Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Will I Ever Learn Wednesday 6-9-10

This is the day of the week that I am supposed to put all of my silly ways out there for everybody to see.

However, today turned into the day of the week that NOTHING went right. My "VW Bug" has had a bug for some time now. We took her to her GP car Dr. and his diagnostics showed nothing wrong. So I've kept driving it - and the problem has gotten progressively worse. As the days heat up and if I am doing the city driving thingy, Buggy begins to shift through the lower gears really hard - giving me a lurch here and there and everywhere.

So early this morning we took my baby to a transmission shop and left her. A couple of hours later, the specialist called to let us know that VW had hidden her intestines behind such a shroud of secrecy, that they could not diagnose the problm. She had to go to a specialist in St. Louis (the closest VW dealer to my little part of Missouri). After a call to VW, we decided to take the already shot day and finish it off by driving the 2 hour drive to St. Louis and check baby bug into the VW Hospital.

Already resigned to the fact that this is going to be an expensive visit, I'm just hoping they figure out the problem and fix it. As I told Jim, Buggy is still in great shape, I still like her, and if we take care of her, she should be able to easily give me another 100,000 miles of fun. It sure beats a car payment!

I feel compelled to reach into the recesses of my mind and come up with some crazy thinking from the past.

We used to have a good size strawberry patch. In case you don't know, where there are strawberry plants, there are usually snakes. In our case, they were usually big black snakes. Like many of you, I have an irrrational fear of snakes. Crazy scared type fear. But being a resourceful kind of gal, I figured out a way to protect myself from scary snakes.

Here is where I introduce our beautiful faithful companion, our Golden Retriever, Dolly. I'm bummed right now, because I couldn't find a picture of her. I'm sure once I post this, one will jump out and bite me. You will just have to trust me that she was beautiful. And she was my protector.

Day after day Dolly and I would head down to pick strawberries in the early morning hours, before I headed for work. She stayed by my side and I knew if ever there was a snake, she would warn me.

My Jim had the audacity to laugh at me when I told him what I had been doing. It wasn't long after that a black snake showed up in our driveway. The laughing spouse called me to come watch. Walking to the other side of the snake, he called Dolly to him. I knew I had him now. That dog was going to go crazy barking!

Dolly jumped right over that snake without giving it a second thought! She wasn't going to ever protect me - she couldn't care less about snakes! Dolly was never again forced to help me pick strawberries. She was always welcome to come with me, though, and even though she had proven herself totally worthless, we remained the very best of friends.

I believe that was the year that I let the strawberry patch go to weeds...


Snappy Di said...

One of the reasons I don't grow a garden... skeered ta death o' snakes!


Intense Guy said...

Poor Herbie... I hope they can fix him/her and have it running well for you again soon.

Oh man... Jim needs to keep "mum" sometimes... :) If he had, you'd be still harvesting strawberries...

...maybe? :)

AliceKay said...

I hope they can fix your Bug without too much expense. Cars are like's hard to let them go.

I would have let the strawberries grow up to weeds, too. :\ I'm afraid of snakes....even little snakes. I remember one time when we were kids playing out in the yard, a 4 foot blacksnake crawled between our house and my great grandma's house (the abandoned house that my father is slowly tearing apart). I think I screamed bloody murder. My grandfather grabbed a rake, picked it up, and took it somewhere. I don't remember where...and I didn't care where...just away from there.

Funny in My Mind said...

That settles it, no strawberry plants for me!
I sure hope your baby Bug is ok (and inexpensive to fix)
But are they ever?

That corgi :) said...

LOL about Dolly and the snake! I'm with you; I would have thought Koda would have protected me and alerted me, but the other day a squirrel was in the back yard just staring at him and Koda is in "la la land" sniffing, clueless it was there. Strawberries at the store do taste good too! hope they can figure out what is wrong with your bug; I agree with you, avoiding a car payment is always a good thing!


jewelzmomof4 said...

Mom I think I have a picture of Dolly if you want one and yes she was one of the most beautiful and sweet dogs ever. I miss her a lot sometimes and will never forget her.

Writing Without Periods! said...

Gardening and I do not get along. But I admire people who do garden...wish I had a green thumb instead of brown.

Lynn said...

LOL omg too cute about Dolly and the snake, sorry to hear about your strawberry patch. I hope the best for your lil Bug, have a great day HUGS!

Toriz said...

I hope they can fix your bug.

See, I'd have just kept quiet about the dog not minding snakes... That way I could have sent you out to get the strawberries, and wouldn't have to risk meeting the snakes myself.

It's not that I'm scared of snakes... I just don't like them much.

junyah said...

IM setting here woundering what happened to the Bug,,you kinda left me hanging , i'm not sure it got fixxed or is still setting in St. Louis. I havea good patch of strawberrys this year even after they have suffered though the transplanting. i have plenty of sawdust around them and they have fuit showing (green still but they are there) ) i think i can harvest maybe 2 quarts,not bad since i only brought about half the plants with us. Hugs U JR

Osage Bluff Quilter said...

Now I know why I buy my strawberries at Aldi's or Wal-mart!

Rita said...

Hope the bug can be fixed and runs another hundred thousand miles for you.

Are the black snakes poisonous? We only had garter snakes up here and they weren't poisonous and rarely bit anyone, so I wasn't afraid of them--but I am not crazy about snakes, either. Any other kind are scary to me. (Big spiders are darn creepy, too.) Great story with your snake jumpin' dog. Maybe he had the right idea? Be not afraid. ?? (Well, I would be anyways--hehe!)

Karla said...

Black snakes, chicken snakes, king snakes..egg eaters. They didn't want you Deanna..they wanted strawberries!! LOL
In my whole life on 20 acres of farmland I never saw a snake in the garden area..only near the house...ugh!

Jingle said...

I am afraid of snakes...earthworms..

Happy June!