Saturday, September 12, 2009

Saturday Stuff

It was interesting to read all the blogs yesterday, remembering 9/11.  It truly is a point in history when time stood still.  For myself, I was sitting at my desk at work.  A coworker popped her head in and I’ll never forget the shocked look on her face.  I thought, OMG somebody died.  That was understatement.  When she told me what had happened my heart froze.  There was no television to turn on.  Little to no work was done that day.  Anyway, we will always remember.  And as always, God  Bless America.


A not so new anymore blog friend of mine gave me not one, but TWO awards last week.  In My Mind Its Funny lives in Missouri, like me.  It is fun following her blog about an insane world of raising kids, dogs, husbands and owning a restaurant. 

Here are the two awards and I really appreciate receiving them.  It is nice to know that sometimes a comment is helpful or just makes a person feel good, even if for only a moment.

BlogAwardLoyal theupliftingbloggeraward

I simply can’t choose a person or two to offer this award to.  Every single comment means a lot to me.  I spend way too much time on this computer just checking back to see if I’ve received a comment.  I know that’s silly, but I LOVE comments!  They make me feel GOOD!  So I offer these  two awards to everyone who comments, even occasionally, on my blog.  You are a loyal friend and you uplift me and I THANK YOU!


For Chicagolady in answer to your comment about the lyrics to Little Rabbit Foo Foo – here you are!


Little Rabbit Foo Foo,
Hopping through the forest
Scooping up the field mice
And boppin' 'em on the head
Down came the good fairy and she said
"Little Rabbit Foo Foo,
I don't want to see you
Scooping up the field mice
And boppin' 'em on the head.
I'll give you three chances,
And if you don't behave
I'll turn you into a goon!"

The next two days the same thing happens – and then:

Little Rabbit Foo Foo,
Hopping through the forest
Scooping up the field mice
And boppin' 'em on the head
Down came the good fairy and she said
"Little Rabbit Foo Foo,
I don't want to see you
Scooping up the field mice
And boppin' 'em on the head.
I gave you three chances
And you didn't behave
Now you're a goon! POOF!!"
The moral of the story is:

Now ya know.


A friend of mine who comments on my blog occasionally sent me these pictures of HER deer!  She certainly put mine to shame.  Carole, aka Landlvr for those who used to chat with us, took these photos at her house.


In her comment she said,

We have a doe here that had triplets. I feed the doe bread. When I see them out by the crabapple tree in the backyard, I open the door and throw out a couple pieces of bread then go back in. I'll watch out the window and in a few minutes mom is up there eating it.


The fawns like laying in the yard in front. One night they were right in front of the porch laying down.

There are definite benefits to living in the country.  Look at the sparkling water just beyond  where the deer are.  Thanks Landy for sharing these with us.  I took some bread out this morning and put some on the ground a little closer to the house than the deer usually come.  (Charlie the squirrel will probably eat it)


Have a great weekend everyone and if you can, take a second to thank God for what we have and ask him to protect us during these troubled times.  I’ll have to admit I find a need for prayer much more often these days.  It really is a need – it’s not something I’ve said to myself, “Hey Deanna, you really should pray more”.  It is hard to explain. 


AliceKay said...

You write a great blog and you tell wonderful stories of your family and your life thru your blog. It's nice to sit back and read how others go thru their daily lives. It's also a little escape from our own lives and the challenges we sometimes face on a daily basis.

Great pics of the deer. She sure took some awesome shots. I just got home from work and I feel like I've been run over by a truck, but the pics of the deer put a smile on my face. :)

I hope you have a good weekend, Deanna. *hugs*

Funny in my mind said...

Can I get your e-mail address?

Anonymous said...

Hey Punkn. Hope you liked the pics, and hope the bread works for you too. I would never have thought that deer would eat bread. I originally threw it out for the Canadian Geese, but they didn't eat it so the deer did. My dog used to eat it when he could too, but unfortunately I had to put him to sleep a week ago because he couldn't breathe. He was about 13.

LadyStyx said...

The deer pix are ~gorgeous!!~

Bunny foo foo....*shakes head and moves along to the next blog*

Queenie Jeannie said...

Hugs and prayers!!!

Beautiful deer pictures - thanks for passing them along!

You made me chuckle with little FooFoo. I remember teaching Alex that but never did it with Bella!

Karla said...

beautiful deer..beautiful blog...beautiful awards...

all from a beautiful lady who is one of the kindest, dearest, nicest people I have ever had to priveledge of knowing. (okay now that don't look right..sorry I can't spell)

Have a wonderul day!

Intense Guy said...

*hums, "Hopping through the forest, Scooping up the field mice, And boppin' 'em on the head..."* :)

Congrats on the awards! I can see why someone thought you deserved them, "Loyal Friend" and "Uplifting Blogger" - if thats not you, its noone.

Awesome deer pictures! Hoe did your bread experiment work out?

Prayer is like meditation on steroids - it calms and soothes, helps you find your center and so much more. *hugest hugs*

sherri said...

I can't get past the deer photos. Amazing!

ChicagoLady said...

Beautiful deer pictures!

Congratulations on your awards, you truly deserve them!

Thank you for the lyrics to Little Bunny FooFoo. Now since I can't sing along with those lyrics, I'll have to go find the mp3 to listen to, lol.

Tori_z said...

I don't think anyone will be able to forget where they were and what they were doing on 9/11.

MarmiteToasty said...

I went over to your friends blob and what a joy it is :)

Oh my the deer photos are just precious.....

I read the bunny foo foo to a kid today :)

much love