Monday, November 30, 2009

Giving Thanks in black and white


Our Thanksgiving Friday in black and white. Isn’t it cool how the women wore dark clothing and the guys light. This was totally planned. Yea right. (Tessa, Greg, Me, Jim, Julie)

373 Did you ever look at your shoes? Jim’s mom and Greg were checking theirs out. She very seriously told Greg that shoes these days cost $10 a pair – that’s ridiculous! That wicked Alzheimer’s disease has taken hold of her pretty good. She had us all confused, calling her daughter, Sandy, Verda (her sis’s name), Tessa was Sandy and Sandy’s daughter Liz was Tessa.


We all stood in a circle, holding hands, and said a prayer of thanks. We have so much to be thankful for. After that all bets were off. The feeding frenzy began. How can it take so many hours to fix the food, and so little time to eat it?


Little Miss Reagan had her own private dining area.


Say “cheese” Austin! The younger grandkids were at this table. Cara wasn’t too thrilled to be cast with the little ones. That’s ok dear, you will graduate to the teen table next year.


Travis, Emily, Paige, Cody. Paige is Jim’s brother’s girl.


This is the reason Travis has such a strange look on his face in the previous picture. He was working on one of those totally mature teen moments of showing the food he was eating.


Julie, Landon (niece Lizzy’s boyfriend), Lizzy, Teer (Jim’s sis’ husband), Jim’s mom, Jim and his sis, Sandy. Jim’s brother, Tracy, and our daughter, Tessa. I’m kicking myself for not fixing that table cloth on the table better.


This was by far the coolest moment of the day. Our nephew, Jesse, is in Iraq. We got him online so he could talk to everyone. I truly thought the whole computer thing would freak Grandma H. out. She was cool with it. She was waving and blowing kisses at him. Then she did the coolest thing. She saluted him and said “I salute you”. Totally amazing.


A light moment with daughter-in-law Alicia and niece Liz.


Jim’s family. A loved one dies and yet a family goes on - minus one . That one is still there in our hearts. Jim’s dad was quite a guy. He has been watching over us for 13 years now. I guess we’ll always miss him.


We pulled a stupid trick. We waited until the end of the day to try to get a family picture. Everyone was totally beat. I am proud of each and every one of these little tykes. And I am in awe that they are part of my life.

404 406405398

412Our little Anna Rose hung in there with us as long as she could. It didn't take more than 5 minutes to take the pictures, but she was not in the mood for this photo op to begin with. As sad as she looks here, she is only weary because of a wonderful day. I know I often felt like she did over the past week and yet I wouldn’t have changed a single thing. I love my family.

Did you notice that I didn’t even mention food in this post? It was all great! But I didn’t think to take a single picture of food, and all of y’all know what is served at Thanksgiving.

This past week has been a wild ride.


Funny in my mind said...

I love the way the black and white turned out.

Looks like a great crowd!

The kids all look sooo tired- good idea!

Tori_z said...

Hey, even I know what's served at Thanksgiving, and we don't have it! ;)

Anonymous said...

Poor Anna Rose... looks like the photo session got to her. *sighs*

The Blue Ridge Gal
Just Vignettes

AliceKay said...

What a wonderful family you have there, Deanna. I enjoyed looking at your pictures. It was so cool for everyone to wish Jesse a Happy Thanksgiving all the way over to Iraq. "I salute you." I bet you'll remember those words for a very long time.

You've been blessed with a wonderful family. :)

jewelzmomof4 said...

Mom I love the pictures I forgot my camera and so I don't have any pics of Thanksgiving.I was in the kitchen when Grandma talked to Jesse so I sit here crying because it was so touching to see that. I miss Grandpa Haslag so much and think about him often but I know he is watching over us all every day. I wish Grandma didn't have that nasty die=sease but....I am glad that she isn't really aware of what is happening to her. I love you very much and thenk you for the wonderful pics.

LadyStyx said...

*puts on a time, get the family shots BEFORE everyone's full and tired for the long day*


Intense Guy said...

Beautiful commemorative pictures of a time shared together.

That is quite a crowd! And four tiers of tables too! LOL! I sat at the "punky teenager" table this Thanksgiving - beat sitting with the sister-in-laws. :)

Hugs - I'm glad Jim's mom was there "enough" to participate. Horrid disease she has... but I'm sure she felt all the love in that house that day!

I always enjoy pictures of Anna Rose - she soooooo cute!

Anonymous said...

Well first off I have to say your kitchen is absolutely beautiful!! Oh my goodness what a big family gathering, I miss back when I was young and we had gatherings like that. Poor little anna rose she looks like how I felt working all weekend, bless her heart lol

junyah said...

ive been waiting for this blog , i knew it was comeing, cause you have the greatest of faimliy's there,its great to see a big family all haveing thanksgiving togather. Hugs to all of you.. JR

Queenie Jeannie said...

What a great post and you took pictures of what's really important - FAMILY!!!! I got all choked up when I saw the internet picture. Gosh, do I know that scenario well!!!! It's so hard to be away in the middle east during holidays!!

Big hugs to you all!

Karla said...

What a beautiful day you had Deanna. Your world is warm and loving and I am in awe at your family. How wonderful to have them all there. My eldest will probably never be at a holiday with us again as long as he is married to the girl he is...*sigh* We miss him too. And yes dear, you will always miss the ones that are gone on watching over you.

ChicagoLady said...

Wonderful pictures, punkn!