Sunday, June 20, 2010


This morning at church Fr. Greg asked that all Fathers and Grandfathers stand and be recognized in prayer. As the musicians at Mass today, we had a birds eye view of the congregation. There sure are a lot of dads!

Since our parish has grown in leaps and bounds over the past five years, I no longer know all of the families - and dads. Yet, I do. They tell a story by their looks and actions.

I saw a young father affectionately ruffle his toddler's hair, while holding in his arms a baby.
I saw another dad look sternly at his little girl as she prepared to trot across the church bench in search of the unknown.
I saw a grandpa holding the hands of the two grandchildren he and his wife are raising.
I saw a dad standing all alone, his wife already in heaven, and children long gone to other pastures.
I saw a father glance proudly sideways at his teen towering over him.
I saw one dad kiss his baby's cheek as he handed the child to his own dad for safekeeping.
I saw our spiritual dad stand at the altar, leading us in prayer, and then encouraging everyone, especially the dads, to stick around after Mass for yummy donuts iced with chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry.
And in all of these dads I saw the hand of our ultimate dad, God - guiding them, encouraging them, helping them along the way.

My own dad is no longer with me. Jim's dad died many years ago. I miss them both. But as I looked around me today, I felt encouraged that there are many wonderful dads in this world. I want to thank each and every one of them for their roles in the lives of our future.

My daughter, Julie, blogged a tribute to her daddy the other day. Not because it was Father's Day, but just because she felt like it. Her timing was perfect though. You can read about what a wonderful daddy she has here


Vicki Lane said...

Lovely Fathers Day post, Deanna!

Snappy Di said...

How wonderful... fathers play such a large role in their childrens' lives. I will always miss my dad too and never had the opportunity to meet Hubby's dad since he passed before I met Hubby. I think I would have liked him though.


Lynn said...

Oh Punkn what a wonderful post and as you mentioned all of the Fathers today in your church I could see them clearly in my head Happy Fathers Day to your hubby and thanks so much for the post HUGS!

AliceKay said...

This is a beautiful post. You sure do have a way with words. I'm pretty sure your dad is looking over you and feeling very proud. :)


Intense Guy said...

Another one of your special entries - so simple - just moving. I could see the fathers you wrote of parade through my mind.

The "all alone dad" was so poignant.

I spent Father's day with one-on-one with my Dad... I count my blessings and will savor each father's day that remains with him.

Missouri Gal Nicole said...

Very sweet!

That corgi :) said...

beautiful tribute to all dads!! what a blessing to have had this insight in looking at all the dads that stood at church today! I hope your husband had a nice Father's Day; off to read your daughter's entry now :)


Rita said...

This was a beautiful tribute to fathers everywhere. :)

Funny in My Mind said...

I saw a lot of precious dads at work today.
I especially enjoyed the the elderly dads and their sons having breakfast together.
The candy bars we handed out were a hit!

jewelzmomof4 said...

Love it Mom you always do a great job with your posts. I to saw each of these Dads in my mind clear as if they were standing in front of me. Happy Fathers Day to all the Dads out there and Happy Fathers Day to my wonderful Grandpas and all others who are no longer with us. I miss my Grandpas very much but I know they are watching over us each and everyday.

Toriz said...

Yep, there are some great Dads out there. :)

Queenie Jeannie said...

Love it!!! Thanks for posting this!

Annesphamily said...

This Father's Day post was beautiful. You tell a wonderful story and I love that you see God encouraging your fellow church goers. It is hard to be a good dad and mom in this world we live in today. We can only pray and turn to the one in who all hope lies. Thank you ANne