Sunday, November 9, 2008

I Don't Do Rockers....

This post was inspired by three things. First inspiration was MarmiteToasty's I Don't Do Pink Blog. Go read it if you haven't already. It is hilarious and she DOES do pink!

The second inspiration was Intenseguy'sMutt Mitts Make Good Barf Bags Too Blog where he points out a "few" quirky things about him, and by Ladystyx's Quirks Blog (I couldn't get the link to work no matter what I'd do :( where she talks about counting her food. Again, very funny reads. It made me start thinking about my quirks and I just don't have any... right? Wrong! I have many and my rocking chairs might just be the biggest!
The third inspiration was the rocking chair we bought for our granddaughter's, Reagan's, first birthday. We started a tradition with our first grandchild 12 years ago that we would give a child's rocker to them on their first birthday. Well, 10 rockers and $900 later, I believe we are done buying child rockers. Well, at least if my kids are to be believed, we are. They say they are done having kids. I'm thinking good idea. Actually, you all know I LOVE my grandkids but 10 really is enough kids to keep me happy.
When I got home last night from Reagan's party, I happened to glance around my house. And I thought OMG we have a rocker fetish (Jim really is as bad as me)! We love going to auctions and if there is an old rocker there, it isn't safe from us. And strangely enough we usually get them for between $17 and $22. I think everyone sees the fire in our eyes and moves out of harms way. We're like "I HAVE to have that rocker!" I have no more room for no more rocking chairs though. I think my kids feel the same way about the child rockers. Every time a first birthday comes around they just roll their eyes as we walk in with a rocking chair. But we know down deep they love it, and anyway tradition is tradition and cannot be broken! Well, it can be... The rest of the tradition is that each grandchild got a quilt made by grandma for their first birthday. I'm only three quilts behind and darned if they aren't holding me to that tradition! Even if they don't get it until their 16th birthday, they expect to get those quilts!
Ok. For those interested, following are pictures of the one or two rockers we have in our house.

Reagan sitting in her new child rocker Reagan in her rocking chair.

antique spindle rocker Living room rocking chair.

very dark wood with red upholstered seat antique rocking chair Other living room rocking chair.

antique rocking chair Other living room rocking chair.

a well worn upholstered glider Living room glider (if it moves, then it is counted as a rocker). Yep, that means we have FOUR rocking chairs in our living room.

dark blue upholstered rocking recliner Rocker/recliner in our bedroom.

leather rocking recliner Rocking/recliner in our kitchen/reck room.

an old spindle rocking chair with a needle point seat Rocker in the downstairs bedroom.

green upholstered rocking chair Rocker in the downstairs office.

an old low back rocking chair with vinyl type upholstery Another rocker in the downstairs office.

an old wood rocking chair that needs refinishing Rocker in The Loft where I work.

two wooden rocking chairs on my front porch Wooden rockers on the front porch.

two wicker rocking chairs on my front porch Two more rockers on the front porch.

Bright yellow metal rocking lawn chairs Metal rockers around the fire pit.

Yep, we are definitely off our rockers!


AliceKay said...

Oh wow...I love your rockers! I love to rock in rocking chairs and gliders are nice, too. I used to sit on my grandparents' porch and rock away with them. They had several. I used to have a rocker when the kids were little, but we gave it away to the young woman who bought our old trailer. She loved it and it seemed to "belong" to that trailer so it moved along with it. We replaced it with a double reclining love seat when we bought this trailer.

My mother had a child's rocking chair when she was little, and she gave it to me for my kids. I had it in the back room for a long time. This past spring, I gave it to Karen so Ray's little nephew and niece and her friend's little boy would have something to rock in. Now she'll have it for her own little one to rock away in someday. :)

Great pics!

Intense Guy said...

Your rockers and your home are beautiful - reflecting their owner and I'm sure your quilts will be hung on to for all time.

With all those rockers, you could never be off your rocker for very long. :)

LadyStyx said...

I ~LOVE~ the wood rockers on the porch. I would love to have one of those (we have exactly NO rockers in this house *sigh*) in white with a light blue denim cushion on it.

ChicagoLady said...

I've always wanted a wooden rocker, like what you have on your front porch. As a teenager, I babysat at a house, and the only chair I would sit in was the rocking chair. One day, I'm determined to own my own, and just rock the night away.

Jess said...

Okay - that's a lot of of rocking chairs. I just kept scrolling and scrolling and they just kept coming.
I am actually quite jealous. there isn't one single rocking chair on the whole house where I live. Seeing as you have a surplus...
Also, your house is very tidy!
Keep on rocking!

MarmiteToasty said...

I LOVE the rocker in the second post so very much and the wooden rockers on the porch....

I had never sat in a rocker or sat in a rocker on a porch until last year when I visited New Hampshire.... where I sat in a 100 year old rocker on the porch of a 250 year old house...... I WAS IN HEAVEN.....



Tori_z said...

Oh... Just a couple of rockers then? ;)

Punkn said...

ahhhh AK, I never could have parted with the rocker you left behind. That was very sweet of you.
I dunno about the place being beautiful, Iggy. It is more unusual than anything - most people can't find the front door easily because of how it is situated in the woods.
LOL Styxy if those wood rockers disappear, I'll be checking you out first.
Chicago, how can one live without a rocking chair! They are a must in every home.
LOL Jess don't be jealous. Go to a rummage sale or auction (or whatever you call them...) and pick up a rocking chair cheap - you won't be sorry.
Marmie, I would have been in heaven - 100 yr old rocker in 250 year old house. Oh yea. The second pic is my favorite chair too.
Welcome back, Tori, hugs. Yep, just a "few" rocking chairs...