Thursday, September 24, 2009

7 interesting (I hope) things about me that you don’t already know

Sherri at Matter of Fact challenged her bloggy friends to share in an award by telling 7 interesting things about themselves that others didn’t already know.  That’s like a double dog dare!  Or like telling me I can’t do something.  I just can’t walk away from a challenge.  Thank you Sherri for the dare.

1.  Never tell me something is too hard for me to do.  I will kill myself proving you wrong.  We used to have a very steep terrace here (Notice the word “used to”?  It is now flower beds.)  I was mowing and was close to the terrace.  Hubby said “I’ll get that hun, it is too steep for you.”  I don’t think so!  I mowed that damn terrace and proved him wrong.  And I never made the mistake of getting too close to it again.

2.  I started drinking coffee because I was insecure.  Yep, you heard me right.  I was on my second job (only stayed with my first job three months, but that is another story).  As a very unsure of myself 18 year old, I was uncomfortable on breaks because everyone else was standing around drinking coffee.  So I got myself a cup and held it and pretended to drink it.  Eventually I actually started taking sips until I became an official  coffeaholic.  (sip, sip, ahhhh)

3.  I began college the year I turned 40.  People told me it would be too difficult starting at that age, holding down a full time job, plus having 2 children in high school and 1 other in college already.  (refer back to number one)  I enrolled and proved everyone wrong by graduating 5 years later at the top of my class.

4.  I flunked Geography and almost flunked History in High School.  I hated it!  And I always regretted it.  Even though I majored in Business Administration in College, I took enough History classes to almost have a minor in History.  I guess I was making up for what I squandered in High School.  This is one of the many reasons I like Intense Guy's blog so much (one of the many, many reasons – it is one of the best blogs every!)

5.  My mother-in-law gave me my first drink of alcohol ever – and I was only 16 at the time!  Boy friend turned hubby took me to me his parents.  I walked into the kitchen and the first thing his mom did was offer me a high ball.  I had no clue what a high ball was, so I took it.  Unfortunately, I liked it! 

6.  When I was a child I would hide so I could spend my time reading.  My favorite hiding place was under the basement steps with a flashlight.  One time the book was so interesting that I didn’t hear dad calling for dinner, and when I did finally hear him, I ignored him.  I’ll always remember the whooping I got all the way up those stairs into the kitchen!

7.  I have a wicked temper.  I once dumped a glass of wine over hubby’s head because I was pissed.  Another time I threw a shoe at him, missing him and almost taking out a beautiful set of french doors.   Now that I’m more mature, I just slam doors and stomp off for a nice long walk.

So there you have it.  Seven things about me that you didn’t already know (at least most of you didn’t already know).  Anybody up for the challenge?  If so, grab the award below and go for it! 



sherri said...

Thanks for being so transparent. I love to learn more about others through things such as this.

I've thrown a stiletto or two in the past, but much like you, it's not that tempting anymore.

I also went back to college later in life (in my thirties) and had the same experience with history. I had horrible history teachers in high school (but I made good grades only because I had cheated a time or two- I know, I'm ashamed now, but then I didn't care), but my instructors were inspirational at the college level. That makes such a difference. When someone teaches about something they love, with passion, it catches on.

Deanna said...

Sherri, that is so true about the teachers. My college History Professors were inspired and then so was I. In High School it seems that Coaches are always relegated to teaching history - and they are inspired about only one thing and it sure isn't history!

Funny in my mind said...

I love #6 and & 7! I too, used to hide and read. And I dumped a beer in hubby's lap at a bar because he was talking to the female bartender and I was jealous. I ended up looking like an ass because she was a lesbian and was asking stuff about me. Turns out she saw us all together and figured I was single and wanted my number.
I flunked Algebra all through school but when i got to college (later in life) and was actually paying for classes, I made b's in algebra- turns out I had bad teachers in high school.

Karla said...

How interesting!

My history teacher was a gay (retired) AirForce guy. He was the BEST teacher I ever had and I loved the way he lectured instead of "teaching from the book"...He was "found out" the summer between my junior and senior years and was fired..Eventually he ended up being my next door neighbor and I continued to learn from him, not only wisdom but also tolerance for the gay community.

Deanna said...

Funny - I got very poor grades in Algebra in High School, but I did pass. Frankly it never did make sense to me, even in college. But I hired a high school friend to tutor me through college algebra and I got the only B I got in college. Fortunately I had a very good teacher, or I wouldn't have gotten that. Hubby rode home in the bed of a pick up one night for paying attention to another female... I was 8 months pregnant and NOT amused!

Karla - that just isn't right! I'm glad people are more open minded these days. To fire someone for being themselves is just wrong. You were lucky to have had him as a teacher. My HS history teacher was just awful.

Leah said...

I enjoyed learning more about you. :-D And congrats on the going back to school! That is amazing and I'm always so proud of people who do that. . . as it couldn't be easy. :-D

AliceKay said...

I found these 7 things about you very interesting. I can relate to #7...both of my parents have a wicked temper so I guess I come by it naturally. I've thrown a "few" things at Terri a "few" times over the past 33 years. LOL

I worked at a bank when I first graduated from high school. I was told to go on break with another woman from the department the first day, but after a week of not really wanting to go plus I didn't drink coffee (i was 17, extremely shy and very insecure), I was allowed to stay at my desk and work thru break time. I still don't drink coffee. Never liked the taste or the smell.

You've accomplished a lot with your life, Deanna, and sometimes it makes me envious. Thanks for posting this. *hugs*

Anonymous said...

It's nice to know there are other 'not so perfect' people in the world like me..

Thanks fors sharing!


Anonymous said...

Wow, I wouldnt even know what things to say about myself after reading all that because it was very interesting to me and thanks so much for sharing, I loved it all!! HUGS

jewelzmomof4 said...

Mom of course I knew some of these and yes everyone she does have a temper but she was kind enough to pass that on to both me and my sister lol. We are all calm women until you really piss us off. Mom I also would like to say I was and still am bery proud of you for going back to school and graduating top of your class. I would love to go back to college after the boys get older also. ou were and always will be an inspiration to me. Love you lots.

Intense Guy said...

I admire you for having taken on College at the age you did and seeing it through with flying colors even with the busy home life.

I had an inspired High School Political Science teacher - Mr. James Finnemyer. To contrast that - I can't even picture what my gym teacher looked like let alone his name.

I had a rather droll Calculus professor in College - but he really could explain things so they made sense! Dale Oxman. See? :) When I was younger I read anything, anywhere, anytime (including in the Procelan Reading Room).

I've noticed #1 applies to quite a few people - it seems to run in families with umm... not stubborn or mule-headed... umm..errr.. tenacious... yeah, thats it, streaks. That character trait probably served you very well - makes you combat the crap life throws at ya. :)

I STILL don't believe #7. Nope.

Deanna said...

Leah - thank you and no it wasn't easy - but it was worth it. I had promised myself I'd go to college and I was going to - even if I was 95! Not going when I got out of HS was my one regret in life.

AliceKay I can imaginie how you felt. I was extremely shy when I was younger too. It took a lot of work to get past that, but somehow I did. Huggssss hun - never be jealous of me. You have so much!

Di - thanks and wouldn't perfect be just plain boring?

Chattess - I'd love to see your list. Go for it! (Oh my, I just realized I called you Chattess. Some things just can't change lol)

Julie - you saw my temper first hand many times, didn't you. Thanks hun for being proud of me. I am very proud of you too and I KNOW you will go to college or do whatever else you want to. You are a very strong young lady - and have my determination and drive (and temper lol)

Iggy - You always say the nicest things. You were lucky to have inspiring teachers where it counted. You are right about number 1. And wrong about number 7.

Anonymous said...

She gave you alcohol at 16? Lol!

Good job going to college! My mom went back and got her doctorate at 45.

Tori_z said...

Interesting. :)

I mightt do this soon.

PetalsYoga said...

I think it's a good thing for your husband that you didn't pour hot coffee on him instead! I'm so impressed about you finishing college in your 40's. Inspires me to go back to school and do something great with my life.

Hugs and sorry I haven't been around much lately,


Anonymous said...

Wow Punkn, now I see why you have been married so long.... your hubby is too scared to divorce you. LOL (kidding)

Deanna said...

Yaya - She REALLY did! Thanks and good for your mom - that is awesome! I thought about going for my Masters but... well, I just didn't, lol.

Tori - I hope you do it. It would be interesting.

Jan - It's good to see you back! I wish I had thought at the time when he was upset with me for the wine to have told him it could have been worse. Coffee lol. It is NEVER to late to go back to school. I highly recommend it.

LOL Land. You might be onto something there. Good to see you girl!

LadyStyx said...

*reads #3*
*re-reads #3*

Always hated history too. Go figure the first spouse would be a master-degreed history teacher....

Deanna said...

Styxie - YOU CAN DO IT! I highly recommend community colleges. They offer 8 week sessions and the class sizes are smaller. Start with one class and then add to that. Huge hugs!