Monday, May 17, 2010

Monday. Just Monday.

It is still cold and rainy. 


Usually the State Capitol Building stands out vividly against the skyline.  Not today.  (picture taken unsafely from my car as I was driving down Highway 94).  

The plumber was supposed to come Friday.  He didn’t show, nor did he call.  When we got a hold of him finally, he said his mom had taken ill and apologized.  Said he would be here Saturday.  Saturday comes – he’s a no show, no call.  Didn’t return our calls either.  He called this morning.  Said his mom had been operated on, apologized, and said he will be here tomorrow morning, 8:00 am.  I understand an illness in the family, but I don’t understand neglecting to give us the courtesy of a call.  Tomorrow is his last chance.


In the meantime, the bathroom looks like this.  Just use your imagination, ok?


We are fighting the rain and the birds for our cherries this year.


Normally we don’t pick them up off the ground, but the rain knocked them down and darn it, they are still good!


The tart cherries make the best cherry pie in the whole wide world.  I know.. the butcher block needs to be oiled.  Rolling out pie dough always leaves it dry and dull looking.

THEY are calling for sunshine tomorrow.  Please, God, help THEM be right for a change.


Leah said...

I hope the plumber shows up tomorrow. A courtesy call is always a good thing. And that pie looks delicious. :)

Osage Bluff Quilter said...

Good to see you have a piece of pie left for me!
And I like black coffee with it too.
Did you see Saturday's forecast? 94degrees. ONLY in Missouri.

Funny in My Mind said...

Sunny and 88 on Sat! Come on down for margaritas and to stare at my beautiful deck! The grass is 17 inches long and the mower sinks when hubby sits on it. Think i saw a giraffe in that mess!
I remember before my mil's cherry tree died, the birds always won!
Sunny tomorrow too, I will be working.

katie said...

That pie looks delicious. Be sure not to offer the plumber any.

Anonymous said...

Oh my that cherry pie looks so yummmy how cool it is that you have a cherry tree I wish I had one but I would be fighting the birds and the squirrels Im sure, we have wild blueberry bushes in our woods but the birds always get to them first.

I agree, the plumber could have at least called to let you know what was going on, that doesn't look good for his business.

AliceKay said...

That looked really foggy there, but that's a great shot of the Capitol...fog and all. (most of my pics were taken unsafely from my car so i know what you mean)

The plumber should have called to let you know what was going on. There's no excuse for things like that. It sure isn't very professional. I hope he shows and your work gets completed.

Cherry pie is my favorite kind of pie, and the pic of that pie had my mouth watering. :)

I hope the sun comes out for you tomorrow, but I think your rain is coming my way.

That corgi :) said...

yum on the cherries, that pie looked delicious! how fun to have a cherry tree!!

hoping it warms up a bit and stops raining in your neck of the woods soon.


junyah said...

Can i order a pie? lol we dont have that kinda of cherry trees around here (that im aware of)all we have are those so called "choke cherrys"They are small and "very" Bitter.
Plumber doesn't want to get ahead. He should have called and he should have found another plumber to do his work fillin in for him while he attends to his troubles.This is whats called "good Business". we have a lot of Tall Pines around the house and we want them gone.I have been asking some home owners that have hired people that are in the tree busniess what they are charging? and most are saying they charge them something for takeing down the trees and they also get the wood.Well i know people that are in the wood working business and i know that Pine is worth big bucks,these people that are taking the tree for payment are robbing the customers.So im still looking.I'll find somebody that will pay for them,and take them down without hitting the house.. (I hope ) T/C Hugs u

Toriz said...

Hope that plumber shows up. And, I agree... Not being able to make it is fine, but when you are meant to show up somewhere and can't, you should have the decency to let the person or people you were meant to be meeting know. Especially if you are running a buisness, though not only if you are running one, since it's just good manners aapart ffrom anything else.

Wish you could send me some of that cherry pie! I LOVE cherry pie! Mmmm... Cherries!

Anonymous said...

Maybe if you promise the plumber a piece of cherry pie he WILL show up this time. LOL


Intense Guy said...

So you got the cast iron tub out of there huh? :)

Hmmm... it actually looks good without all the fixures... I always love an open expanse of wood floor.

:) I'm just smiling to myself that you got your pie.