Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Will I Ever Learn Wednesday

First of all, there is no Part III of the Ozarks Mill trip.  I did good to make it through Part I!

Hubby sold the sheep this week.  A very nice young man who lives north of here was looking for an established flock of sheep - and we were looking for someone who wanted to buy an entire flock of sheep.  It was kind of meant to be.  I think selling the sheep was one of the hardest things hubby has done in a very long time.  He got choked up while telling me how he personally loaded each of his "girls" and "babies".  I got choked up listening.  We solved the problem of keeping our guard dog without anything to guard by deciding to keep raising only a few sheep for the purpose of selling to established customers.  We'll raise them through the Spring, Summer, and Fall and send them off for slaughter before Winter sets in.  So I guess that means Radar will have the winter off.  Hope he deals with that ok.

Let's see.  Do I really need to do a Will I Ever learn post this Wednesday?  I think I posted it on Monday.  But I'll add one additional ditz moment.  This one belongs to hubby.


We stopped at a convenience store to buy mints.  I bought what I thought was mints and headed out.  It turned out to be gum.  Without saying anything about the mistake, I gave Jim a piece of the gum and we headed on down the road.  After much chomping and smacking, he looked at me and said....  "Where'd I get this gum?"  

Here's your sign. 

Have a great rest of the week everyone!


Queenie Jeannie said...

Oh what a tough thing for your husband to do!!! Big hugs to you both.

Had to laugh at the whole gum bit, lol!!!

Funny in My Mind said...

I don't remember if I commented to any of your trip posts but I was reading part one aloud to my husband during lunch when we were out of town and he said it sounded like me. I laughed so hard at your funny adventures.
Good that you kept the dog.

AliceKay said...

Thanks for Parts I and II. I loved reading every word and enjoyed looking at every picture.

I know that must have been a very hard decision to sell your sheep, but I'm glad Jim was able to keep them together as a flock. Radar is one very lucky dog to have you and Jim for family. Hugs to both of you.

Gum? Gotta love it. :)

That corgi :) said...

oh, I can imagine how hard that must have been (but a good decision) to sell the sheep, but it was like saying goodbye to part of the family. LOL about the gum though....


Anonymous said...

I got a lump in my throat just reading about how difficult it was for him. In time I'm sure he will be happy about the decision. And..... if not.... then buy him some sheep as a surprise gift!


Karla said...

Sorry I haven't commented in a few days...I really hate that you sold your sheep. Won't get to meet them all if I ever make it to Missouri. But it's good that you got to keep Radar. He would miss you guys as much as you will miss your sheep.
Gums good. Just gotta keep chomping on it instead of swallowing it!! :D

Toriz said...

I hope Radar is happy with the new arrangements.

LMAO @ Jim!

Rural Rambler said...

Deanna I read this post to CH. He is still laughing going out the door about your hubby and the gum :)

Your husband has to be a cool guy. I love it when men don't mind gettin' choked up over critters. I got choked up over reading he got choked up. I am sorry about the sheep but it sounds like you worked out something that will make everyBODY happy :)

Hunker down and batten up we have weather coming tomorrow night!

Intense Guy said...

:) I'm so glad you didn't buy those round "polish breath mints" by accident!

Sounds like you reached a nice "compromise" arrangement with the sheep and I'm delighted Radar is only semi-retired. How old is he anyway?

*hugs* (just 'cause)

Anonymous said...

Awww sorry about yall being sad about your sheep....and bless your hubbys heart on where did he get his gum LOL hugsss

Nezzy said...

Ya'll traveled pretty darn close to my neck of the woods! We go canoeing on the Norfolk floatin' past Dawt Mill. We often take the fishin' boat to Bull Shoals lake.

I was tryin' to book a vacation trip in Arkansas and found that ya didn't always have air conditioning or televisions in some cabins. One place had no electricity, I asked many, many questions before i booked.

I so glad ya'll had a great trip.

God bless and have a terrific Thursday!!!

junyah said...

you've got this blog thing right down pat. Looks terrific. Ya its a hard thing to go though with animals.
i helped out on the farm the guy i worked for had and we slaughtered our own meat. The trip you guys had looked great , the werther could have been better but , i guess its that time of year. Look forward to your blogs as always .Thanks so much. HUgs JR