Saturday, July 17, 2010

Put ‘em to work

What to do with three grandsons while I’m under the weather was the question.  The answer was easy.  Put ‘em to work.

My contribution to the day was brownies for breakfast (shhhh don’t tell their mother – they drank milk with them); hot dogs for lunch, and Mexican for supper.  And I took a few pictures.  Other than that, I rested.

Jim cracked the whip.

Travis painting the fence

Travis stained the fence.  He learned a lot about how to get the stain on the wood instead of himself, thanks to Grandpa.

Austin getting rid of spider webs  

Austin had the all important job of taking a high tech stick and hunting down spider webs.  He is a master of Arachnidology and hires out for $2 a day.

Dakota staining picnic table

Dakota stained picnic tables and benches.  He claims this is the first time he has ever sweated.  Now that just ain’t right.  We aren’t giving our all if we don’t sweat – right?  He sure did a great for the first time ever wielding a paint brush.  I hope his mom forgives me for the ruined shorts he was wearing.


Anonymous said...

Good job putting them to work.. Ruined shorts are easily replaced. :-))


Vicki Lane said...

Excellent plan! Most kids enjoy that sort of work!

Anonymous said...

Wow that some fancy jobs they had there and I bet everything looked so pretty after they were all done too. So sorry you are feeling bad, I hope you feel better soon!

Rita said...

He can save he shorts for the next time he's working on a project and out there sweating. ;) Everybody should have grubby clothes for projects, right? Glad you got some rest and hope you're feeling better. I know the fence and picnic table is better--hehe! :)

AliceKay said...

Brownies and milk for breakfast...what more would you want? :)

From the looks of their work, all three did a great job. I had to laugh when I read what job Austin was given. (he looked like he knew how to do it too) LOL Loved the pics. :)

Yep, if you're working hard, you gotta be sweating. I think I sweated out at least a gallon of fluids this weekend.

I hope you're feeling better now that you've had some time to rest. *hugs*

Intense Guy said...

I hope you are feeling much better now.

:) I think Austin's high-tech spider hunting thingy needs some flashing LEDs on it. :)

Brownies, milk and $2 a day huh? ...and they give ya all the lovin' a granny could want...

jewelzmomof4 said...

BROWNIES AND MILK FOR BREAKFAST!!!!!!!!!(how dare LOL) I remember having similar breakfasts like that lol. as far as the shorts go it is so worth the ruined shorts if you got him to work. He claims he has never sweated before every darn time he sweats lol. That kid is funny. Thank you all so much for watching them I appreciate it so much I love the fact that when they come out there you all give them jobs to do that are out of the ordinary. They always love going to your house even if they have to work how is it that they hate the work at my house????? Explain that one to me please!!!!!