Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Look in the mirror

I could definitely see hubby and me have this conversation:


Cartoon of man and woman sitting at restaurant counter.

Man:  Judy, do you see that elderly couple down at the other end of the counter?

Woman:  Yea, what about them?

Man:  I was just thinking… that’s probably what you and I will look like in about ten years of so.

Woman:  You do realize that’s a mirror at the end of the counter, don’t you?

are we there yet

Ha!  We had a similar conversation the other day after running into an “old” classmate in the grocery store.

Jim:  It was nice seeing Joe.  It is amazing how much older he looks than us.

Me:  Have you looked in the mirror lately?

Ha!  I guess we see what we want to, huh.

Still amazingly hot and humid here.  It sucks all breath out of me. 

Emily, Cara, and Anna are spending the day with us.  We did a little shopping yesterday afternoon, then they went to work with me.  Last night we played Apples to Apples.  That is an amazingly fun family game.  This morning we made doughnuts by deep frying biscuits (yum!) and plan on spending the day being lazy.  It is too hot to do anything but be lazy.

Hope everyone has a wonderful day. 


~Tonia said...

LOL I have had conversation similar to that with hubby! The funny one is when he saw a kid driving and said he doesnt look more than twelve! I was like he is probably just little baby faced and is just a few years older than your girls!Haha he realized then that ummm he has aged some not that he is old. But he is older.. I wont say mature because watching him with his truck is like watching a kid with a new toy!haha
It is definitely to hot to do much!
So what is Apples to Apples???

A. K. said...

I guess, we see what we want to see! Have a great day!

Snappy Di said...

I think it's nice when we look in he mirror and envision ourselves as young. Sure still feel young on the inside, don't you?


Vicki Lane said...

Our 50th high school reunion is approaching and we were looking at pictures on the web of our old (operative word) classmates that we haven't seen in fifty years. Good grief! Kind of a shock.

Intense Guy said...

I <3 "Are We There Yet" - I'm always cutting them out or printing them and casually leaving them where my Mom will pick them up.


I stir the "stuff" very subtly.

I hope you enjoy the grands even with the horrid heat/humidity.

And ditto - Apple to Apples?

Lynn said...

LOL I agree with I guess we see what we want to see sometimes I think ok Im not so bad, and then when someone takes a pic of me and I see it I am just totally grossed out LOL That was funny thanks for sharing I sure need a laugh, HUGS

The Farmer's Daughter said...

That is so funny! It's like my grandma used to tell me years ago, "I don't feel any older up here" (pointing to her head)!

Have a good day!

Cheryl (who is trying to cope with this horrible heat in MO)

Osage Bluff Quilter said...

Now I'm worried, since your hubby and I graduated the same year. LOL

Thanks for stopping by Sunday!

And biscuit donuts, gosh I haven't had them in a couple of years. Yummy in my tummy!

AliceKay said...

That cartoon was cute. LOL

I see pictures of people who went to school with me and some have really aged and some haven't. Health problems have a lot to do with aging and it's appearance. It's not always what's in your head. You might want to stay active and "young" like you used to, but sometimes your body won't let you. I've been told lots of times (usually from classmates who haven't seen me in a long time) that I look the same as I did in high school. When I look at myself in the mirror, I see a much older person.

I don't believe I've ever heard of 'Apples to Apples'. I'll wait to see your decription of the game in a later comment or post.

I'm glad you're having fun with your grandkids. Being lazy once in awhile is a reward for sometimes working your butt off. :)

Enjoy your evening. *hugs*

Toriz said...

Yeah, people always see what they want to when they look in the mirror.

Sounds like a nice day... Not the heat part, the rest of it.

Rural Rambler said...

Same here Deanna, CH and I could have had that conversation too! Hang on for a couple more days, they keep promising some relief from this stinkin heat and humidity. Told CH I am NOT doin any food shopping till the cold front comes through and gets down in the 80's!

Nana said...

Ha ha ha, that is so true!!!!!

I am giving up the shoes. I was very conservative with my shoes for about 5 yrs. after the surgery. Then.... I got cocky. I have had a good 3 yr. run wearing my high ones again.

My daughter will be thrilled, she gets all the high shoes.

jack69 said...

Thanks for stopping by the Shipslog, Silly Grandma! You have a nice blog. It is Hot up here in Greentop. I think we will head for St. Joe on Saturday before going a little North into Nebraska.
Some say it is Hades hot there, will find out!
Sherry & jack over at the Shipslog

~Tonia said...

Hey Deanna You won one of my give aways!! If you can email me your mailing info I will get it out to you! My email is on my profile. Have a good weekend!

Queenie Jeannie said...

Thanks for the giggle!! :D