Friday, November 13, 2009

A blip in the road

Missouri is rich in small historic towns along the Missouri River.  These little towns struggle to survive, but survive they do.  We’ve been trying to stay close to home in our “get-aways” and support our beautiful Missouri.

Rocheport is one of our favorite little towns.  It was a trading post for both settlers and Native Americans in the early 19th Century.  It is the home of 150 adults, 50 children, 20 dogs, and 15 cats.


It is located along the beautiful Missouri River, and the KATY Trail (a 225 hiking/biking trail that stretches across most of the state).


The KATY trail is part of a rails to trails project, and used to be the MKT Railroad line.  See the bracings of this bridge? It really doesn’t look as if it would be able to support a train, does it?  I think I’ll walk, thank you very much.


There are train tunnels…


… and goofy ladies…


Historic homes turned into historic shops…


…with everything you could ever want available (at a price…)


And of course, a winery.  One of our many favorites.


The Les Bourgeois winery overlooks the downright beautiful Missouri River.  As we sipped our wine, we listened to the sounds of a barge making its way up the river.


To the left is Interstate 70.  The bridge you see here is one I have had several encounters with.  It is patched and re-patched, and I believe held together with super glue and duct tape.  Years ago, in the middle of a terrible rainstorm, I was traveling as part of my job, heading to Kansas City.  I had almost made it to the end of the bridge when I heard a horrible bang and found myself struggling to keep my car under control.  The semi in the lane next to me immediately pulled over too.  It turned out that I had hit a chunk of concrete that had been used as part of the road fill process and flung it into the side of the semi.  My right front wheel had literally buckled under the impact.  I never made it to Kansas City that day.


My other encounter with this bridge was during the flood of 92.  Even though Rocheport is about 45 miles from my home, this bridge was my alternate path to get to work (the total trip took over 3 hours).  The bridge at Jefferson City had already been taken by the flood.  As I drove across this bridge, I could see the water seeping through the roadway.  It was an even scarier experience than the rogue concrete!


The fall colors may be gone, but the scenery is still breathtaking.


Funny in my mind said...

Oh wow! Love the tunnel! And you look lovely in purple!
I am scared to death of bridges!

Anonymous said...

Oh gosh... bridges always give me the creeps! Glad you were not hurt on either occasion.

Love the little shop... look at all the great items they have.

The Blue Ridge Gal

PictureGirl said...

I've been to that winery!

Well actually not through the winery but sitting out back at their little store munching on cheese and sausage and sipping delicious wine. Sitting on top of that cliff looking down on the river too, so we must have been in the same place as you.

We were coming back from Booneville and saw the sign for the winery. While enjoying that yummy wine we could see the Katy trail below and told ourselves we would be back to drink more wine and walk the trail a ways. Never have. But we're gonna!


i love the tunnel picture and the shop picture. great pics

Intense Guy said...

I love that goofy lady (and the picture too!)

I think I could manage that tunnel - it looks like if I hurry I can get through it before the hair on my back stands straight up - walking on bridges on the otherhand... if the ridge vibrates any - I'm not crossing it on foot!

Beautiful river scenes Punkn - I really want to do that trail - I better figure out when and how soon - perhaps a nice spring day...

Leah said...

Looks like a beautiful place. :-D I've never been to Missouri before. Maybe I'll have to get there someday. :-D

AliceKay said...

Very breathtaking. I loved these pics! You have a beautiful area out there Deanna. I remember driving thru a little part of it this spring.

Karla said...

Wow..what a beautiful great funloving friend that goofy lady looks like! Wonder if she'd be up to meeting us in Branson some time in the spring..James really wants to go to SDC! (depending on our money situation and transportation)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures punkn thank you for sharing, I would love to go see that someday!

LadyStyx said...

I'd so rather take that bridge than the Huey P Long one in New Orleans (assuming it's still standing after Katrina). That bridge was hooked directly onto a railroad bridge and sways terribly everytime the trains cross it.

Nezzy said...

This Ozarks farm chick just has to say, MISSOURI ROCKS!!! I just wanted to thank you for leaving your sweet comment. I love using the Mo. it's just soooo much fun. I was telling Hubby something the other night and he looked strangely at me and remarked I was talking like I write. OOops!!!

Ya'll have yourselves one wonderful day and in the words of Granny Clampett, "ya'll come back now ya hera!!!!" :o)

Queenie Jeannie said...

You live in a beautiful part of the country!! You have a right to be proud!!!!

Dorkys Ramos said...

Oh that's such a lovely little place. Great pics! And I'd stay away from that bridge if I were you.