Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween


smiling pumpkin

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Pampas Grass

I wanted to share a picture of the Pampas Grass we have growing at the edge of our driveway by the road. It is very pretty this year. Pampas grass is one of those perennials you see just about everywhere and if you plant it, you'd darn well better be sure you're not going to change your mind about where you want it, because it is almost impossible to get rid of. Like I said, ours is in an open area down by the road. It can get as large as it wants and won't hurt a thing. The pampas grass and the prickly pear cactus are in the same flower bed. It will be interesting to see which plant wins the battle of space! I used to have a beautiful Clematis planted in front of the wagon wheel. It died out this spring and I plan on replacing it this coming spring. Clematis is such a pretty and easy plant to care for. And they bloom their little hearts out.

Tall pampas grass with verigated blades of grass and tall silvery plumes

Spread the Wealth

Political cartoon showing Obama with bags of contribution money and his angry reaction when it is suggested that the money be redistributed and a portion of it be given to McCain

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Trees and leaves and limbs

As most of you know, I live in the middle of wooded acreage outside a small town in Missouri. We have always loved our trees - I guess to the point of ridiculous. Over the past few years we have tried and tried to grow grass but, well, we all know that grass needs sunshine to grow. And the trees had gotten so tall and the lower limbs so full, all we could grow was mud.

So after much cussin' and discussin' we decided it was time to cut a few trees down and give the rest a drastic limbcut. We haven't gotten the trees that need to be cut down, down yet, but we have been trimming things up quite a bit over the past few weeks. Last weekend, we had four of the grandsons stay all weekend and help us haul off limbs (well the 12 year old and 7 year old were somewhat of a help - the two three year olds were just fun to have around)

As is usually the case with pictures, these don't really do things justice. The actual result is dramatic. But when I took the pictures before the trimming, I stepped closer in for the shots because the branches behind were so low and full, there was no way to see the house. I should have stood back lol. But I thought I'd share anyway. I am so happy with the possibilities of sewing grass seed next year and maybe, just maybe, get some grass to grow!!!!!!

view of side of house before tree limbs were trimmed - can't see much of the house

front of our house before trees were trimmed up -

The first two pictures are shots of the house before we began trimming.

photo of the front of the house after the trees were trimmed up - brick walkway leading down to a log house

view of house and garage after trees were trimmed - the top of the garage is what I call The Loft, where my embroidery business is

These are shots taken after the trimming. It has opened things up so much! The upstairs in the garage to the left in the second picture is The Loft where I operate my embroidery business.

view I see from my kitchen table of the sun peeking through the trees

I took this picture of the sun shining through the trees the other morning while I was sitting here sipping on my second cup of coffee, browsing through all the wonderful blogs I follow.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Halloween "Decorations?"

I was motivated by Iggy's Harvest Scene post to take some Halloween pictures of my own.

This is a tombstone decorated with spider webbing and other Halloween stuff Is this tacky? At first I thought so but then I thought, Ok, if this person loved Halloween, then decorating their grave is kinda cool. Certainly wouldn't be my cup of tea though, lol.

Fake tombstones with inscriptions like R.I.P Narry A. Kair, and I.B. Gott, and R.I.P. Har D. Harr, and Emma B. Goner

The same family does these headstones and the hay bale spider. They go all out every year. Usually their decorations are pretty tastefully done.

Big round hay bale laid on its side with spider legs on either side, huge black eyes on the end and the legs of a dummy sticking out of a hole in the bale that looks like a mouth
I think this one is kinda cute.

scraggly looking bushes with spider webbing thrown all over it

Would someone care to venture a guess as to what this mess is? They do this every year and then leave it up until it is time to replace it with some of the tackiest Christmas decorations imaginable.


Friday, October 17, 2008

I've been tagged

My dear friend Intenseguy tagged me. Everyone who reads my blog reads Iggy's and knows that he is awesomely creative and funny and sincere at the same time. I am honored to have been tagged by him :) So, here goes!

Top four wishes

That we quit fighting! War is so pointless. When I think of my wish for peace, my mind goes back in time to the Coke commercial of the 70's, "I'd like to teach the world to live in perfect harmony". I tried to post a link to Utube but blob didn't like it :(

That we learn to protect the lives of our precious children. Protect them from abortion, abuse, hunger, murder. That we teach them to love unconditionally and to treat the world with respect.
That all my friends are free of troubles - mentally and physically.

That a cure for Alzheimers is found. It is a truly horrible disease.

Four places I want to travel

I'd love to be original here, but I want to do what Iggy wants to do. Maybe I can join Iggy in his travels. Thank you Iggy for the following wish. It is perfect:

"Into the past to a time when I was younger so I can tell some people that I took for granted that I love them.

Into the future with all of you, sharing the good times and the bad times.

To the moon, planets and stars, since the human race has finally gotten its act together and realizing it's fullest and finest potential.

Down the road to see animals living in their rightful place - the local woods, fields, and streams."

Four careers I want to try

Stay at home mom. I worked outside the home and sent my kids to day care. They turned out awesome, but... Wouldn't it be nice to see how our lives would change had I stayed home with them.

Politician. I've always said "If you're not part of the solution, then you are part of the problem". I'd like to be part of the solution.

Author. My husband, Jim, has always said he knows there is a book in me.

Bed and Breakfast owner. I'd fill the home with antiques, homey things, and smells of baked goods. I'd serve the most awesome breakfasts of homemade cinnamon rolls, quiche, fresh fruit and any other fun dishes I could come up with. Hot tea and homemade cookies would be available in the afternoon, and wine and cheese in the evening hours. The lawns would have peaceful seating areas under shade trees. There would be a large pond for fishing or just to sit around watching the ducks, letting the world go by.

Four things I want God to say at the gates of Heaven

Your mom and grandma will be out in just a minute - they are putting the finishing touches on a gown they are making for you.

Yes, you can whisper in your children's and grandchildren's ears anytime you want. You can even occasionally thump them on the head if you really need to get their attention.

Your mom forgives you for putting her in the nursing home and for leaving her that last day when you could have stayed and held her longer. She knows you did your best.

Welcome in you feisty old lady. I've saved a spot for you on the sofa next to Jopete.

I tag Ausgrl, Lainie, Ladystyx,

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Memories in pictures...

I thought it would be nice to share a few pictures of my mom when she was in her 20's and when we were a young family.

Mom at age 24. I'm pretty sure this picture was taken at the Lake of the Ozarks.

This picture was taken in the late 1950's. Every year mom made us a new Easter outfit and we got new Easter bonnots. (I'm on the very end)

Mom made this dress for me. I was the miniature something (lol I can't remember the word) at my Aunt's coronation. She made one identical to it for my aunt. I cannot begin to imagine making one such dress, much less two!

A fun moment with mom. That is me learning to walk.

Mom and dad in 1947.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

An angel in heaven

God called another angel home to join His choir of heavenly angels yesterday. My mom passed away in her sleep Tuesday evening. She is finally a peace.

I am sitting here scratching my head trying to figure out why he wanted her as part of his choir, though. You see, I've never heard her sing! When she was a little girl her mom told her she couldn't sing - so she never would. I figure God knew her mom was wrong and that he has her up there in heaven leading the choir. Well, maybe not. But I do know that she with God, smiling down on me.

We are all doing pretty darn good here and after a day of doing what has to be done, I feel good, knowing we did our best.

I am going to spend the rest of my evening finding some photos to put on a board at the funeral home. I am so thankful that several years ago I spent weeks going through old photo albums and scanning the best of the pictures. My mom was a seamstress, making clothes for my sister and me and anyone else who asked her to. The suit we chose for her to be buried in is one she made for herself quite sometime ago, but it is just SO her! I plan on displaying her late 1940's vintage featherweight sewing machine at the funeral home with a backdrop of pictures of people in clothes that mom made. It is the only sewing machine she ever used. I then plan on bringing the sewing machine home with me. My sister and I are the only two girls and since sis couldn't sew a straight line if her life depended on it, I figure the machine is mine. Right? Well, I will get her ok, but I don't think that will be a problem. It is the only thing belonging to mom that I really want. Sis can have her jewelry and anything else she wants.

Well, it has been a long day and will probably be a longer night. Thank you dear friends for all your sweet comments - because I know there will be sweet comments. You are just that kinda friends. Huge hugs all around!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Computers aren't for everyone...

I just had a good laugh while reading Iggy's blog about "How Not to Secure Your Computer".

It reminded me of a conversation I had with Jim just last week. He was sitting at the kitchen table, checking his email on the laptop computer.

The conversation went something like this:

Jim: Hun, I'm getting a message that the battery is low

Me: Just plug it into the power outlet

Jim: Oh, ok. (so he reaches down, plugs the cord into the outlet and then keeps on checking email)

Jim: Hun, now I'm getting a message to switch power immediately or I will lose what I am working on.

Me: How can that be? Did you plug the computer into the outlet?

Jim: Of course I did.

Me: Ok babe, I'll check it out.

So, I walk over, see the power cord laying on the floor, plug it into the back of the computer, and walk away.

Jim: Damn it, I hate it when that happens


Lol me is laughing too hard to say anything.