Sunday, February 21, 2010

Happiness is the simple things

It is raining today – the kind of rain that will probably turn into ice or snow by tonight or tomorrow. But, as I was baking a cake to take to my son’s house this afternoon, my thoughts turned to happiness. By general nature, I am a happy person. But, it is the simple things that bring me the most happiness. Things like:

  • baking a cake, knowing others will enjoy it
  • encouraging my grandchildren as they succeed, and loving them and encouraging them even more when they struggle
  • watching from a distance with pride as my own children make their way in this world
  • stolen moments alone in prayer with God
  • a day with my children and their families
  • a full nights sleep without being rudely awakenwith hot flashes – repeatedly… (a night sweat free night doesn’t happen often and I really do treasure it when it does)
  • daily calls from my kids, or even an unexpected call from them, just asking how we are doing
  • the first snow fall of the season.... and the last snow fall of the season!
  • a simple, warm hug and kiss from hubby as heads out the door
  • memories from my past
  • sunshine on my face
  • the colors of fall
  • a day of hard physical work, followed by a day of mind bending mental work that leaves me just as exhausted
  • sitting around a camp fire
  • getting together with friends
  • old photos
  • new photos
  • front porch sitting with hubby and a glass (or two or three) of wine
  • family treasures
  • a good glass of bourbon or rum and coke
  • a walk in the woods
  • riding my 4-wheeler
  • exploding colors of spring flowers
  • the beautiful blossoms of our cherry trees and the tart cherry pies we have because of them
  • a call from a friend – just to chat or vent or well, just because…
  • exercising, knowing I am doing the best I can
  • making someone smile, just by giving them one of my own goofy grins
  • playing my mandolin, or as our pastor calls it, my plunker
The list is endless! What simple pleasure makes you happy?


Snappy Di said...

Eating carbohydrates must be on my list somewhere because I certainly eat them a LOT!

The Blue Ridge Gal

katie said...

Hi from one Missouri blogger to another. I found you through Rural Ramblins blog.
I am happy when I rug hook.
I am happy when the leaves are turning color.
I am happy when I see my grandchildren.

Thats just a few

That corgi :) said...

all wonderful lists of happiness; especially being around those you love and sharing life with them :)

happiness to me is a silly corgi puppy and the joy he brings our family plus the love of Jesus and his sacrifice for me so I could be with him for eternity :)

happy new week ahead!


junyah said...

This reminds me of the tune by Tom T. Hall,called .(* I love * ) Thing i love are my wife, my kids,that includes the pets,Music depending on my mood,porjects comeing out right,good werther, and most of all good health and calls from my dearest freinds.. Hugs .thanks for the reminder.. JR

Toriz said...

Great list! :)

i wont share my whole list, but the main ones are:

-A day with the family where everyone enjoyed themselves.
-Curling up with a good book/audiobook.
-Going for walks... Hearing and smelling all there is to hear and smell while outside (birds, flowers, etc).

Missouri Gal Nicole said...

Hi from another MO blogger gal. I've been reading your blog and you are cracking me up! I'm happy I found your blog. And on a Monday! And when I can use a laugh!

Anonymous said...

You have got to see this. Obama playing on XBox. Funniest video ever.

Flat Creek Farm said...

Another Missouri blogger! Yay! And you play the mandolin? How awesome! Our son is a fiddler. We've traveled the state in years past. Lots of fine musicians here in the show-me state! I love your happiness list :) Glad to find you, courtesy of Rural Rambler! -Tammy

Lynn said...

I think you covered them all Punkn, I love all the things that make you happy, they are all wonderful. A happy moment for me would be time spent with my daughter, curling up in my reclyner and watching a good movie, my list could be endless also, thanks for sharing HUGS

AliceKay said...

Wonderful list. :)

Mine would include....When my daughter says to my not quite one-year old grandson, where's grandma? and he looks right at me and says gramma (or close to it). That's happiness to me. :)

I have it on video but I can't seem to get the video to load into blogger. :(

Intense Guy said...

I love your list!

:) Mine has "little boat ride" on it.

LadyStyx said...

What a lovely list. Mine contains a warm, furry kitty purring while lying next to me when Im reading :)