Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Just thinking

I sure wish the sun would  shine.  They promised!

Granddaughter, Reagan, is sick.  Alicia took her to the ER.  Am patiently waiting to hear what is wrong with her and if maybe I can take care of her this afternoon.

I LOVE my new juicer.  We ordered one of the Jack LaLanne ones that they advertise on TV and I’ve used it every day since we got it.  It is so easy to use and the fruit and vegetable juices are so tasty.  I had 1/2 pear, 1/2 apple and 2 carrots for breakfast.  Yea me!

I’ve been going to the gym at least three times a week for a month and a half now and am eating healthier and yet I’ve only lost 3 lbs.  I’m not going to give up.  No way!


Please keep the little 9 year old girl who was murdered by a 15 year old neighbor girl in your prayers.  They live very close to where my daughter and her family lives.  What would cause a child to do such a thing?  Will they try her as an adult?  Should they try her as an adult? 

Why does my 13 year old grandson think he should be the class clown? He disrupts the entire class with his antics.  And I’ve never seen a child yoyo with his grades like he does.  One minute he is making straight A’s and the next minute he’s turned them into D’s and F’s.  And it isn’t because he isn’t doing the work – it is because he isn’t turning it in!  Come on Travis, this is serious stuff!

Did I mention that it is STILL dreary here?  I believe we have officially been bestowed the honor of having the wettest October on record. 

I just heard from Greg.  Reagan has the croup, poor little thing.  I’m going to watch her tomorrow.

And I’m heading to the gym and then to work so I am able to be here for Reagan tomorrow.  I might take some time to start working on that Ark and gathering up pairs of animals while I’m at it.

Smile everyone!  Life is good!


Leah said...

It's dreary here as well. :-(

I love the randomness of this post. That's how my mind thinks. There are always 100 things going on at once in there. :-D

Anonymous said...

A fifteen year old girl? You just have to wonder, don't you, what went through her mind.


AliceKay said...

It's been raining here since last night. We're received over an inch of rain and the creeks are running high and muddy.

Sorry to hear Reagan is sick. Hope she gets better soon. Linda and Karl's great niece was diagnosed with H1N1 yesterday. Her dad (their nephew) works at the feed mill, too, and hasn't been feeling the best the past couple of weeks. I hope he isn't a carrier. They never tested me for H1N1 last week when I was at the doctor's. I was sick for weeks (still not 100%) but I was feeling better by the time I went to the doctor's.

Travis needs to listen to his grandma.

Good luck with the gym and the healthy fruit drinks. Maybe you're toning and building muscle and that's why you haven't lost very much weight.

It's a sad world when little girls murder other little girls.

Intense Guy said...

15 year old murdering a 9 year old? Sheesh... you know there is way too much violence on TV, cartoons included... I wonder if she thought the 9 year old would just magically be alright (like the coyote in roadrunner)?

Rainin' here too - the ground is all swampy and I'm thinking of climbing trees to join the squirrels as the waters rise (and rise and rise)...

As for the Travis - he's just a young man! :) I bet he's so smart that the studying bores him - he might need a little challenging.

I hope your grand-daughter gets well soon - sounds like some of that fresh jiuce might be just the thing for her.

And GO you!! 3x a week at the gym! I betcha the hubby notices already!

Karla said...

It's hot can have some of it if you like!

Teenagers are going crazy these days..and at 15..she should be tried as an adult!!!!She knows right from wrong...even if she wasn't taught it at home!

Travis doesn't have ADD does he? Sounds like he might. Or..kinda reminds me of my eldest..when he was young some of the kids made fun of him because he made straight A's..and his grades would drop. Thank God he had a wonderful teacher who noticed and between she and I he learned..the A's are important now..friends are important later!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about Reagan, I hope she recovers quickly. I dont think I have heard about the 9 year old murdered by the older kid, that is so sad, I try not to watch the news much because I just get so many feelings inside from anger to just plain want to break down and cry. Good for you and the gym punkn, that is great and way to go for not wanting to give up!!

LadyStyx said...

One must remember that as we get a bit older, that the weight is harder to get rid of. This is ok-ish though because it's healthier to lose the weight at a modest rate... it's more likely to stay off too. In the year I've been on my eating modification and exercise, I lost 50 pounds. I might bounce back and forth over the last 10 pounds, but the other 40 stayed off. Even while slipping repeatedly off the "diet" and spending 3 weeks+ off the bike. So dont get down about how little came off. So long as you FEEL hhealthier and your clothes fit better than they did (who wouldnt want that??)...then all's good.

Queenie Jeannie said...

Lots going on in your life too!! Hugs and prayers being sent your way as well!!

I see the sun right now!!!! It isn't supposed to last......

junyah said...

I think your doing just fine there lady. The werther we can't change, and either can we can people but we can set and have a heart to heart talk with Travis.All i think hes haveing is Mood swings. What he needs is a good talk about reality, let him know that he Only gets once chance at life and he can be or have anything he wants but he has to ask himself one question, (( How bad do i want that ))I mite sound old fastion as they used to say, but when he gets older the service is a good bet.20 years and retire at 38/40 years old. Now being in the service doesnt nessisaly mean be in harms way, theres so many jobs to choice from that he could be something that he can use after the service and get paid good money too. And then do what ever he wants. Kids today have a lot of things that can infulance them.Parenting goes a long way..Keep an eagle eye on little Reagan with this flu thing everywhere one cant be to carefull. I'm getting plenty of exersize too myself doing the basement stairway all over with notty pine board,all that running up and down stairs is haveing a very good effect on the You take care and i'll try to cath you one of these days on facebook..

Tori_z said...

Poor little thing. Hope she's feeling better soon.