Monday, January 11, 2010

Dead ready...

In case you are wondering, I chose to fire up the wood stove in the kitchen last night, since that was where I was going to be spending most of my time. It was nice and warm and cozy. And it is 36 degrees here today. How about them apples?

As I looked around my house this morning, preparing to head into town, my mind settled on the fact that it (my house, not town) was not dead ready.

What is dead ready you ask? Well, the term was coined by my Evil Twin. We call ourselves that because we think so much alike. If she sends an email to me she addresses it Evil Twin (ET) and signs it OET (Other Evil Twin) and I do the same. The term is interchangable.

Anyway, ET told me once that when she leaves for work each morning, she makes sure her house is dead ready. She claims now that she didn't put it quite that way, but I know better. Besides, this is my story and I can tell it any way I want to.

So what does dead ready mean? It means that if you die and don't make it back home, the family would not have to pick up the mess around the house before all of the well wishers came to call. Or something like that.

Anyway, my house is definitely not dead ready when I leave each day.

So I...
  • made the bed
  • picked up the couch pillows that were tossed onto the floor last night
  • folded blankets
  • cleaned the tooth paste out of the bathroom sink
  • picked up the socks that got kicked off when the fire heated my tootsies up to the point that I wanted them bare
  • did the dishes
  • cleared the counter top
  • replaced the empty paper towel tube with a new roll of towels
  • hung the towel back up in the bathroom
  • removed my shoes from under the kitchen table and put them in the closet
Then I looked around and admitted a sad fact. My house will never be dead ready. I am a gatherer. A saver. A procrastinator. An unfinisher (new word - I expect Wikipedia to pick it up soon). I have piles of pictures, books, paper, unfinished projects... This stuff is what makes me... ME!

And guess what? As long as my soul is dead ready, I'm not going to care whether my house is or not. Because... well.... I'll be.... D.E.A.D.

Now it's time to attack one of my many projects. I guess me and ET are different in some ways, huh. Til tomorrow... Stay safe..


Nezzy said...

I wish I had a little of that. This chick drive herself and everyone else crazy being dead ready 24-7. I just can't help myself.

Have a great day ya'll!!!

Lynn said...

Wow my house will definitely never be dead ready for sure lol Im like you I have projects here and there among other stuff, but you sure did good with all that work before you left for work :o)

Queenie Jeannie said...

I know the concept but never heard a term for it before!! My husband is like you and I'm more of a perfectionist. He doesn't understand my picking up the house before leaving thing, lol!

AliceKay said...

I do the same before leaving for work every day. I look around and make sure things are picked up and certain things are cleaned....just in case. But I've become a "gatherer" too, and there are lots of unfinished projects accumulating that need tending to. I've never heard the term before...dead ready...but it makes sense to me.

I hope you have a good day today.

Cookie said...

My house will never be "dead ready" either. Too much junk!


my home will never be dead ready the only relation is that it looks like a struggle and ensuing murder took place in it b/c it is a freaking wreck

i'm ashamed of myself

Leah said...

Ha. I like your attitude! Cause you're right. . . you'll be dead so really, what does it matter? I don't think my house has ever been dead read. Ever.

Rita said...

Never heard the term, either--but I like it. Luckily my DIL, Leah, knows where most everything is in my crowded place--hehe! My home may not be dead ready, but I really try to live my life so that my life is "dead ready" every night before I go to sleep. I just never called it by that term. Love it! ;)

Intense Guy said...

I'm doing good to just have clean underwear on when I leave the house...

...I ought to have a important "stuff" paper put someplace "findable" - like email account passwords, credit card accounts, and things someone would need - if... well ... you know.


junyah said...

I must have a evil twin, i talk to myself all the time.,my wife tells me once in awhile to stop talking to myself.i just tell her im talking to my other-half.I got to get my blog done soon or people will think i have given up on it.I had trouble with this ole computer and i got wife to fix it,( shes so smart thats why i married her) . Thanks for the share punkn always great read.. Hugs JR

ChicagoLady said...

Dead ready? My place isn't even alive ready, lol. Don't EVER drop by unannounced!

I would much prefer going to a house after, and seeing the evidence that the person had lived and enjoyed life, rather than seeing it "dead ready".

Toriz said...

Interesting post. I don't think my house would ever be dead ready either.

Dorkys Ramos said...

LOL: "I'm not going to care whether my house is or not. Because... well.... I'll be.... D.E.A.D."

Seriously! Let the living take care of that one for you.

I'm pretty sure I've heard the term, but never knew what it meant exactly. Thanks for the lesson. And I feel your pain, I'm a huuuge procrastinator too and like to hold on to way too much stuff.

Yaya said...

Thank you for stopping by to wish us "Congrats"!

Nana said...

That is hilarious. My house is not dead ready. Nor will it ever be. I am afraid family and friends will just have to look at my dust bunnies and stuffed drawers. It will give them something to laugh at.

Besides I won't care. I will be dead.

Queenie Jeannie said...

Poppin by to say hi!


I hope you are stayin' warm and happy!

Queenie Jeannie said...

PS I'm so happy your boss was bragging you up!! I love it! I think you're due for a raise now, lol!!!!