Monday, April 26, 2010

Mills of the Ozarks – Part II


We love the Missouri Ozarks. 


Even when we wake to the sounds of thunder and the previously warm days, have once again turned cool, and we can’t see the road through the driving rain, we love the Missouri Ozarks.



In the Missouri Ozarks, the pace slows to a crawl.

Jim and I visited this area shortly after we married almost 38 years ago.  It was time for a return visit.

Ozark County is a place of rafting and fishing during the warm days of Summer.  There was a lot of fishing going on even during the cool, rainy days of Spring.

ozark mills 066

This proud angler was more than happy to pose with her nice trout. 

ozark mills 073

I don’t believe she knew it was once again raining.  I’m positive she didn’t care.


This is how we remember Dawt Mill.  The history of the mill can be found here.  The photo came from their official web site.  We often wondered if the mills had been preserved or had been left to the decay of the ages.

ozark mills 047

This is Dawt Mill today.  I’ll have to admit to some disappointment in my heart at how modernized everything was. 

ozark mills 039

Dawt Mill now boasts a very good restaurant.  Watching the water flow down the NorFork River, and the ever present driving rain, as we ate breakfast was very mesmerizing.

ozark mills 042

Our waitress was nice enough to let us roam around the upstairs, where they have overflow seating for the summer crowd.

From Dawt’s we headed to Hodgson Mill.  This is the one we really wanted to see, having remembered it best from our previous trip.


Closed!  So we walked around the barricades and checked out what we could. 

ozark mills 054

I think they did a great job of restoring this mill. 


Maybe the attraction to the mills is the fact that where there is a mill, there is water.


I like this little building, nestled in the hillside.  With a little imagination, there are all sorts of story possibilities.

ozark mills 079

Zanoni Mill in the distance is part of a serene, private setting.  Beautiful.

ozark mills 075


Did they really need to post a sign?  Not for me, but I’m sure there are those who will ignore the sign and try to make it across this swinging bridge.


Rockbridge Mill has been turned into a trout hatchery and fishing resort.  The mill itself was closed (the story of the trip), so we snapped a few pictures from the outside.


It was raining again, so we headed on down the road.


The sun peeped through the storm clouds on Bull Shoals Lake long enough for me to snap this picture.


Then we went into the little restaurant on the lake called “Jackies” and watched the rain pour.  The sweet little gal handed us a menu with all sorts of tempting choices.  I first ordered their signature Catfish.  But, that was not available yet, as they were still in the off season.  So I ordered the BBQ.  Hmmm, no that was not yet available either.  Off season, you know.  So I asked for a suggestion of what they serve during the off season.  Hamburgers and Pizza.  I refrained from asking why they handed out menus, and ordered a pizza.  Jim had the hamburger.  Both were really good!

Next day (Sunday) we were up and on the road heading home  early – while the rain taunted us with the fact that mother nature will have her way… like it or not.


Anonymous said...

I find it sad to go back to a place I remember in my head as looking a certain way and then... whoopsie, it's all different than I remember.

You certainly did get rain, didn't you?

The Blue Ridge Gal

AliceKay said...

I LOVED your pics of the old grist mills. The video is really neat, too. Great scenery, even thru the rain. The lake picture (of the sun peeping thru) was beautiful.

I'll take pizza too, please. LOL. Gotta love it (not) when they give you menus and most of the stuff on the menu isn't available. Reminds me of a story from our trip down to Texas, but I'll refrain from telling it.

Loved this post. Anxiously awaiting Part III. (is there a part III?)

That corgi :) said...

too funny about the menu and the only options pizza and hamburgers. I guess it was habit to give a menu, or perhaps to tempt you to come back when it is the season

beautiful pictures! it does look so calming and serene and soothing to spend time there!

love your new blog header, forgot to say that yesterday when I commented, very nice! and I love the name for your GPS; we call ours Lola; she had a sister Stella, our first one, but she died :( so now we have Lola :)


rghawki said...

I live here in the Ozarks and love the old Mills. There are a lot of old Grist Mills around but the ones you visited are some of the best. We don't live far from Rockbridge and like to go eat at the restaurant. Good trout meals served there. There is a scenic by-way called the Glade Top Trail that starts out the drive to visitin' the mills in Ozark Co. Hope you get to come back and drive it cause it is one of the best scenic drives around. Great views. In the Spring lots of Dogwood in bloom and Smoke Trees. Hopefully the next time you come it will not be raining.

Queenie Jeannie said...

Sounds like a romantic and peaceful trip...even with the rain!! Thank you for sharing your pictures!

A. K. said...

Nice pics.. Look so relaxing.. I wont mind a week in such a place

Intense Guy said...

I love the sound of water over a short fall, the creak of the water wheel, and the hiss the rain falling steadily on the lake.

Sounds like this trip was a little ill-fated and star-crossed but you made the best of it, like that angler with the "little" fishy, not minding the rain.

I hope someday you will go back when the sunshines softly, the mills are all open - and the complete menu is served.

~Tonia said...

I love it!! There is an old mill not far from us that my mom grew up by it. But now it is on private property and the owner doesnt let anyone back there.
Speaking of swinging bridges did you kow there is one you can drive acrossup by lake of the Ozarks?? I havent been there and I sure wouldnt drive across it!LOL
I love Missouri Ozarks Born and bred here and wouldnt leave for love nor money... I feel like I have maybe posted this before somewhere...LOL

Rural Rambler said...

Gorgeous shots. All of them. The waterfalls are cool. So many great places you two took in. I loved this trip you shared. Our ShoMe state is beautiful even when it is pouring buckets of rain.

Part 3??

junyah said...

Rain or Not it looked like a great trip to me, i can see now i'm going to have to save my Penny's and come look around them there parts.Beautiful pictures. I could see me standing there fishing yes sa i could. lol .I'm thinking you two had a lot of fun anyway. Thanks again . Hugs JR

Flat Creek Farm said...

Ok, I've been here three times to comment.. blogger dislikes me today.. lol. The mills are wonderful - we really need to visit them. Love your pictures. And your header - what a beautiful family you have! -Tammy

Anonymous said...

I absolutely loved the pictures I would love to be able to visit there myself. I always love seeing then and now pictures to see how much has changed. That was funny that they handed you a menu and you really only had two choices of foods lol Glad you two had a nice time, hugsss

Toriz said...

The only trouble with going somewhere you've been before, is that you have expectations set by the experience you had last time, and are often disappointed.

I'm with you on the menu thing. If they only do hamburgers and pizza, why not just come up to you and say, "would you like a hamburger? Or would you prefer a pizza?"