Friday, January 2, 2009


2009 started kind of rough for me.

Let me explain. My jammies pants are the comfortable, loose, wide legged kind - the kind of jammies I would wear all day long if I thought I could get by with it because they are so comfortable. You know what I mean...


New Years day I wake up, stretch, and swing my legs over the side of the bed to greet the new year.

Ut oh.

The big toe of my right foot got caught in the left hem of my jammie britches.
Big Ut Oh.

I went flying. My right hand and knee hit the bed side table and my head hit the glass door that leads outside. Can you say ouch?

I am glad to report the crash woke Jim up, although he had no clue how to untangle me from the mess. Fortunately my pride was the worst thing hurt. How I kept from inflicting major injuries on myself is beyond me.

So I figure this was an omen for the new year - Shit is going to happen but I am going to get through it just fine!!!!!


ChicagoLady said...

What an awesome way to look at it!

I have to say, I started to laugh when your toe got caught, but as soon as your hand, knee and head started hitting things, I stopped RIGHT AWAY and said a big OUCH! I'm glad you weren't hurt by that fall, and hopefully you won't be feeling after affects tomorrow.

sexy41 said...

I also started to laugh but stopped when you said you hit your head. I am glad you are okay. I bet you will be sore tomorrow.


AliceKay said...

Yep, I'm glad you didn't get hurt, too. I flinched when you said you hit your head. Good thing for hard heads, huh? (sorry...couldn't resist that) :)

They say that how you start the new year is how the rest of the year will go...or something like that. I hope not. I wasn't feeling the best on New Year's Day. I hope you don't have too many bruises. *hugs*

Intense Guy said...

Yoikes! You keep that up and someone will be buying you one of those rubber sumo wrestler costumes like this one! for you to sleep in.

I'm glad you aren't hurt Punkn.

LadyStyx said...

omigoodness. Problems like that are precisely why I dont wear anything that hangs past my knees to bed. Glad you werent seriously hurt.

How you start the New Year is how the rest of the year will go. Let's hope not as hubby's sick and my allergy shots have been rather troublesome. I'd much rather that wasnt going to be our whole 2009! Although, last year's New Year we were packing and moving and we ended up not moving just once but twice during the year. So, if the theory holds true, I'd invest in bubblewrap if I were you. Although the Sumo suit iggy pointed out is rather amusing and might be more fun to wear (not to mention easier to put on).

Tori_z said...

Ouch! Glad you weren't really hurt.

Are the PJ bottoms OK? ;)

Punkn said...

((((Chicago)))) I wanted you to laugh! Heck I laughed!
((((Sexy)))) laugh away - I was so so lucky! And I was sore the next day but it could have been so much worse!
((((AK))))) LOL Jim mentioned the hard head too.. hmmmm
((((Iggy)))) for some reason I can't get that site to load... but I'm sure it was good... I'd make a lousy sumo wrestler lol... but I'm going to order two
((((Styxie)))) I'm a klutz by nature but yea I think I'll order a couple of those sumo wrestler suits
(((((Tori)))) leave it to you to ask after my jammies. I am happy to report they are fine and I am tempting fate and have them on again tonight. Cross your fingers for me.

Queenie Jeannie said...

OK sorry, but I had to laugh!! And that soooo sounds like something I would do too!

Hugs! And thank you for the birthday wishes!!

Karla said...

ouch! Good thing you didn't fall through a window or anything. But those kinda jammies are so comfy! Wish I could find another pair like I had years ago!

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