Friday, April 24, 2009

The battle of the leash

Jim and I don’t fight over things that normal couples fight over.  Things like money, disciplining the kids, where to eat, and on and on…  We duke it out over the craziest things.

Whiskey daring me to take his picture

Demon Dog (aka Whiskey) has trained us to do things his way.  This means we do things backwards when it comes to putting a leash on him.  We never got him completely housebroke.  We used the method where he was confined to a small space where he wouldn’t think of diddling because it was his own and then slowly expanded that space.  And it worked!  Well, we thought it worked, but soon realized it worked only to a certain point.  Whiskey wouldn’t dream of diddling in the kitchen.  It turns out the rest of the house is fair game.

We finally declared him the winner and implemented the leash law.  When he is in the house he is confined to the kitchen, on our laps, or on the leash.  When he is outside he can run to his heart’s content.  I know, I know – that’s a little backwards, but we have a lot of property and he doesn’t wander far.  He’s too chicken for that.

Whiskey roaming around the property

Here’s the twist.  We used to open the front door to let him run to the kitchen.  Then we discovered the little shit was hysting his hind leg between the front door and the kitchen to leave a little yellow squirt on the living room carpet as he passed through!  Arghhh!!!  So now we have to put the leash on him to take him inside.  Can you say dumb dog.?  Or more like, dumb people…

Whiskey walking up the rock steps

The leash on the table inside where it belongs

Why does this cause a battle?  I like to put the leash on the table at the front door.  That way I can pick it up on my way out to get Whiskey in, or if it is cold, I don’t have to go outside at all and can just open the door and let him in. 

Leash outside where it doesn't belong

Jim likes to put the leash on the porch railing.  I don’t know why and since this is my blog, he can’t tell you!  So, he lets the dog out and the leash is left outside.  I let the dog in and where is the leash… outside!  This is especially irritating to me in the early morning or late at night because I’m always barefoot and have to put shoes on or walk outside barefoot.

Last night I hit the ceiling when at 10:30 I went to let the dog in.  No leash.  It was once again outside.

Me:  Just once can’t you do things my way!

Jim:  Huh?  What?

Me:  The leash!  You left the leash outside!

Jim:  So?  That’s where I always leave it.

Me:  I know!!!!!  I’ve asked you a million times (I sometimes exaggerate) to leave it on the table inside, but will you do that?  Nooooooooo!!!!!!!  Can’t you just once do things my way!  (yea, I repeated myself, but only about 100 times)

Jim:  This isn’t about the leash.  What’s really wrong?

Me:  It is TOO about the leash!  It is definitely about the leash! 

More stupid stuff was said, all of which I regret – and all over a stupid leash. 

At some point I stomped off to bed… in the guest bedroom.    I can be so hard headed and stupid!

I’d ask for everyone’s opinion on this, but I already know I’m right.  The leash belongs inside and I’m hard headed and stupid!    ;)

       Demon Dog checking me out from the porch


Lainie said...

First of all...Whiskey is a cutie...even if he is a naughty boy.
As for where the leash belongs, it makes more sense to me to leave it on the table inside the house. However, men don't have the same kind of reasoning that we do so I have a suggestion. Since Jim is hell bent on leaving it outside, how about sticking a nail on the outside of the house by the door and hanging the leash there? That way, it is still outside, but you can just reach around and get it without having to put your shoes on and cross the porch.
You aren't stupid...hard headed maybe, but certainly not stupid.
Jim could be correct, however, maybe it isn't all about the leash? Just saying... :-)

ChicagoLady said...

Good suggestion Lainie. Or how about you just buy a second leash, keep one inside and one outside?

I hope you and Jim made up this morning.


Deanna said...

Good suggestion, Lainie. But I have a feeling the leash will be on the table from now on. Like I've said before, Jim is great, and even though it takes a lot to change him, when I finally blow up, he usually changes. And he is right - it isn't about the leash - I have a LOT on my plate right now and unfortunately took it out on Mr. Jim.
Yea Chicago, we made up this morning. We never stay mad for long and he never was mad at me, just bewildered by his crazy wife.

Intense Guy said...

Ah... its nice to hear you made up already. :)

I think between the two suggestions (or even both!) you could have smoothed this "irk" out once and for all...

That dog still looks wicked mean to me - even with the cool coat! I'm amazed by how GREEN your neck of the woods is!

Karla said...

Well...looks like Lainie came up with the best suggestion! And never go to bed without a makes for a bad nights sleep!

sexy41 said...

I am glad you both made up. Lainie's idea was great. Hugs to you Deanna, I hope whatever else is bothering you gets better.


Tori_z said...

We're always having hose kinds of arguments. The main cause for all out war here is shoes. I mean, how hard is it to put your shoes in a cupboard? Especially when you take them off when you get home and have to go in said cupboard to hang your coat up anyway. I manage it, and I've also got a cane to put away and - most of the time - Kero's harness and lead (and sometimes his little doggy coat too). But can he do it? Nooo!!!


You're right, it should be on the table. You're inside the door usually when you let the dog in, right? So the leash should be too. It doesn't take a genius to figure that one out!


AliceKay said...

I would just by a second leash....Mr. and Mrs. leashes..and leave one where I want it to be left.

Loved the pics!

Betty said...

Sounds as though Whiskey almost has you trained. AliceKay has a good idea. Two leashes.

LadyStyx said...

The nail outside the door or the dual leashes are good. However, how about a compromise? Hang the bugger (the leash, not the dog) from the door knob. Then it's not on the table drawing attention from the lovely decor AND it's still inside for you yet close enough to being outside to please him? That's where we hang Katy's leash and great for us.

Lainie said...

LOL @ hang the bugger on the doorknob. Glad you clarified Styxie...cos I was first thinking you wanted Punkn to hang Jim. Sorry, that's where my head was. :-) HUGS!

junyah said...

well one dog isnt that bad to handle, but haveing two can try ones patiance, and we have a hanger by the door for both leashes,and i have harnness for both to take them for a ride on the 4 wheeler.I can't go anywhere without takening them too. Pets change us, we only think we change them... Hugs to Punkies....JR

jewelzmomof4 said...

Mom I have to admit it I AM YOU. LOL you have no idea how often I say that. I do the exact some thing to Doug ALLLLLLLL the time. LOL