Sunday, December 27, 2009

The case of the missing scissors


About the only way to describe these past few weeks is hectic.  It was hectic at work.  It was hectic with my business.  It was hectic with the family.  It was hectic at church.  It was hectic with Christmas performances at the local nursing homes.  It was hectic getting ready for the big night.

I have a favorite “kitchen” scissors.  It is actually just a plain, cheap, ol’  blue handled pair of scissors that I use for everything.  I use it to open mail, cut open packages of cheese, cut protective plastic from lids, open bags of potato chips, cut tags off my new blouse… and I use it to wrap presents.   I am lost without my blue handled scissors. 

So here we were, December 23rd.  I am ahead of the game.  Yea me!  I am getting all of the presents wrapped before Christmas Eve for a change.  Yea me!  And Jim is helping me.  Yea he him!  Then disaster strikes.  The blue handled scissors goes missing.  I mean, it is GONE!

Me:  Jim, where is the scissors?

Jim:  I don’t know, you just had it.

Me:  I know I did.  But it is gone!

So we move everything off the counter where the presents are haphazardly carefully being wrapped, thinking the scissors would turn up under a box, paper or something. 

Jim:  Did you leave the room?

Me:  No!  I didn’t move from this spot!

Jim:  You must have put it in a drawer.

Me:  I did not put it in a drawer.  I haven’t opened any drawers.

So we check every drawer, we went from room to room checking, even though we both knew I had not left the room.  And we did not find the scissors.  I had to make do with a not so favorite, black handled scissors.  Things just weren’t the same after that.  It was like I had lost an old friend or something.

Now fast forward to Christmas Eve.  The four middle grandkids had taken turns reading the bible story of the birth of Jesus.  It was really sweet.  We were taking turns opening presents.  Actually by this time I’m pretty sure the turn taking had gone by the wayside and it was more a free for all.  This is where things get a bit fuzzy.  Someone needed a scissors to cut something.  And someone else handed them… wait for it… wait for it….

my missing blue handled scissors!!!!!

Me:  Where did you get those?

Jim:  Where did those come from!!!!

You can see the answer in the picture below:


I had wrapped them inside James’ present.

I was going to take a picture to post of the scissors back home, safe and sound, in their usual place.  But I couldn’t.  They aren’t there.  And I don’t know where they are…


Intense Guy said...

Hmmm.... We best Sherlock Holmes on this case ASAP... And hope Edward James Scissorhands isn't out there running amok!

:) Hugs!

junyah said...

This all a part of getting ole, miss placeing things, happens to me all the time. Thats why it takes me three times as long to make something then it used to. My tools all start playing hide and seek on me. I set something down and i swear they take legs and hide just to see how long it will take me to find what ever it is i need.This is another reason i have double of the tools like tape messures, hammers and others. this way im not spending most of the time it takes to make something looking for what i need. T/C Hugs and a squeese.. JR

Anonymous said...


AliceKay said...

LOL...oh my word. LOL

Nana said...

This story sounds too familiar. LOL, LOL. That is so funny.

Funny in my mind said...

Mine are always gone too and i blame the kids. I have 2 pair but I love the red ones. Aren't we funny?

I am glad you are warm and safe and had a great Christmas.
Not too much snow here but Tulsa got pounded.

Tori_z said...


OK, I saw the bit about them being wrapped up with one of the presents coming... If you hadn't moved then it seemed the most logical answer to me. But I didn't see that bit about them being lost again coming... LOL!

James didn't take them home with him, did he? I mean, they were wrapped with his present... Maybe he thought they were his?

Queenie Jeannie said...

Ohmygosh! I'm only laughing because I too have a favorite pair of scissors and I too get just a tad....uh, irrational?...when they go missing!!

Hugs and hopefully they will turn up SOON!!!!

Queenie Jeannie said...

Oh and don't forget,.....SUPER, DUPER, BIG NEWS IS COMING SOON....

Anonymous said...

LOL thats hilarious Punkn, I needed a laugh LOL, thanks so much!!

Dorkys Ramos said...

Hahaha, oh boy. I thought that kind of stuff only happened on TV sitcoms ;)

Lainie said...

Too funny! I hope Pat didn't pack my fave scissors when he was packing his knife set yesterday. I better go check.

LadyStyx said...