Monday, April 13, 2009

It’s not meant to be

I dream of getting a good photo of all of my grandchildren together.  Is it too much to ask?  How do the professionals  do it?  I try every trick I know.  I first get the older ones assembled.  Then at the last minute we bring in the wiggle worms.  This time I am missing one of the grandkids (he was with his mom), but here is how it went…


Not too bad for first try.  At least Reagan (the youngest) is looking at the camera.  Now if we can just wake Dakota up, get James and Austin to sit still, and talk Allen into looking forward.


Utoh.  Reagan is on the move.  Great smile Austin, even Anna thinks so.  Pssst Anna… look at the camera.  James, quit eating.


Austin!  Quit that!  You’re face will freeze like that.  James sit still!  Who gave Reagan a piece of paper?  Great smile Cara and Travis.  Dakota you are sitting so nice. 


The camera Travis, the camera… Emily will take care of Reagan.  Oh dear, Reagan is not happy… anybody else want to try holding her.  James!  Sit still I say!  Cara, Allen can watch himself, thank you very much.  Dakota, hun, you are still sitting nice but a smile would help….


Oh my.  Things are getting totally out of control.  Did you find what you are looking for Dakota.  Yes, Emily, I can see she is a handful.  Travis, you aren’t helping matters at all.  James!  Sit still!  You are being so patient Anna, Austin, Allen and Cara.  Keep those smiles coming.


Ok Travis.  Let’s see if you can handle Reagan.  Jamesie… please hun.  Sit still! Who gave that child candy?  Allen?  You have candy too?  Please look at the camera everyone!


Did we lose you Austin?  James!  Sit still!!!  Allen… Allen!


I know you’ve had enough James.  But if you would just sit still and look at me one time, we would be done.  Allen?  Allen!


Ok, I got Allen back.  Cara? You poor thing.  You’ve been sitting so nice and sweet.  And look at Dakota, Anna and Emily.  Picture after picture they are is sitting perfectly.


Ah, we got Cara back.  Never have had James, yet.  James!!!!!


I love that tootless grin, Anna.  Austin’s not too sure about it, though.  JAMES!!!!! I cannot believe how perfect you’ve been sitting Dakota.  Travis keep doing what you are doing with Reagan.  It seems to be working.


What happened?  What’s so funny?  I agree with Dakota… his hands say it all.  JAMES!


HELLOOOOOO!  The camera is this way… JAMES!  We told you no more  candy!


Oh dear.  We got James… are those JuJu Bears sticking to your teeth dear?  Austin?  where  did you get candy now?


Wake up, Dakota.  We’re almost done.  Allen and James, pay attention.  Austin, pop that in your mouth and look this way.


JAMES WILLIAM!!!! Austin… what kind of look is that?  Yes, I see you have chocolate on your hand.  You are being so good Dakota and Anna.  Allen, look up hun.  Keep up the good job with Reagan, Travis.  Emily and Cara are doing the side ways glance look.


Look at the camera, Cara.  Austin and James…. please……


I’ll bet you thought I’d end this post with one frame worthy photo.  Wrong…  Next year I’m going to hire a professional.  I swear I will….

I hope everyone had a nice Easter.  I’m going to go pitch my camera now (surely it is the camera’s fault I didn’t get a single good picture).  Will be back later.


A. K. said...

Great Pictures... You have an amazing family..

Anonymous said...

That was funny Punkn. With that many kids I doubt if you'll get one perfect picture. I've been trying to get a picture taken of my three kids together. Last one was about 6 years ago. Had an appointment scheduled for one day in the winter. But then a snowstorm prevented my daughter from getting here. My son basically can only do it on Saturdays because he works. Daughter lives about an hour and a half away, but has a bit more flexible working schedule. Youngest kid just plays video games if he isn't at school. He'll be graduating this year. Maybe one day.

Intense Guy said...

:) Those are all good pictures!

LOL, I wonder if you could photoshop the best faces from each into one perfectly posed picture!

As for the perfect picture = Maybe if you dosed up some candy with Valium or something... Or got that sexy male mankini model over at ChicagoLady's place to hold their attention?

I can just see ya, "Smile and watch the man in the mankini!"

Karla said...

Oh I LOVED this post! Your grandkids are beautiful even if you can't get them all to pose together LOL I really enjoyed this Punkn :-)

AliceKay said...

LOL...loved it. Great pics, grandma. LOL

MarmiteToasty said...

oh I LOVE the natural photos LOL

What precious kids.......

loved how you presented this *giggling* lol


Queenie Jeannie said...

LOL!!!!!!!!!! Ohmygosh! This post reminds me of the year I tried to take my own "professional" Christmas shot of The Bella for The Daddy, who was in Iraq. Shot after shot after shot after shot....yeah, you know the drill!!

That bunny egg dipper was awesome! I found it at Michael's while buying my card (aka crack) supplies. They still put those useless wire dippers in the kits. I don't know why!!! This is the only way to go!

ChicagoLady said...

I love all your pictures, Punkn. One perfectly posed picture, although it would look nice, would not have all their personalities showing, which is what you love about all of them. Each picture you did take tells a story, and the retelling of those stories every time you look at these pictures are worth more than any "perfectly posed" picture.

LadyStyx said...

You're right. It's definitely the camera's fault for this!! Iggy might be right, the mankini over at Chicago's may have shocked them into being still for one click of the camera.

Tori_z said...

Child and pet photography is very difficult, so don't be too hard on yourself (or the camera).

Punkn said...

Thanks A.K. When you have kids, just call me. I'll take their pictures lol
I remember those days Land. We always had that problem too. Have them each get a picture taken and then cut and paste ;)
Oh my, Iggy. That mankini man might just have done the trick. Can't ya just see the looks on their faces!
Huggssss Karl. I'm glad you enjoyed it. There were more pictures taken that I didn't post!
From one Granny to another, thanks AliceKay!
((((Marmie)))) wish I could send these kiddos to you to sort out lol.
You always have such cool pictures of Bella, Queenie. I can't imagine that you didn't get the perfect picture for The Dad... No way!
Chicago, you are probably right. I'm going to have fun scrapbooking this mess of pictures, but.... just one for the fram is all I want... just one!!!!!
LOL Styxie. Damn camera. Yea, I really think the mankini would have done the trick. Next time I'll make sure nobody has any candy, that's for sure.
You should know about the difficulty of pet pictures, for sure Tori. I'll take pictures of my dog anyday over the stinkers I photographed Sunday! Send me Kero any day...

Nana said...

That's just like taking pictures at my house. I am surprised they even sat there for that long. he he. Cute kids!

sexy41 said...

I loved this post Punkn, seeing your wonderful grandchildren. They are so precious looking. The pictures are perfect. I was laughing at your comments of each picture, thank you for sharing.

Punkn said...

Hi Nana and welcome. It was wild I tell ya!
Sexy, I'm glad you enjoyed it. My comments under each picture is pretty much what I was saying as i tried to get the "perfect" picture.

Anonymous said...

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