Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Soupy Answers

With regard to my previous post...

First of all, in answer to Snappy Di's question, the noodles in the soup are from the grocery freezer case. I used to make my own but why do that when the frozen ones are so good!

The soup was great. Even picky eaters like my chicken noodle soup - onions, celery and all!

I make a mean pot of vegetable beef soup too. In my opinion (and the picky eaters aren't going to like this one) the secret ingredients to vegetable soup is to add a small turnip cut into small cubes and a little less than 1/4 small head of cabbage, slivered. You don't even know it's there but wow does it add flavor. Oh, and a little sugar. Just a little goes a long ways.

Now the answer to how you can tell whose bowl of soup it was. Sorry Land and Iggy, the lefty-righty handy thingy is wrongy! The answer is that I dislike soup spoons with a passion. They are way too big for my mouth. So, if you ever see a teaspoon rather than a soup spoon in a bowl of soup in this house, it is MINE!

Are you staying warm? I just got in from running errands and work. It is snowing quite nicely out there. Ugh. It is also cold, but then I'm not going to say a word about that because we've been warned that it is only going to get colder. Much colder. Oops. I think I just said a word about that.

Well, it is going to be spaghetti and french bread for supper tonight. Sure wish I could share with you all.

Stay safe and stay warm.


AliceKay said...

I don't use a soup spoon for my soup either...just a teaspoon for me, too. Terri gets the soup spoon.

I'm tired of the cold and snow. I'm tired of cleaning snow off of my car every day so I can drive to work. I'm ready for warmer weather, and I bet a lot of other people are, too.

I fixed three cheese tortellini with three cheese pasta sauce for supper tonight. Tasted pretty good. Then Terri hurried off to a Boy Scout meeting. :\

junyah said...

Its a soup spoon for this Kid,i hate teaspoons with a passion only for the coffee in the morning.We havent had that much snow as of yet, but i see the strom that punkns talking about on Radar and its comeing this way.It hasnt been that cold here either and it would be nice to see some ice on the ponds and the rivers up in a town where me and a couple of other guys go after salt water smelts.
Penny made a beef stew the other night and its all gone i ate most of it, man was that good .. Hugs to alll JR

ChicagoLady said...

I've never had turnips, so I don't know if that would be good or bad. I'm just not a big onion lover.

Snappy Di said...

Oh gosh... I'm the same way. Hubby always uses a soup spoon, but I cannot for the life of me fit those big spoons into my mouth comfortably. So I too use a teaspoon and it works just fine and dandy.

Thanks for answering my noodle question! Smiles and waves.

The Blue Ridge Gal

Teri said...

We are looking to make ANYTHING warm for dinner tonight...without heading to the store with every other Atlantan who will need to stock up for our gigantic snowstorm that is set to hit this afternoon. We Southerners.

Just found your blog.

Intense Guy said...

I just pick up the bowl and slurp it! Pinkies up though.. gotta have some class huh?


Hugs! I just felt like giving you one today!

Rita said...

Turnips can be kind of bitter--so I bet that bit of sugar takes care of that. Great idea! Rutabagas can be either yummy or bitter, too. I will keep the sugar hint in mind--thanks! :)

When it is cold and stormy--eating anything hot wrapped under a blanket is extra gooood!

Regina said...

Thanks for stopping by Does This Blog Make Me Look Fat? It's the comment-love that keeps us going...

Stay warm. When did MO become Alaska? LOL

Toriz said...

I hate those big spoons too. If someone gives me one of them I send them off to get a teaspoon instead. ;)

I'm serious... I do!

Anyway, I personally think the turnip and such is a great idea for adding flavour to the soup. But then I love those things, so I would!

Keep warm!

Janet said...

Thanks for stopping by our blog! Glad to have another frozen Missouri reader.

I don't use soup spoons either, for the same reason as you! Too big for my mouth (contrary to those who might say I have a big mouth!)

jewelzmomof4 said...

so that is where i got that. I am the same way about my spoons mom. Dou and the two older boys and of course my adopted firefighters all use the soup spoons and me and the other two boys use the teaspoons lol.

Nezzy said...

I can't get those big spoons in my mouth either. Some good warm soup really sounds good right now.

We are about to break the under freezing days in a row record here in the Ozarks. It was -7 in the Ponderosa holler this morning and the wind chills tonight are -20. I DO NOT ENJOY WINTER!!! Sorry, I will use my inside voice.

Ya'll stay cozy and have a blessed day!!!

AliceKay said...

Soup spoons are for sipping soup. :)

Queenie Jeannie said...

Ahhh! Soup, you're speaking my language, lol!!!! I hope you are staying warm hun!! We didn't get the snow we were promised and Bella was in tears this morning. We DID however get very cold temps and a nasty wind though. The poor child would give just about anything to see snow....she never has before!

Lynn said...

Now that beefy soup sure does sound delicious girl, I love cabbage and I love the turnip idea please give me that recipe because I would love to try it, I will just leave out the onion hehehe...HUGS..don't forget me now, I would love that recipe :o)

LadyStyx said...

I like the smaller spoons too. Mostly because I have a tiny mouth. The upper plate is so very small that I have to fold my tongue in half to get it between the molars.