Thursday, June 17, 2010

How is it possible?


We got married on June 17, 1972 – Jim and Deanna009

We’ve always been called Jim and Deanna – never Deanna and Jim.  Strange how that works.  If I say something about friends, it is always Rita and Leon, or Patti and Gerard.  Anyway, we are known as Jim and Deanna.

38 years, 3 kids, and 10 grandkids later, we are still going strong.

Oh, I’m not going to pretend we didn’t have our ups and downs.  Little things, like him giving me a broom for one of our anniversaries, tend to cause a ruckus.  In his defense, I did mention the day before that I needed a new broom.

I think I tested the “for worse” part of our vows when I dumped a glass of wine over his head.  For the life of me I can no longer remember the words that caused such anger.  But I do remember he calmly got up and cleaned himself up and then cleaned the mess up too.  Fortunately, we laugh about it today.

The fact that he is sensitive helps a lot.  He makes me cry almost every Christmas.   It’s always a good cry.  Like the time I had lost the diamond in my wedding ring.  Rather than replace it, I was wearing a gold band.  He made me cry when he replaced the diamond as my Christmas present.  That is just one of many good cries.


He sorely tested my patience when I asked him to go on a business trip to San Jose with me.  He whined and worried like an old mother hen.  Finally, on our way to the KC airport,  I threatened to leave him on the side of the road.  That finally hushed him up.  And now… we both adore traveling.

He likes to shop as much as I hate it.  If I really need an outfit for something, I take him with me – otherwise, I am likely to come home empty handed.

And building this house.  Oh my gosh!  We moved into the basement before the upstairs was even properly closed in.  The second morning after we moved in, I discovered Julie, barely one at the time, on the “storage side” of the basement, ready to pick up a little green garter snake. 

Then there was this little gotcha called breast cancer.  He was by my side every step of the way.  He held my head when I was puking.  He sat in the waiting room, during my many operations, waiting to hear that I was once again going to be ok.  He made me laugh when I wanted to cry.  And he never once expressed doubt that God was walking along with us on this crazy journey we were on. 

We are stronger because of everything we’ve been through together.

Hey Jim, when you read this, just know that I love you very much!  Happy Anniversary.



AliceKay said...

Aww...what a sweet post. Happy 38th Anniversary, Deanna and Jim. I hope you have many more. What beautiful pictures. :)


Osage Bluff Quilter said...

Happy Happy Anniversary!
A least you all lived in your basement while building, we lived in St Stanislaus CONVENT!!!
Yep, right between church and school . . just a sidewalk away.
Have a great celebration!

Far Side of Fifty said...

Happy Anniversary! I enjoyed my "read" have a very nice blog... I will be back:)

Funny in My Mind said...

You guys are soooo cute!
Loved the wine dumping story, I dumped a beer on my hubby because he was doing shots at a bar with the cute female bartender. It was a gay bar and she was more interested in my sisters and I than him but it pissed me off and I dumped the beer on his lap. Jealous much?
It was so sticky and hot tonight but a breeze was the only helpful part.
Happy Anniversary!!

That corgi :) said...

Happy Anniversary Jim and Deanna!! wonderful testimony of your love and commitment with 38 years together! I wish you so many more!!


Jingle said...

Happy Anniversary!
lovely couple....

Rita said...

This was just beautiful. So nice to hear about a couple who has survived the years so very well and are still in love! Awesome!! Congratulations and happy anniversary!! :):):)

Snappy Di said...

Love that he replaced your diamond. What a romantic he is.

Happy Anniversary to both of you after all these years. AND may you have 38 more!


Intense Guy said...

Happy Anniversary Jim and Deanna, Deanna and Jim - to me, it's really JimDeanna or DeannaJim since you joined as wedded partners and function as partners and a welded team.

Hmm, JimDeanna Jones and the Log Cabin with Broom... I think I've seen that movie.

Anyway, and very seriously, I wish you many more years of loving partnership together and many more adventures shared. And no more puking head holding moments.

Leah said...

Happy Anniversary! Isn't it funny to look back at some of the major fights, and being able to laugh at them? :)

Corinne Rodrigues said...

Warm anniversary greetings. What a beautiful testimony of marriage - loving, fighting, learning, caring and growing together. Jim and Deanna...thank you for your love - it touches the heart a woman in India!

Queenie Jeannie said...

Totally all teary-eyed!! That was so sweet Deanna!!!!

Happy Anniversary!!

Wow, 38 years. I can't even imagine that...that's really something!

Vicki Lane said...

Happy Anniversary! 38 years is quite an achievement these days!

Toriz said...

Belated happy anniversary to the both of you! :)

I hope Kelly and I are still as happy as the two of you in 21 years time.

I hope you have many more happy years together.

And, by the way, the "Jim and Deanna" thing.... That's more traditional, because it was always the man first in the past. Back when the man was the head of the house.

Anyway, as I said... Happy belated anniversary!

Lynn said...

Your post brought tears to my eyes Punkn, Happy Anniversary to you and Jim and I hope you have a lifetime of them to follow, I loved the wedding picture it is so beautiful! HUGS!

junyah said...

Hey Happy Anniversary ,Thats a great picture of you two.

Annesphamily said...

You made me cry with this one! I am so glad I came over. God Bless you and Jim both! Hugs Anne