Monday, March 2, 2009

Beautiful Glass Art

Hubby taught Art at the local High School for over 30 years. He is really very talented but he rarely does any art work of his own. He always said it is like asking the Postman to take a walk on his day off. He uses his creativity in landscaping and decorating these days. I am hoping that one of these days his creative bones start acting up and he begins painting again.

When we bult our church, the parish wanted stained glass windows on each side of the altar. Churches and stained glass just go together. The original plan as to have a huge stained glass design. That was scrapped once Jim gave them a $$ reality check. So he designed two windows for them that would be affordable to do. He opted not to do the actual glass work. He's done small projects but one of this magnitude? He left it to the experts.

Jim created the art work used for all of the brochures, banners, etc. used for the fundraising when we built our church. When it came time to choose a stained glass window design, everyone wanted to use that design. He had to recreate it so that it would work and this is how it turned out. It is St. Andrew (the church's patron Saint) leading all others, working together to one goal. Frankly, Jim and I neither one were wild about it but everyone insisted.

This window is very special. When we built our house the main bathroom ended up without any outside window. I wanted light! So Jim designed a stained glass window for the bathroom. This one he made from design to finish. Isn't it pretty?

The shade on this lamp was pathetic. It has been many years and I don't remember what it looked like exactly but I remember it was horrid. We bought the lamp at an auction, knowing it would be perfect for a stained glass shade. This was Jim's first attempt at stained glass work. He's so dang talented!


The Wife O Riley said...

He is very talented.

Matt went to the School of the Art Institute in Chicago. He was studying to be an Art Teacher but decided against it after graduation. Every once in a while, I make him make me something to keep up his talent.

LadyStyx said...

Such beautiful work!

Intense Guy said...

He is talented. I like the St. Andrews window myself. :)

The photogragher of those windows is pretty gifted too - its really hard to take a good glowing shot of a stained glass window sometimes.

Punkn said...

I'd love to see a picture of something Matt made. I'll bet he would have been a good art teacher with his great sense of humor.
Thank you Styxie
I'm glad you like the St. Andrew's one Iggy. I think we weren't wild about it because we were tired of seeing the picture, but others felt it was a legacy to our church. So sweet of you to mention the photos. It is a challenge to get a good picture with the light illuminating the glass. I was pleased with the results.

rebel said...

Beautiful! I love your bathroom 'window'. What a good idea. Your husband is very talented.

AliceKay said...

What beautiful stained glass artwork. I took one look at the first pic and was almost hypnotized by the image. Just beautiful, Punkn. (and yes, awesome job with the photography too)

Karla said...

That is awesomely beautiful! Such talent should go noticed!!!

Punkn said...

Rebel - thanks! Years ago the bathroom 'window' was just a hole in the wall, waiting for the stained glass, lol.
AK, thank you. I'm so glad you liked it that much.
Karla, he got very little recognition for the windows. Most people don't know he designed them *sigh* I guess he'll get his rewards in heaven.

ChicagoLady said...

You're the first person I know who has a stained glass window in the bathroom, lol. But it works, right?

The stained glass windows for your church are beautiful.

Mean Mom said...

How wonderful to have such a talent! I have always been creative, but have little or no talent! It's very frustrating. ;0)

The windows are amazing and your photos are excellent, of course!

Punkn said...

Welcome home Chicago. I hope the trip was not too stressful. Yep the window works and it's always been a pretty good conversation piece.
Welcome Mean Mom. That's me. I have all sorts of projects going but I don't have any "real" talent. Welcome to my world. I hope to see a lot of you.

Queenie Jeannie said...

Gorgeous!! Yes, he's very talented!!!