Wednesday, July 22, 2009



As we headed out for our “early morning walk” (8:00 isn’t really early, is it…) a white tail deer streaked in front of us across the gravel road.  The temperature was a perfect 70 degrees, a bit humid, but nice…

I tend to get lost in thought, as I know many of you do, and I got to thinking about how happy I am with my life.  A poem my oldest daughter, Tessa, wrote sixteen or so years ago came to me.  I want to share it with you today.


Within these walls we live

and in these walls it’s love we give

These walls have seen good times and bad

these walls have seen times happy and sad

Though outside these walls we may go

there’s a promise we will always know

That wherever in life we may roam

there’s always a place to return to called




Our house


A. K. said...

To be honest, am not a very big fan of Poetry but i enjoyed reading this one. Thanks for sharing..

Intense Guy said...

That special effect you applied to a special picture - makes it really special. Its... its.. well... its perfect.

and when you put it to:

Though outside these walls we may go ...there’s always a place to return to called HOME... it becomes art.

The Wife O Riley said...

That is really beautiful!

AliceKay said...

Very beautiful indeed.

PetalsYoga said...


It's easy to see what a great mom you are by the words of your daughter. I pray my Izzy grows up to be just as wonderful as your Tessa.

Warmest hugs,


Tori_z said...

That's a lovely poem.

PictureGirl said...

That's beautiful.
Your daughter couldn't have said it better if she had said, I'm happy, I'm loved.

Karla said...

As always your children say it best about you..puts an ache in my heart to think how much I would of given for a mother and a home like they had.......At least you know your children treasure you..:-)

Corinne Rodrigues said...

Lovely! Thank you for true.


LadyStyx said...

very nice, indeed!

Anonymous said...