Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The blanket that almost wasn’t…

Granddaughter Emily is spending a couple of days  with us.  What to do to keep busy… 

First thing we did yesterday after I picked her up from her Dad’s office was go to McDonald’s for breakfast.  We have to keep our strength up, you know.

By then it was 9:00 and JoAnn’s Fabrics was open.  Material!  Oh yea. 

There were signs on all of the shelves by the fleece and Emily wanted to make a fleece blanket for her bed.  50% off!  What a deal! 

So, Emily picked out two pieces of fabric – a print for the front and solid for the back.  We took it to the cutting table and order 2 1/2 yards.  The nice lady cut the first piece and rang it up full price… huh? 

“How is that?” I asked.

She replied “only some of the fleece is on sale.” 

“But you have 50% off signs all over that display!” I replied.

And the saleslady replied I needed to read each individual sign.

Ok, I have a 40% off coupon that I can use for the print that isn’t on sale and decide to just let it go.

So I ask, “what about this solid piece?  It’s on sale, right?”

She checks and replies, “no ma’am”

Now I’m not a happy camper but I tell her to go ahead and cut it because, well, Em and I had our day planned and I wasn’t going to let them ruin our day.

She asks if I want to talk to the Manager and I say yes.  The manager comes out, says she can understand my confusion but there is nothing she can do (so why did they bother having me talk to the manger…).  Anyway, at this point I was starting to embarrass Em, so I let it drop.  It just wasn’t worth making a bigger scene than I already had.

We bought the fabric, and I’m glad we did.  The pictures below tell the rest of the story.


Emily first cut the “selve edges” off the side.


Then after we pinned the two pieces of fabric together, she cut 4 inch slits all the way around.


Then after nimble fingers (more like sore fingers) here tied the two fabrics together… voila!  A beautiful fleece blanket for her bed.  Can anyone guess the color scheme of her bedroom?  Anyone? 

Hint, hint… it is hot pink, black and gray. 

We did good, didn’t we!


LadyStyx said...

Hmm...that's a nice idea. I'll have to keep that craft in mind when I'm wanting something new to do. Maybe a couple lap blankets for the winter months.

AliceKay said...

You did very good...both of you. Cool blanket, too. Nice way to spend the day together.

I've seen a lot of those blankets where you cut the slits along the side and tie the two together. Makes for a really nice blanket. Karen received one at her baby shower.

Betty said...

You did great. That store manager should have seen to it that there was no confusion about the fleece.

junyah said...

Sears and Robuck years ago, would havea sale but then when you went to get it, they were either out of that one, or tryed to sell you something else. The State of Maine stepped in after awhile and told them they better have what they have on sale the next time to have a sale or they can move out of state.In other words,put out,or get out...lol its called the ole bait and switch game. The state also told the furniture stores ,that the next time they have a going out of bussness sale , they better go out or they would be. lol

jewelzmomof4 said...

Very cool blanket I LOVE it!!!!

Intense Guy said...

I'm glad the blanket that almost wasn't was!

That's snazzy! I don't think I could take being in Emily's room - you probably need sunglasses.

sexy41 said...

That is a beautiful blanket. Can I have one please? I think the colors are great, something my daughter would pick. She has to have some pink on most things. Even her fishing pole has some pink on it. LOL Sounds like you had a fantastic day with her.

Tori_z said...

Sounds like a great way to spend the day. :)

It's just a shame there was that issue with the price of the fabric. I hate when they do that... "Yeah, that kind of fabric is on sale, but not that print." It shouldn't matter what the print is... If fleece is on sale, then you should get whatever print you choose at the sale price. Otherwise they should just put sale signs by the labels for the spacific prints that are actually on sale. And if they fetch the manager for you then there should be a reason (like she gives you a discount coupon for next time or something). Sounds to me though like the manager was only fetched so you were yelling at someone else.

Queenie Jeannie said...

You are such an awesome Grandma!!! Mine taught me to sew (and knit, and crochet, and embroider, etc, etc, etc!) and those memories are so cherished!

Jo-Ann's so knows better!! What they did was a "bait and switch" and it's illegal! Personally, I would have made a big stink. THEN I would have taken names and taken pictures and written to corporate. No, not kidding! Squeeky wheel gets the grease!!

But I understand your reasoning with your granddaughter there. It still wouldn't hurt to write a letter though! In these tough economic times retailers should be bending over backwards to keep us, not tick us off!!!

Karla said...

That's pretty...Glad you got to make it even if the store did rip you off...I always embarassed my kids whenI got upset in stores with those signs. But at least maybe when the kids grow up they will learn to stand up for what they think is right. :-)

PetalsYoga said...

I love the blanket but I really love the incredible memories you crafted together that day. Not only did she get to make something special with you that she can always treasure, but she learned that you should always politely question things that you know are not right. It may not always work out but at least you can have all of the information and make a good decision. I think you are a fabulous Grandma.



MarmiteToasty said...

Perfect......... what a lovely grandma you truely are.... and gifted and talented lol