Wednesday, March 4, 2009

It's Fall in Missouri...

Wait. That can't be right. It is March, not October. But look at what we did today. Yep, once again we were raking and hauling off leaves. This time our youngest Grandson, Austin, was "helping" us. He idea of helping was to pick up a stick and throw it on the pile as we were hauling it off.

Our oak trees shed some of their leaves in the Fall, giving us the "fun job" of raking leaves in the Fall. But they are sneaky. They save most of their leaves for the March winds to blow our way.

See this pile of leaves? We had at least 50 just like it around the yard.

Each pile was loaded on this tarp and then hauled down to a ravine at the other end of our property. Leaves are heavy! Jim would pull the tarp and I took up the rear (so to speak) and took some of the weight off Mr. Puller. Austin walked along side throwing sticks in lol.

Here is our sweet Austin among a few of the piles. This picture was taken right before he decided he needed to "water a tree". According to Austin his mom said he could water our trees anytime he wanted but he couldn't "go outside" anywhere else because people might be watching. So water our trees he did. Three times lol.

Oh dear. It looks like we aren't anywhere near done. Nature is playing with us. These leaves will fall about the time we get the current mess cleaned up :-0

Our precious little Austin.
For those who have followed my blog from the beginning will remember him as the little guy who had the hole in his heart fixed. He is such a joy to all of us!


AliceKay said...

Austin's a cutie. Loved the part about him being allowed to water your trees. LOL

We have pine cones and tree limbs all over our yard from the bad winds we had a week or two ago. I won't pick those up until it gets warm here. (it's still a bit cold out there for me)

Intense Guy said...

I wonder how long its going to be before Austin forgets to "only" water the trees at Grandma's house. LOL!

Those mighty oaks do make for mighty piles of leaves... I'm glad Austin was helping out.

Speaking of his heart surgery - has everything fully healed up and are things "all good to go"?

sexy41 said...

Wow that is a lot of leaves to rake into piles and haul off. Glad I wasn't there.

LOL at watering Grandma's trees. So cute. He is so adorable.

LadyStyx said...

Dang that's alotta work, and much more to come by the looks of it.

He's a cutie pie!

Tori_z said...

At least you can't say you're bored! ;)

Loved the part about him "watering the trees"

Punkn said...

AK - I'm a fair weather worker too. It was 60 here yesterday - perfect weather for yard work.
Iggy - can't ya just hear him when he grows up and tells stories to his kids "grandma's house was the only place I could water trees..." He is doing great. There was a small leak remaining at his three month check up but that had sealed by the six month. His next checkup is a year from now. Thanks for asking.
Sexy- come on! we would have fun. I'll invite you next time. He is adorable, isn't he...
Styxie - we've been doing this for 27 years and it is a lot of work but totally worth it.
Tori - you've got that right! Bored is rarely a word in my vocabulary. LOL I'll bet Kero could give him some tree watering lessons.

Karla said...

I'm not sure Punkn but I think its already summer!! Our high today is suppose to be near 90!

We don't have a lot of leaves here. Mesquite don't shed! Some ppl have oaks or mulberrys so if you have those I suppose you need to rake. I really don't miss it to tell you the truth!

Austin is one of the most adorable children I have ever seen! You are blessed beyond words my friend.

ChicagoLady said...

Wow that was a lot of work! I think when I got done with that, I wouldn't want to do it again for about a year, lol.

I'm glad Austin was there to help and to "water the trees" and of course that he's doing so well after his surgery.

Anonymous said...

Oh gosh.. this post brings back memories of when we lived in Maryland and allllll the leaves we had in our front and back yard... I think we spent all of our week-ends raking and hauling leaves. Love it here in the country where they all just blow away.

The Blue Ridge Gal

Punkn said...

Karla, 90??? Geeze! It's only been high of 70's here and I'm lovin' it. Don't just love those big brown eyes of Austins?
LOL Chicago - about a year... I don't ever want to do it again but they keep returning and we keep raking... and probably will keep at it, especially if our little helpers keep helping.
DI, If you are homesick for all those leaves.... well you know... I'm just saying....