Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Love


I know….

Pictures of my kids and grandkids get old…

But I cannot help myself! 

We all got together for Easter.  Everyone except one grandson made it.   A lunch of ham, deviled eggs, salad, and on and on, followed by dessert of apple and cherry pies and lemon bars, followed by an Easter egg hunt.  And the grandkids played of course.  In between eating and hunting.  It was a great day.  So.  Here goes!


We lined them up like a chain gang.  But they refused to take us serious.  Well, except Reagan. I think she was unhappy about being the lead mongrel.

scheperle family

Tessa is our oldest child.  Don’t let her know I told you, but she turned 36 last week.  Shhhhh, that’s our secret.  She and her hubby, Bill, have the precious four of Emily, James, Anna, and Cara.

greg & alicia family

Greg and his wife Alicia have two great kids, Reagan and Allen.  Aren’t they just the cutest?


Easter 2010 098

Julie and her husband, Doug, have four boys.  Unfortunately, their son, Cody, was not with them this Easter.  These three handsome guys are Travis, Dakota and Austin.

jim & deanna easter 

I know.  It is a terrible picture of us.  But it is all I have!

cara & reagan easter

This picture makes me wish I was young again.

 kids playing easter This picture makes me wish I was young again too!  Is there a law against having too much fun?

Easter 2010 072

Cara, Cara, Cara.  No matter how steady your hand is, I promise you that the oval egg is not going to balance on the round ball.  Trust me, dear.

   Easter 2010 085

A million dollar smile.

Easter 2010 074

Reagan is trying to figure it all out while her mom picks up spilled jelly beans.

Easter 2010 078

Dakota is on a mission.

Easter 2010 084

James braving the mean ol’ tree limbs.

anna easter

I cannot get enough of Anna’s grin.

I do love my family.


Anonymous said...

Ten grandchildren... What fun you must all have together. We have five and number 6 is in the process of being adopted so she should be our grandchild sometime this summer.

Thanks for sharing these wonderful family photos with us. AND.. Happy Easter!

The Blue Ridge Gal

~Tonia said...

You have a Beautiful Family!! Looks like a good day all around!!

That corgi :) said...

you truly are blessed. glad that (most) of the grandchildren could be with you to celebrate Easter! I love the picture when they were all lined up by size; such a beautiful family :)


Intense Guy said...

Who said pictures of your kids and grandkids get old? They don't know what they are talking about! :)

The "chain gang" picture is wonderful! Reagan looks much happier on the swing (gosh what a cutey!) Goodness they are all growing up so quickly. Cara has such a pretty dress! (I'm partial to blue). How'd the egg balancing trick work out? :)

Thanks for sharing these pictures - I never get enough of them... They all have million dollar grins!

Toriz said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful Easter with the family. :)

As for laws about having too much fun... If there are any, then I think they are worth breaking! ;)

Leah said...

Such beautiful pictures. Your life must feel so full and blessed to have all of those beautiful granchildren. My parents are still celebrating their first grandchild (born 4 months ago) It's like I've never seen their faces shine so bright.

Hope you had a wonderful Easter. :)

junyah said...

You have a Great Blood line going there Lady.. Hugs ..

MarmiteToasty said...

Never never will any of it be boring....

I love this post....... LOVE it..


Rural Rambler said...

Deanna it is always fun to see family and you have a great lookin' family with lots of beautiful smiles :) What a wonderful Easter you had with all that you hold near and dear to you! I bet there was alot of laughin' going on too!!!

AliceKay said...

The "chain gang pic" was great. Loved seeing the kids in a line up like that. LOL

You have a beautiful family, and it looks like you had a wonderful Easter. :)

(i will never tire seeing pictures of your family)

Nana said...

What a beautiful family. I say it is a grandma's right to show off her grand kids.

Looks like you had a fun fun day!

Queenie Jeannie said...

What a gorgeous family you have!!!! Great, fun pictures!

Anonymous said...

that is so not a bad picture of you and your hubby I loved it. I loved the pictures of your grandkids and your kids wow what a big family, I hope I live long enough to see my daughter have a baby and I get to spoil it rotten lol