the road going up through the woods. It must be gorgeous once the trees hit their peak colors.

ChicagoLady said...

What beautiful scenery! And yes, it is pretty cold that far north, lol.

Sounds like you had a wonderful time, and got some much needed relaxation.

Punkn said...

Hugzzss and thanks everyone. It was a nice - very nice - get away.
My soul is a bit replenished, Iggy.
Jess, it was quite a drive actually - 13 hours total before we got to our final destination, but worth every minute and mile...
You're right about our neck of the woods, Karla - but our dang trees have not started turning yet! Hopefully I'll be able to share some local pictures later on this month.
Yep, AK and Sexy - it is amazing how a little away time can make everything look a little more managable.
2 lady's - it was GORGEOUS! I think we actually hit the peak - it rained Saturday night and we could tell a huge difference in the scenery because the rain knocked so many of the leaves off.

Intense Guy said...

I couldn't halp but to wonder why SugarBush isn't in any of these pictures, not has she commented.

I'm thinking, I've never seen Punkn and SugarBush at the same time... hmm.... what could that mean?

Lainie said...

Lovely photos...looks a lot like my neck of the woods actually. I'm glad you had a chance to get away. Meeting new people and reconnecting with old friends is always a special treat.