Sunday, May 23, 2010

Where did 58 years go?

She was a beautiful baby. There was already an older brother and sister in her family, but she had an edge on the two of them. You see, she was born on her grandma's birthday. And let me tell you - those two knew how to celebrate.

They'd share in family celebrations and then they'd head off on their own - just the two of them. They'd take the bus uptown and head to Woolworth's Dime Store. Her grandma didn't have much money to spare. She suspected the banana split and the bus trip they shared was her grandma's one big splurge of the year. And she treasured every second of the time they spent together. You see, she was her grandma's brown eyed darling.

When she was 24 her grandma died. The banana split trips had long before been abandoned, but the shared birthday is forever.
At that point in her life, she really didn't want to celebrate birthdays any longer. The fun had gone plumb out of it. But for years she went through the motion for the benefit of her own family and friends.

She really doesn't know when this turned around and she actually started celebrating again - I mean really celebrating and meaning it. There is not a birthday that goes by that she doesn't go down memory lane and smile at the lucky sign of Taurus the Bull and Grandma "Maggie" that she had been born under.

This year, it seems I returned to the week long birthday celebrations of my childhood. Two of the granddaughters spent a couple of days with us. My friend, Rita, invited me to a wonderful lunch at her house. We sat and visited, as only two old friends can, for quite a long time. The two younger grandson's spent the night with us on my birthday. Jim took us out for Pizza that night. I was showered with presents and cards. The kids called. The grandkids called. And then we topped it all off with a trip to our friends', Patti and Gerard's, cabin at the lake for an evening of catching up, boating, eating, drinking, and fun. Heading back home yesterday, we stopped at the outlet malls where I didn't buy a single thing! You heard me right - I didn't buy anything! More on that story Wednesday.
I was supposed to go to a jewelry party last night, but stomach problems made the decision for me that I was to stay home, curled up in my recliner, with a good book.

Thanks for the birthday wishes. So far, 58 is all good!
There was supposed to be current pictures in this post, but the camera stayed behind at the lake, out boating with the younger set when we headed home yesterday.


Anonymous said...

Awww, happy 'belated' birthday to you! A week of celebrating is so good for the soul at our age.

The Blue Ridge Gal

That corgi :) said...

happy belated birthday; how special to share the same birthday as your grandmother! I bet you miss her to this day. What wonderful memories of spending time together you must have!! sounds like it was a good birthday week this year!! hoping the year ahead is a good one :)


LadyStyx said...

Happy belated birthday!!

Queenie Jeannie said...

Happy, happy birthday honey! I'm so glad you are celebrating them again! Your card is on it's way, late but with love! HUGS!!!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful memory, my grandma has passed also and I still miss her so much to this day and my heart aches so much when I think about her.

Happy Birthday Punkn!!!!


Vicki Lane said...

My maternal grandmother and I shared a birthday -- and we were best of friends.

Happy Birthday to you!

~Tonia said...


Osage Bluff Quilter said...

Sounds like you had an awesome birthday! You and I are just 3 months apart in age!
Did you happen to go to Simonsen?
My camera like your went on a road trip. It went home with the grand baby in her diaper bag. How will I ever live without it tonight?
Happy birthday

AliceKay said...

You have a lot of wonderful memories...of birthdays with your Grandma and since. I'm glad you began to celebrate your birthday again. Your kids and your grandkids will remember them with fond memories one day.


P.S. I think my greeting got lost in your junk mail folder again. :\

Funny in My Mind said...

Happy birthday friend! Missing this blog world but bigger issues have come to stay for awhile. I really appreciate the love from all!

Intense Guy said...

:) 58 years ago, someone with a heart of gold was born.

The rest of us were so very fortunate.

...and with the camera being left at the lake, you were given the present of yet another special, just for Wednesday entry...

Happy Birthday Punkn!! I wish you many more of them.

Toriz said...

I'm glad you enjoyed your birthday this year. :)

AliceKay said...

I think everytime I view your page, the photos in the header have changed. Love the pretty flowers. :)

Intense Guy said...

Just stopping in to say I hope your tummy is feeling better today.

Hugest hugs,


Rural Rambler said...

Happy Belated Birthday Deanna! Sorry I am late but you know, I have been in a little bit of a funky mood too and I have been taking a break from the puter! Busy as bees we been too outside :)