Friday, December 18, 2009

A touch of color

dreary day

It was such a dreary day today. As I headed into town to do grocery shopping, (we do have to eat – even if it is yucky out) it was foggy and dreary. There were a few snow flurries. As I hustled in and out of the stores, all I could think about was getting back home to my nice warm house.


This is what I saw as I walked in the door. My African Violet. Isn’t she beautiful?


My mother and my grandma always grew the most beautiful African Violets. I, on the other hand, have never been able to get them to bloom. Oh, heck, I need to face it – I’ve killed more of these beautiful plants than I care to admit.

When mom passed away, I decided to try growing an African Violet once again in her memory.

I put her (the plant, not mom) in one of those fancy planters that insist the water be placed in the bottom and then the porous pot holding the plant sits inside the pot holding the water.

Then I talked to the expert (Jim). You see, mom always placed her African Violets in her kitchen window above the sink. So I asked Jim exactly what direction that window faced. And then I sought out a window in my house that faced South-East – just like mom’s. And yes, I again had to consult the expert. For some reason I never have been able to figure out North from South, East from West. If I were one of the Wise Men, I’d still be wandering around looking for baby Jesus.


Thanks to my husband, who knows his directions, and the memory of my mother and grandma, I am in awe of my beautiful blooms in the middle of winter. I am positive they are both beaming down on me - and probably did some fertilizing when I wasn't looking. It doesn’t get any better than this!


Anonymous said...

Same here... I kill African Violets. My grandmother is the only one in the family I ever knew that had the knack for it. They're a really nice window sill flower, at least that's where Grandma always had hers.

The Blue Ridge Gal

Anonymous said...

From what I've been told, African Violets like humid air. So that is probably why they do well on a windowsill above the kitchen sink. If it's not humid enough, you can mist the leaves regularly. They are a very pretty plant. I have 3 indoor cats, so no plant has a chance here. The first cat destroyed what plants I did have.

LadyStyx said...

I never have lucky with any plant life. The thumbs, they be blacker than ebony in that case. The blooms are beautiful.

AliceKay said...

Beautiful blossoms. It's like your mom is there looking out for you. :)

I've had a few African Violets over the years. The first one was given to me by a little old lady when I first started working at the mill. She came in one day and told me she had a present for was one of those with the deep purple blossoms. She told me how to take care of it, and because of that, I had that plant for a very long time. It blossomed several times a year. After being knocked on the floor a few times, it finally died. I have one now that Karen gave me and it has blossomed once...with several of those white/purple blossoms. The "window sill" behind my sink is a very cold place this time of year, but when the sun shines thru and it feels very warm, I sit the plant there. It really does love the southeastern morning sunlight.

Have a good weekend. *hugs*

Queenie Jeannie said...

Beautiful!!! I'm a plant murderer as well, so I understand.

You are so special!! BIG HUGS!

Nezzy said...

Oh, now look what you've done. You got my OCFD (obsessive compulsive flower distorter) all stirred up and they have snow predicted! Your plants are just beautiful, a breath of fresh air.

You have a great day and God bless!!!

Lainie said...

Very pretty. I am also a plant murderess so we only have fake plants in the house. And my Christmas tree is fake too. All you need to do is dust them once in awhile and you have beautiful flowers. You can go to Yankee Candle to pull off the scent you need too. :-)

Anonymous said...

We have an orange cactus that I bought on clearance for $1 bc it was dying. Well I bought it and it's been above our oven range ever since and the thing is multiplying by leaps and bounds! Whenever people see it they can't believe how beautiful it is because it's always flowered. We credit it to living above the oven range and always having the warmth from the cooking.

Intense Guy said...


Its funny how a mindless flower knows which direction is which... and soul-warming knowing your mom and my grandmother would have loved to discuss african violet growing strategies over their morning cup of coffee.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful post and I am sure they are beaming down on you everyday!! I have tried to have those also but I kilt the poor things too :o( Beautiful plant and color Im so glad it bloomed for you, Merry Christmas!!

ps..that was funny about being a wise man and cant find baby Jesus hehehe

Karla said...

only thing I can keep alive is ivy. I've tried and tried to grow African Violets..and they die if I look at them! I have no skills at growing flowers at all! My ex mother inlaw could plant a rock and make it grow! She had a wall full of beautiful African Violets..*sigh* oh well..

junyah said...

They look as great as the lady that has them..Merry Christmas to you and your family..HUgs JR

Dorkys Ramos said...

Ooh good job! I'm the worst at making flowers bloom. I tried growing some this spring and they either died right away or just took waaay too long to then I lost interest AND THEN they died.

jewelzmomof4 said...

BEAUTIFUL mom!!! I love it. I remember Grandma having one in her house and it never did bloom but I always loved the flower anyways. Is that the same type of flower that Grandma named the Julie flower? I thought it was but I am not sure.

Queenie Jeannie said...

My cards are all done!!! YAY!!!

So, wanna come over and help me wrap prezzies???? PLEASE?!?!? LOL!

Tori_z said...

I discovered I lose interest in growing plants and flowers too quickly to do a particularly good job. I did "OK" earlier this year, but I got bored of it too quickly. I'm glad you've had success though! :)

YogaGal in the NW said...


Those are the most beautiful African Violets ever. But you are even more beautiful!

Wishing you balance, joy, peace, and love for the holidays,


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Queenie Jeannie said...

Swinging by to say a Holiday Hi!