Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Will I ever learn Wednesday…

It is that time of week again where I get to tell the world just how ditzy I can be.


Hubby and I had the following conversation last night:

(This one is actually on hubby, but he knows all is fair in blogville)

Me: Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday. Do you want to go to Church at the Nursing Home with your mom.

Hubby: Let’s see what day is tomorrow…. Wednesday, right?

Me: Errrr that’s why it’s called Ash Wednesday….


I’m a Mafia Wars nut on Facebook. I know… it is such a waste of time! I will be the first to admit that I’m not real good at these games, but I get hooked on them anyway. In my defense, I have forsaken every farm known to the internet, and Yoville, in favor of Mafia Wars and Blackjack (gulp, yes I love to gamble… but not with real money).

So anyway. My Mafia Wars hard earned money kept getting stolen! Well, not really stolen, but other mafia would fight me and win… and they were winning my money! I mean, come on guys, this is money I needed to buy properties, weapons, boosts and other items I would need to do their nasty little jobs. And I couldn’t figure out how to spend my money fast enough so someone wouldn’t fight me and win it.

I kept thinking, surely they have a bank. But where is it. And I truly kept looking for it. Month after month I looked for it. I even read up on the game to see if I could figure it out. Finally I saw it…. right next to the amount of money I had accumulated was a four letter word…. (BANK) Geeze Louise! Am I really that dense? Apparently so……


And here’s one from my not too distant past.

I had been on the road all day, having driven 3 1/2 hours to Springfield, Mo, given a presentation, and then tackled the 3 1/2 hour drive home. I was pooped. And I needed gas in my car.

I finally stopped at a gas station about 8 miles from home. I put the nozzle in the gas tank and engaged the pump. This was my chance to close my eyes for a few minutes. So that is what I did. I got back in the car, and laid my head back with my eyes closed. It felt so good. I’ll bet you are thinking, here it comes…. she fell asleep. Nope, that isn’t it.

I gave the gas pump enough time to do its thing, put the nozzle back on it’s hook, replaced the gas cap, and went inside to pay. The following conversation took place:

Me: I’m on pump 2.

Clerk: Pump 2 doesn’t show any gas has been pumped.

Me: I just pumped gas from pump 2 and it shows that I owe $16 (remember, this was a few years ago)

Clerk: Ok… give me a minute.

So she fiddles with her equipment for a bit and finally comes up with me owing $16. I pay her and tiredly begin the last leg of my trip home. I happened to look at my gas gauge about half way home and… it is on EMPTY!

That is when it hit me. In my foggy state of mind, I really hadn’t engaged the gas pump. The amount I saw due was from the previous guy. The clerk had backed the display to the previous customer to get to the amount I swore I owed. And I was running on fumes! And, of course, I was too embarrassed to go back. So I did the only reasonable thing there was to do.

I drove the rest of the way home and threw myself on the mercy of hubby. He picked up the phone, called the gas station and explained the situation. They thought it was hilarious! But they needed to wait until the day’s receipts were recorded that night to verify the mistake. And hubby took my car to fill it up the next day. And yes, he also had to put a little gas in it from our emergency gas can to get back to the gas station. Me? I avoided that gas station for a very long time.

And that my friends, is your ditzy stories for this week. Have a wonderful rest of the week and stay warm and safe!


Leah said...

Ha. I love your stories. That gas story is GREAT. Love it. :-D

AliceKay said...

Too funny. LOL

Snappy Di said...

Sometimes the obvious is right there in front of us.. we just like to make things more difficult than they should be.

Funny stuff.

The Blue Ridge Gal

Queenie Jeannie said...

Silly goose! Thanks for the giggles!

The Wife O Riley said...

Those are great!!

Matt once went into the gas station, prepaid and then drove off without getting the gas.

Lynn said...

I love your Ever Learn Wednesdays when I read them I know just how you feel lol

Funny in My Mind said...

How cute are you?
Here is mine: my car was filthy from our weekend trip through the mud and snow and salt. Hubby borrowed it today to take his mom to Spfld to the doctor. He filled it and washed it. I never noticed and went straight from work to the car wash, got my quarters, waited in a long line and finally got my turn. It was clean. I wonder how prissy those other drivers around me thought I was.

That corgi :) said...

the Ash Wednesday story was cute, but the gas one took the cake this week; too funny

I have a funny one and if I decide to blog it, you would have heard it first, LOL

my son is out of work and living back at home; he doesn't have much money so every once in awhile I'll "throw" some money in his bank acct (I'm still on it from when he opened it before he turned 18) so I transfer money from our account to his.

this past weekend, it being Valentine's Day and all, I told him I would put in some extra money so he can do something nice with his girl.

I go to transfer the money and it doesn't "take" like it used to and it doesn't show up on his account. So I repeat it again and again and again and again, even have my hubby help me to make sure I'm doing it right. Make 7 transfers and none took.

Finally just decided there was a glitch in the bank and would check in the morning

the next day I go on and his account has those 7 transfers to a nice hefty amount (thankfully he never checks them). Don't know why they weren't coming through but I should have stopped after one, LOL

(I took out all the money but the one transfer which was my original intent; he got a big kick out of it when I told him :)


Toriz said...

LOL! Too funny!

Here's mine (two for you this week):

Yesterday (Wednesday) Mam and I were discussing plans for mine, Dad's and Kelly's tucks to take with us for Sunday, since roleplaying starts soon after dinner and goes in to the evening, so we take tuck so we can have tea there.

Mam: "The guys have something, don't they?"
Me: "Yeah, they have sausage rolls. We'll get them out of the freezer on Saturday for them to have them today."
Mam: "They're out of the freezer already?"
Me: "No, I'll get them out Saturday."
Mam: "Then they can't have them today, can they?"
Me: "Why would they have them today? I thought they were having them Sunday."

It took several minutes before I clicked that I'd said "today" not "Sunday" originally.


hem Mam, Dad, Nan and I were cleaning some of the cupboards out. In one of them we found some seeds and nuts and such that we decided to put out for the birds. Some of them were in little tubs with labels on them, but we decided to mix them together in a bigger tub, then mix them in with the seed we have for the birds. Mam asked me if I would do that for her. I said I would, but asked her to wait for me to finish what I was doing.

She waited, I finished what I was doing, and she handed me the small tubs and showed me where the big tub was. As she showed me the big tub, she said, "here's the tub to put them in."

I just stood there totally confused.

"You know what you're doing, right?" Mam asked.

"No," I replied.

"Putting them in the tub," she said.

After a few more moments of being totally confused I tuned back in to what was going on in the world, I guess, because I figured out that what I was meant to be doing was putting the contents of the small tubs in the big tub. The task I'd said only a few minutes before that I would do, and which should have been perfectly logical from the comment Mam made when showing me the location of the big tub.

I think that was one of those moments where the brain just doesn't engage. LOL!

Toriz said...

OK, I don't know where that "hem" came from. LOL!

Oh, and I meant to say... We have dinner lunch time on Sundays. We always have, but we probably would now anyway because of club.

Nana said...

I am so glad you do stupid things too!

Rural Rambler said...

Deanna I am following you! You are funny and I enjoy your blog AND you are a Missouri Gal. Even better you have a silver Beetle V-Dub!! We moved from the Lake of the Ozarks 5 years ago. I think you are very close to my husband's hometown. We are about 20 min south of Jeff!! And dang I forgot about Ash Wednesday :)

Lainie said...

Wow! LOL that's all I can say...WOW

Intense Guy said...

I have to admit I've done something similar.

Some cashiers must wonder what planet some of us are on when we amble up to pay.... :)

LadyStyx said...

*chuckles* Don't blame ya for avoiding that gas station.

I hear ya on the FB games... only mine's Castle Age. I've fought hard for my money and hate to see it go. I'm even worse when I lose battle points. Lose those and it's harder to get to the next rank!