Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Will I ever learn Wednesday…

How is it that it is Wednesday again already!  The week has just flown by.  Here are a couple of what was I thinking type moments for you.



We are making plans to travel deep into the hills of the Ozarks for a short get-away.


There aren’t a lot of places to stay in the immediate area where we are going – at least I don’t think there is because I didn’t find much on the internet.  I finally chose a place with cabins that looked promising.

When I called to make reservations, the conversation went something like this:

Guy:  Empty Arms Hotel (or something like that)

Me:  I’d like to make reservations for two.

Guy:  We have a cabin available.  What is your name?   Where y’all located?  Jefferson City?  Don’t think I’ve ever been there.  How’s your weather down thare?  It’s warmer here than thare.  Y’all plannin’ on gettin’ in some fishin’?  Then he took a breath.

Me:  (After answering all his other questions) What is the cost?  $65 sounds reasonable.  Do you give AARP discounts?

Guy:  Weell now, this bein’ the off season, I already gave ya a nice discount.  That thare cabin is usually $85 a night.  But y’all can save $10 a night of ya want to bring your own towels and linens.  When do y’all think y’ll be gettin’ here?  Nah, it doesn’t matter.  T’was just wonderin’.  Nah, I don’t need no credit card.  Y’all call me if your plans change, now won’t ya?  Then we’re good.

Me:  Uh, yes I certainly will. Thank you.  Enjoy the weather.  And I hung up. 

The whole time I was on the phone I was wondering what song I’d hear if he put me on hold:  Dueling Banjos of “Deliverance” fame, or the theme song from Andy Griffith’s “Mayberry”. 

My money is on Mayberry hospitality, Ozark style.  I think I’m going to like this place.


This one is on Iggy.  You don’t mind, Iggy, do you?

In his comment on my last post he said:

The red (rhododendron is so pretty! what is the blue flower in that picture?)


The rhododendrons are Azaleas and the blue flower is hubby’s gazing ball.  Gotcha!

My lilac bush to the right is blooming for the first time in many years.  A little tip:  only prune your lilac bushes if you don’t mind them not blooming for a very long time…


I took my cup of coffee with me when I went out to take pictures this morning.  Now, sitting here typing this post, I can’t find it back.  It’s still outside.


Here is one from my not so distant past that my kids have been waiting to see.  They are still laughing at me.  I get no respect.

I was in a hurry (as usual), late for work (as usual), and hadn’t eaten lunch yet (as usual).  So I swung through the drive through for my favorite quick, I’ll get you through the day, snack.  A DQ Blizzard.  I used to live on those things.

The squawk box asked what it could get me and I ordered a Turtle Pecan Cluster Blizzard.  It asked me to repeat my order.  Thinking we were having technical difficulties, I spoke louder.  It again asked me to repeat my order.  So I LOUDLY told it that I wanted a LARGE TURTLE PECAN CLUSTER BLIZZARD.  And it said:  “Ma’am, will you pull forward please.”

I was totally irritated now.  Here I was already late and I couldn’t even get a simple Blizzard.  So I pulled forward to talk to the person behind the squawk box, ready to give her a piece of what little mind I had left. 

She calmly told me that I was at Wendy’s, but if I would go next door to Dairy Queen, she was sure they’d be glad to sell me a Blizzard.

I went back to work hungry that day.


It’s time to get busy here.  Hope everyone has a wonderful day!


Leah said...

Ha. That hotel/cabin guy sounded awfully friendly. :)

Intense Guy said...

Howls with laughter... Oh that poor Wendy's window person... You will have to go back and recover that piece of your mind that you left there. :)

Ahhh... your eternity ball is a beautiful shade of blue! Maybe I need to pull my glasses down off my forehead when I'm looking at your pictures! *giggles*

I hope you enjoy the trip to The Cabin!

Flat Creek Farm said...

Oh my goodness! The DQ incident sounds so much like one of my silly stunts! Too cute!

Enjoy your Ozarks trip! We stayed in a cabin at Mt. View, AR a few years ago. The countryside was beautiful... the cabin was a big disappointment. Or maybe my expectations were just too high. Hubby will never trust me to reserve a cabin again.. lol. Hope yours is much better! -Tammy

Anonymous said...

LMBO... love the DQ story...Oh... gosh, laughing... sounds like something I would do and my husband would be in the seat beside me just shaking his head in disbelief at me... Oh well... giggles.

Yes, Mayberry fer shur!

The Blue Ridge Gal

Toriz said...


jewelzmomof4 said...

YES!!!!!! She finally lets you all in on ONE of the good ones!!! LOL I love it Mom!! We get her on that one all the time even to this day lol... Now Mom have you told the one on Dad about when you all were driving in Columbia with Travis? You know the should tell that one next week and get one on Dad lol...Travis would LOVE it!!

AliceKay said...

Definitely Mayberry. I hope the cabin is a nice one. LOL

I knew your red "rhododendron" was really an azalea and it was the globe peeking thru it's branches, but I didn't want to mess with Iggy so didn't say a word. LOL I love azaleas. I used to have a real nice one at the end of our other trailer but it died after transplanting it when we moved this trailer in.

Loved the Wendy's story. LOL

Anonymous said...

OMG the wendys story just made me laugh until I cried girl that is just hilarious lmao thanks so much for that laugh whewwwwwwww...I couldnt even tell hubby with a straight face I kept a cacklin....I also loved the phone conversation, I would be kind of worried about going to that place LOL...hope you are having a good week. hugsss

That corgi :) said...

LOL about being at Wendy's!! and their frosties are good, but just not as good as a blizzard :)

enjoy your get-away; it does sound nice and friendly!


AliceKay said...

Great family photos in your header now. :)

Have yourself a good day.

Queenie Jeannie said...

Ohmygosh!! That is SO funny!!!! You poor thing!

LOVE your yard, as usual. I think you should take more pictures and post them more often because I'm living through you, lol!

I hope you enjoy your cabin and your trip!

Vicki Lane said...

Hi, Deanna, Thanks for stopping by my blog! Here's a link to the original chicken tractor post

Funny in My Mind said...

Where ya going? Will you be close enough to stop by for coffee?
I have a lilac too and I smelled something yesterday while out planting and said to the landscaper, "can you smell my honeysuckles?" and she laughed and told me it was the lilac.
Another funny thing, this year there are trees that haven't bloomed for YEARS! I keep hearing how this tree and that bush haven't bloomed for so long. I am guessing it was a bad winter- I thought so.
Our Japanese cherry at work was glorious on Easter!
Love the blue "flower" and the azaleas are fabulous. I cannot wait for the peonys.
I am hoping for Mayberry and not Deliverance as well, maybe bring your gun (like my hubby does)
Have a great time!!!!!

Osage Bluff Quilter said...

Love the blog makeover!
I've always wanted a blue flower like that. But my family won't let me have one. They JUST don't appreciate them the way I do.
And that Wendy's story I was laughing out loud.
I will stayed tuned for the rest of the hillbilly story! Have a great trip.

Karla said...

Hello Deanna LOL emm yeah yeah I know...and well Dueling Banjo's probably..and he's probably got a beard down to his knees and dips ya doing *spit* oh yeah I talked at you *spit* LOL

Anonymous said...

Hey Punkn, I love the new header you have at the top of the page with all the photos that is really nice, hugs

Rural Rambler said...

Deanna I am late to this post cause we just got back from a trip! Exhausted. Have a wonderful time on yours. Can you believe we are even asking for AARP discounts? Can't believe I am that old :) Old but happier than I have ever been cause I am a big girl now and can do what I want when I want! Have fun!!

Jingle said...

neat post,
love your funny part!

tattytiara said...

I wanna stay in a cabin where you don't have to leave a credit card and can check in anytime. Absolutely I can bring my own towels!

Jingle said...

5 awards on the bottom of my post,
hope that you enjoy some!