Wednesday, November 12, 2008

One finger salute

I was running erands yesterday during the noon hour. Now first of all I'll say, what's up with that? I can pretty well schedule my day to my liking since I can work when I want and play when I want. So, stupidly, I was in Noon traffic. Traffic here is 5 or 6 cars at a red light, unlike traffic that most of you experience. But here I was at this red light turned green. And the dude in front of me was still seeing red. Well, actually he was seeing no color of lights because he was looking down at something - cell phone maybe? Nahhhhh, couldn't be... Well I waited a bit and then tooted my horn. One little toot. Beep. That's all.

Well you would've thought I had blared my horn and given his bumper a nudge or something. His head shot up and his finger shot up both at the same time. I actually burst out laughing he looked so stupid. But it made me start thinking (dangerous) about society (even more dangerous). Why is it when a person is in the wrong, for whatever reason, they want to blame someone else. I see it all the time. People are late for work - it was their family's fault and not their own fault for not scheduling their time better. People can't pay their credit card bills or mortgage payment - it is the finance company's fault for loaning them the money, not their own fault for spending money they don't have or couldn't afford to pay off. It goes on and on and on.
So back to this kid. Rather than be pissed at himself for not paying attention, he was pissed at me for pointing it out too him. I'll bet he was late for school and needed someone to blame for his lateness.

Another thought I had was with it being Veterans Day, he should have added a few fingers to that salute and made it matter. He could learn a lot from our military.

Do you have a pet peive about the irresponsibility of people?


Tori_z said...

Unfortunately, you get a lot of that... "It's not my fault... It's >insert name here<'s fault!" No matter what it is they've got to blame someone else. Even down to...

"I'm really tired!"
"Did you have a bad night?"
"I was late to bed. I planned on an early night but >insert person to blame< kept me up!"

But then you speak to the other person, and it wasn't their fault, it was the fault of the first person you spoke to. It's pathetic! It's like people don't have anything better to do with their time than cause trouble, bicker and make excuses for their own faults.

The one that bugs me most varies depending on which has happened most often or most recently.

Karla said...

Yeah we all have those pet peeves..mine is people letting their children run wild in (grocery stores, restaurants, etc) places. and they just ignore them. maybe these parents have never heard of an Amber Alert?

LadyStyx said...

Im with Karla....sheesh. My "favs" are the ones that not only let them roam wild but actually drop the brats off in the toy department and leave them there expecting that we'd keep an eye on them....

ChicagoLady said...

Because my commute to and from work each day is an hour each, I spend a LOT of time in my car. Probably my biggest pet peeve relating to responsibility (or lack thereof) has to do with driving recklessly.

Almost every day, I see drivers changing lanes, cutting people off, trying to get ahead of the next guy. And in the end, they don't usually get very far. All they're doing is scaring the other drivers, forcing them to put on their brakes to keep from hitting them, and holding everyone else up.

My other pet peeve is with some young adults these days who have no respect for their elders, and don't care about anyone but themselves, shirk their committments, and are just plain lazy.

AliceKay said...

I have a lot of pet peeves...too many to list but will tell you one. When a customer walks thru our office door, talking on a cell phone, and continues to talk as she is trying to give me her order and I'm trying to tell her the amount due, and she is still talking on the cell phone as she exits the office. That's just plain rude...and very annoying. Guess what? I didn't even smile at her that day. Just took the money, gave her the receipt, and let her talk away. What would people do without cell phones constantly at their ear?

Intense Guy said...

Now there is guy that needs a spanking.

My pet peeve is that the drivers licensing test is not strenuous enough to fail at least the 10-20% of the worse drivers and keep them off the road.

Second only to the totally nonexistent enforcement of the traffic laws - at least around here where one can see 10-12 runnings of a stop sign, 20-30 failures to indicate, and 10-15 speeding violatings in the space of 5 minutes at nearly every intersection.

Jess said...

Pet peeves? It annoys me when people are self centered or mean for no reason.
The other day I was on a computer working and this girl was standing next to me, sucking a lolly with a group of her friends crowded around a computer. She kept nudging me and I looked up at her then looked back at the screen. Then 5 minutes later the girl walks off with her friends and chucks her lolly at me! Why would someone do that?
People can behave very oddly.

Queenie Jeannie said...

I'll bet laughing at him made him even angier, lol! Good for you!!