Friday, August 6, 2010




I said “NO WAY”

Hubby said “YES WAY”

Deanna holding sunflowersIggy is at it again, bringing sunshine into lives, and smiles on the faces of everyone around him – near and far.

This time he put a smile on the face of this little lady, who for some reason cannot grow sunflowers!  Thank you so much for the flowers Iggy!  They are truly beautiful.

sf on porcelain table

I’ve been moving them all over the  house.  I can’t seem to help myself.  The vivid yellow looks mighty pretty against the white blinds and porcelain table that we treasure from Jim’s Grandpa.

sunflowers with oil lamp

I also like how their sunny little faces peek through the oil lamp that was passed down to me from my Grandma.  It is sitting on a doily crocheted by Jim’s Great Aunt Marthy.

large head sunflowers looking onto the porch

Or maybe they look best where I can see them from the inside or the outside.

They are the traveling sunflowers.  They might just go to work with me today. 

This world of blog is amazing.  It has bound people in friendships that otherwise would never have been possible.  Iggy is a perfect example of those friendships.  He and I actually met quite a few years ago in the other magical world of a small chat site we both wandered into.  Chat went by the wayside, but friendships developed there have endured into the world of blog and messaging and Facebook.

spider web with a spider in the center

My little friend here reminds me of the world of the web, linking us together through the wonderful thing known as technology. 

web by day

Morning came and my friend was gone.  Something rather good size invaded his beautiful sanctuary.  The empty hole left behind reminded me that I have lost many of my web friends.  Some have died, causing me to shed tears.  Some just disappeared with no warning, leaving me to forever wonder what happened to them.  Some have become bitter with feelings hurt over insults, whether real or imagined.  Others have gotten bored and wandered out of the life of blog, to other things, most likely things still on the web.

One thing that I’m certain of is that our friend, Iggy, will never just wander out of our life.  The other thing I know for certain is that I treasure every one of my blog friends and hope to never lose a single one of you. 

Thanks Iggy!  We are still smiling in the woods of Missouri over yesterday’s surprise!


Osage Bluff Quilter said...

You just reminded me of all the blogger friends I have made. And they are wonderful. It reminds me of getting a pen pal in grade school.
Every morning, I look forward to making sure all my computer friends are doing well.
And looking forward in next few weeks, for you and hubby coming out.

Vicki Lane said...

Lovely post! My life has also been enriched by my blog friends!

April Mechelle said...

Thanks for sharing ! I love all my blog friends. They are great !

Intense Guy said...

Such beautiful pictures...

I'm glad our paths crossed and then intertwined, Punkn.


Snappy Di said...

Love the cute little barn spider. I have a close-up of one from last summer and was amazed at how cool they are.

I love sunflowers in August. They just make me smile.


Nezzy said...

Aren't good blogsisters the best. I've had so many emails, cards and surprise gift boxes the past few months during my very extended bout with the shingles. You have been blessed sweetie with those beautiful sunflowers.

I have armadillos this year who have kept diggin' up my sunflower seeds, they obviously love 'em. I don't have near as many this year.

Ya'll have a wonderfully blessed weekend. Hubs and I are off to Branson to take that Jan. getaway we were gonna take. Stuff happens and ya just gotta roll with the punches! Heeehehehe!

Lynn said...

Lord have mercy this post brought tears to my eyes Punkn, I don't think I could say it better about chat friends and blog friends, I truly treasure all of mine thats for sure. Your flowers are beautiful and Iggy has such a huge heart what a wonderful gift. You have beautiful treasures in your home and thanks so much for sharing with us HUGS

AliceKay said...

Your sunflowers are beautiful! Leave it to Iggy to know just the right thing to do. :)

Iggy is one of those special friends who knows how to reach you when you feel you have fallen so low you can never be reached. He knows how to touch a heart that has been broken so many times it doesn't know if it can feel again. He is there when you need him, and he is there for constant support and friendship. We are truly blessed to have him in our lives. At least that chat room was good for one brought so many of us together and we have remained friends.

Touching post, Deanna. You said what so many of us feel. *hugs*

Funny in My Mind said...

I am fortunate to have made a few sweet blog friends as well- you are one of the best!

Rural Rambler said...

The sunflowers are beautiful Deanna and what a sweet surprise AND such a thoughtful gift. I love that you are moving them around and enjoying them wherever you are :) People we meet on blogs are the best. We seem to share common interests and I love how many people I have met with such wonderful senses of humor. There is no way to not start my day happy with all the wonderfully funny women and men blogging out there. Enjoy your weekend Deanna!

Cheryl said...

Hi, Deanna,

What a beautiful surprise! Just looking at sunflowers, real or photos, just makes me smile...I've always thought they were so cheerful. What a special friend you have. This is a great post!


junyah said...

IM going to have to post a new Blog and let the flowers i have take center stage. i didnt have that good a luck this year either, i had four good sized flowers in front of the house though. i Also planted several packages of mixxed flower in with them and they all grew to fill the whole area witch i think is very pretty. Chat certainly did give people a chance to make the best of friends. IGgYy is special to all. Punkn is is Special too in many hearths as i hope i still am to others..Hugs and a Squeeeeeeze Punkies... JR

Queenie Jeannie said...

That's so sweet!!! Iggy is fabulous, isn't he?? Enjoy your flowers!

Corinne Rodrigues said...

What a beautiful gesture of affection.... Isn't the web a truly wonderful place to connect with beautiful souls such as your friend...and you :)

Toriz said...

Iggy always seems to know when his friends most need cheering up, and exactly what to do to cheer them up, doesn't he?