Monday, July 19, 2010



Here is the long awaited tada the bathroom is done post.  You weren’t waiting for it?  Well I was!

claw foot tub, wood floor, pedestal sink

I’m in love with my bathroom.  I love soaking in the tub.  I love the feel of the wood floor on my bare feet.

I love the clean white bead board.

I love the sleek lines of the pedestal sink.  I love the peaceful greens in all sorts of different shades.

I love my “molded” toilet where the tank is part of the bottom and no little boys can piss in between the two pieces.  I even love the toilet lid that miraculously eases down when pushed, rather than slamming shut.  Somebody even embroidered a hand towel with our initial on it. 

Ok.  I’m not in love with my bathroom.  That would just be silly.  But I shore do like it an awful lot.  I am, however, in love with the guy who, with a lot of planning and hard work, made it happen. 

stained glass window from entry way

From the entry way the stained glass window that Jim built over 25 years ago looks beautiful.


church and misc 3-09 067

This is what it looked like before.

Over the years the space where the window sat had weakened and sagged.  Iron bars were inserted to reinforce the frame so the sag would not break the glass.  That was one of the first things we needed to fix in this renovation.

hole in the wall where the window used to be

We removed the window and then centered the opening on the wall. 


See that iron beam next to the drill?  Let me tell you – that thing was HEAVY.  Together we lifted it in place next to the ceiling, above the window frame, to provide the needed support.


With the help of a house jack, we jacked the braces up until everything was level as can be.  I was a nervous wreck, thinking irrational things like that beam was going to fall through to the other side.  Did I mention that it was heavy?  I’ll say it again…. it was HEAVY! 

gutted bathroom initerior


Removing this old tub enclosure was no small task.


It is amazing what I have been able to get on a wire bakers rack.  (I didn’t notice one of the grandkids had put a used towel on there when I took this picture… it looks natural there)



I see tin as I look to the ceiling while soaking in my dream bathtub.  Yes – I am definitely lovin’ it.


katie said...

What a great reward for you hard work. I think it is beautiful. Love the ceiling.

Osage Bluff Quilter said...

That tin ceiling is beautiful. So is the stained glass window. And the claw foot tub. Hubby did a great job. Did he go to his class reunion?

And grandma talking about little boys pissing is just too funny! But true.

That corgi :) said...

it looks FANTASTIC Deanna! lots of hard work indeed but the end product is totally gorgeous! I can imagine it would be relaxing soaking in that tub of yours!!

good job to both you/your husband for diligence and perseverance in getting the remodeling done!1


~Tonia said...

THAT IS AWSOME!!! I love your bathroom too!Lol IIts all so very very nice... That ceiling is just wow... okay I am getting jealous..Lol....

Rita said...

What a lot of work! With amazing results! I love it all--especially the stained glass window and the tin ceiling and the clawfoot tub....well, all of it! ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh My I am in LOVE with your bathroom also, it definitely puts mine to shame LOL It is very beautiful Punkn thank you so much for sharing it with us and I just love the stained glass window and that ceiling wow I wouldnt know how to act with something like that :o)

Intense Guy said...

Well, not every day you get to say something like, "Wow! that bathroom is a major work of art!" and "I'm in major like (since its silly to love a bathroom)".

Hubby and you (and all the helpers) did a spendid job!


AliceKay said...

Beautiful! Absolutely, positively beautiful. :)

You and Jim and the rest of your "crew" did a wonderful job. Your interior decor is beautiful, too, and makes it very homey. Very nice. (i would love it) :)

Funny in My Mind said...

Looks like a bathroom out of a magazine.
Now if you will excuse me, i have to go clean mine......

Rural Rambler said...

That is a gorgeous bathroom Deanna! I love beadboard and it looks great in your bathroom with that awesome soaking tub and the tin ceiling. Great work! Lovely and fun bathroom :)

Anonymous said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!! ALL OF IT!!! And most of all, I LOVE your blog!!! :)

Vicki Lane said...

Beautiful choices from floor to ceiling! I'm sure you'll enjoy soaking in such lovely surroundings.

Jeri Landers said...

JIM deserves a big apple pie a la mode and a foot massage! What a great bathroom. There is nothing like a claw foot tub and a tin ceiling, wonderful job! Jeri

Missouri Gal Nicole said...

I want your bathroom! it is gorgeous! The stained glass is awesome as well.

Janet said...

Ooh, the stained glass is gorgeous! I would love to have something like that in my house.