Friday, April 17, 2009

My new best friend

I don’t know if any of you have noticed or not, but I’ve been posting more pictures on my blog lately. I used to dread posting more than one or two photos because you had to be careful to get them in the right order. If not, and you did the dastardly deed of moving them around, then they would no longer enlarge when clicked on. Arghh!

The answer? Windows Live Writer. When you use Windows Live Writer, blogging is a breeze. Inserting photos is especially easy. You just click on the photo icon, and then brows for your photos like normal. The neat thing is if you want to insert multiple photos, hold the alt key on your keypad and click each photo you want to insert. You then have the option of photos in a line or a photo album. Once the photos load (and this happens quickly) you can move them and resize them to your heart’s content. You can also insert hyperlinks, maps, tags, & movies.

Inserting a hyperlink is as easy as clicking on the hyperlink icon in the toolbar and pasting in the link URL and name.

It took me a bit to figure out when I wanted to edit a paragraph that I needed to double click in the area I want to edit. Each paragraph, image, etc. is put in its own separate box. Once you are done with your post you can Publish it or Save it as a draft for later publishing. Those options are in the top toolbar.

I first learned of Windows Live Writer while reading Southern Hospitality's blog. She devotes her blog to decorating, cooking, and gardening. She has some great ideas. I couldn't find the exact link at first, but thanks to Iggy (see his comment) I am able to point you to her blog entry that lead me to this application. She doees a really good job explaining Writer. Thank you Rhoda!

If you are interested in trying my new best friend out for a drive, just click here and click on the DOWNLOAD button to the right. When you click download you get options of features to download, I only clicked on the Window Live Writer because that is all I wanted.

Let me know what you think… and if I find out everyone is already using this and haven’t shared with me and I’m the only one in blog land not using this, then I’m going to stomp right out of here!!!!!!!



Intense Guy said...

Oh! I'll have to give that a try!

Here's your link, Punkn. Link to Southern Hospitality Live Writer EntryNow if they would only make some software that would take GOOD squirrel pictures for me. :)

Punkn said...

Thanks Iggy. You are the bestest! I changed the blog post to put in the correct link.

I think the good squirrel pictures software was in your hand the other day when you took those awesome Charlie photos!

Tori_z said...

Never heard of it. Don't think I'll bother with it though. I go in to the "edit html" tab to move stuff around and add links, and that way works best for me. I know the html codes I need, and it's easier for me than clicking on this, that and the other. Especially since the key strokes required for Jaws to click on something for me are kinda complicated and not very relyable all the time. So, I think not using it would be easier in my case.

I am glad it makes things easier for you though. :)

Punkn said...

I just wish I was as talented as you are, Tori. I'm with you - if it isn't broke - don't fix it!!!!!

AliceKay said...

I saw that Windows Live Writer thing someplace but can't exactly remember where I saw it. I had no idea what it was at the time. I installed some Windows updates last night, and I think there was an optional one there titled Windows Live Writer, but I could be wrong. (hey, you remember me telling you what was on there to install?) Sounds like it's working fine for you, Punkn.

Tori_z said...

I'm not talented. My Dad knows loads more about computers than I do. I just know enough to seem like I know what I'm doing, or know what I'm talking about. LOL!

The Wife O Riley said...

I am on my way to download! Thank you so much!

LadyStyx said...

I'll have to look at it later. It's much too late for me to concentrate on much of anything right now. No, you weren't the only one who didnt know, sweetie.

Squirrel pix....*sigh* I have SO many pictures that I need to share. Thankfully hubby works tomorrow and nothing's on the boob-tube so I should have another entry up by early Sunday morning.

Queenie Jeannie said...

Wow! That does sound easy!! I hate that Blogger makes you put up pics in REVERSE order and sometimes that's alot for my ole brain to handle, lol!

(btw, that post ticked me off too but not as much as the "anonymous" one did. If you are going to post, at least man up and own your words!)

Karla said...

I think I've about caught up with reads...Loved your spring post. Been getting a little rain so I'm tempted to go out tomorrow in the country and see what I can see!

I've never been good with computers. My son's are. So I'll leave this kind of stuff to them.

Betty said...

I don't use many pictures, because they always seem to skew the text. I may take a look at Live Writer. Thanks.

ChicagoLady said...

I did not know about Live Writer. Not sure I'll d/l it though. Usually if my entry is mostly pictures, I figure out what order I want them in, load them in reverse order, then put the text in between each. But if the pictures are just to enhance the text, I insert the pictures after typing everything up.

I never knew moving a picture around after inserting it means you can't click and enlarge it. The things you learn from other bloggers!

junyah said...

I write in my blogg about once a week if that and sometimes maybe once in 2 weeks and now hey want me to try this live windows.. lol ok im game. i'll try anythig once . twice if i like