Monday, December 14, 2009

Dis & Dat

The Christmas Party was a huge success! There were 67 or so of us party animals hanging around all night pretending we didn't have a care in the world. I'd post pictures but they are boring if you don't know the people. You know, just pictures of people you don't know pretending they don't have a care in the world.

It was nice of the weather to cooperate. We've been co-hosting these parties for nine years now and more times than not we've had ice and snow to deal with. One year we had to cancel because the weather was too dangerous. What a waste of good food! And two years ago we woke to the ice storm that took out power throughout the midwest for, in some cases, weeks. Jim and I were without power for four days. It was kind of fun. We played a lot of cards by coal oil lamp and candles. I made soups on the wood stove. We ate out a lot. The roads were clear but the power was out at our house. It was not out in town. Anyhooo...

I got this Santa in an email today

It reminded me of a night out a few years ago. We were slumming it with the same friends we host our annual Christmas Open House with. The place was the SOB (also known as Steedman's Only Bar). Steedman is a little spot in the road near us. I doubt if the population is more than 500, including cats and dogs and the occasional pot belly pig. The bar no longer exists. I think the town does, though.

Anyway, this place served burgers, tenderloins, catfish and some of the best fries we had ever eaten. And it was all served by one little old waitress. And I do mean she was old. She was a hustler and such a spunky thing. We had the best time. Just kicking back, laughing, & telling stories on each other. You know how it is. At one point Jim asked our little waitress - she was so little and wiry - if the fries were homemade, because they were the best fries he had ever eaten. Her answer? "They sure are! Made by this little ho right here!"

Oh, and she couldn't figure our bill up right. The amount she was charging us was ridiculously low and we kept telling her it wasn't enough. It wasn't right. But she knew she was right. I think we left her something like a $60 tip. I don't remember how much exactly, but it was enough to make up for her lack of mathematical abilities.

We belly laughed all the way home. So ho, ho, ho! Hope you are well on your way to being ready for a Merry Christmas! Anybody else have a funny restaurant or slumming it story?


Intense Guy said...

Ho ho ho! I hope Santa has a good lawyer!

My two brothers and I went to a restaurant once after walking about 12 miles in 90F heat and I asked for a pitcher of Iced Tea, and then my brother did, and then the other brother did - and the waitress only brought one - and we had to insist we wanted one for each of us! Two more pitchers arrived in moments and the first one was empty already! She was hestitant to refill it but finally did. We left all the pitchers and all our glasses empty.

She never added the other pitchers to the tab so we left her a 25% tip. Just as we were leaving, the place was packed! she hollars over the crowd to us, "Hey you boys! Don't forget to go to the bathroom before you leave!"

We all said, "Yes, mom..."


Nezzy said...

I'm so glad all you party animals had a great time! I just wanted to tell ya that your comment came through and thank you for taking time to try more than once. I am not aware of any commenting problems.

Ya'll have a blessed day enjoying the joys of the season!!! :o)

AliceKay said...

Sounds like you had a nice time at the Christmas party. (hey, pics are pics) :) That was a cute story about the little waitress. Nice of you to do what you did for her. Some people would just keep walking.

LOL @ Iggy. That was a funny story. (so did you visit the men's room before you left?) LOL

Queenie Jeannie said...

You sound like A LOT of fun to hang around, lol! don't know any of my stories so I'll be safe!!!

Love your holiday spirit Sweetie!!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad your party was a success and I loved the santa pic and joke that is too funny, poor santa. That was very nice leaving the tip like you did to make up for the tab, bravo!!

Great story Iggy :o)

Sorry Punkn, I don't recall anything worth telling about.

Karla said...

ohhh I got lots of stories...but not for blog lol

PetalsYoga said...

What a great story. My favorite memories are of a place in Greenville, Mississipi called Doe's. It's just a shack really but has the best steaks and hot tamales anyone could dream of. I was talking with one of my yoga students the other days about great restaurants and he mentioned Doe's. Turns out he lived in Greenville and used to eat their regularly. There's nothing like a shared food memory to bring folks together.

Hope this season is FILLED with joy and health for you and your whole family!

MarmiteToasty said...

I bet your parties are a riot LOL...... I love blob pictures no matter who they are of, or are you scared to post cos everyone was drunk in them lol

Iggy, to dam funny..


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Lainie said...

Your party sounds like a great success. I love parties.
The only slumming restaurant story that comes to mind is when my friend Elaine and I went to a local place for an early supper one night. We used to get together once a month whether we needed it or not, just to gab and catch up. Anyway, we were served, we ate and finished our meals, then sat around for an hour and chatted. We were in the bar area so we weren't taking up an entire table, and the waitress never came back to refill our drinks, or ask if we needed anything. She was just gabbing with co workers and not really paying attention to her customers. We tried for 15 minutes to get her attention so we could pay and leave, but she never came around. I even got up from my chair to go tell her but as soon as I started walking over to her, she walked off and went into the kitchen. Elaine and I our coats on and walked out. I really wished we had ordered dessert that night. LOL (Oh and we didn't go back there for almost a year.) That was the one and only time I walked out of a restaurant without paying and I was looking in my rear view mirror for a cop the whole ride home.

LadyStyx said...

ACK! More spam comments. Geez louise.... our poor punkn.

Electric out for 4 days??? Ugh. I gather the heating is propane?

.oO(the question is, did iggy wash afterwards too?)

Anonymous said...

We used to visit this 24 hour diner all the time in our college days and we always tipped our waitress a good $20 (at least). We always had the same waitress who worked the late night/early morning shift because she was raising a baby on her own and wanted to be home with her during the days. She put up with our drunk-selves far too often and deserved the great tips! I wonder what ever happened to her?

Tori_z said...

No funny story to share, but I wanted to say that I'm glad the party was a success! :)