Thursday, August 5, 2010

Take a deep breath….

Last night wasn’t so great.

He man was scheduled to get rid of our last sheep at 6:00.  He had sold it to a neighbor who planned on butchering it himself.

I’ve been trying to cook healthy and had concocted a dish of a spaghetti sauce with zucchini, onions, and green peppers in it (rather than hamburger).  This would be eaten of spaghetti squash (rather than carb intensive noodles).  I’ve fixed this before and it is truly yummy and one of our favorite dishes. 

Being the smart lady I am, I scheduled supper for 7:00, figuring an hour was more than enough time to sell a sheep. 

7:00  came, no man.  7:30… no man.  8:00… no man.  By now the supper is squishy mush.  And I am pissed.

HE finally comes in a little after 8:00…. “Hun, are you busy?  I need your help”.  My blood pressure wasn’t doing so good at this point.  “You need my WHAT!  Where have you been!  Supper is ruined.  I am pissed!”

Apparently he had felt compelled to help butcher the sheep, drink a little whiskey with said neighbor, and then offer to get rid of the carcass for said neighbor.  In the process the 4-wheeler had decided to die.  On the other end of our property.  MY help was needed to take the other 4-wheeler to tow the other one back to the barn.

By this point I was in true hissy fit mode.  The coldness of my shoulder would equal the coldness of any vampire (can you tell I’ve been reading the vampire books?  I’m on Eclipse right now).  We got the 4-wheeler back to the barn, I stomped back into the house and retired to the downstairs.  He wisely did not follow me. 

Eventually I ate a can of ravioli, depriving myself of what could have been salvaged of the meal (why do I do these things to myself).  When I saw that he hadn’t even  bothered to fix the spaghetti squash (it is so damn easy – 5 or so minutes in the microwave), but had just eaten the sauce, I ramped up my hissy fit.

Let’s just say slammed doors, a bit of throwing of things, and a VERY long bath was involved.  Oh and a little yelling thrown in for good measure.  Not my proudest moment. 

I envision that when I die and my children tearfully (I hope) eulogize me, they will do a lot of “remember when she…. kicked her shoe (oh yea, I did that last night too), slammed the door so hard the shelf fell off the wall, threw the glass, stomped out… the list is embarrasingly long….

Why do I do these things!  It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, I lose all control.   HE was wrong and said he was sorry.  I was wrong too.  I over reacted.  And I have yet to say I’m sorry.  Will eat crow later on today.

Anyway, this is a side of me that fortunately doesn’t show up very often.  I wish it never did. 

Do you ever over react like I did?  Breathe deep and stop and think… I wish I would have last night.  But what is done is done.  Next time I’m going to try to remove myself from the situation and think hard about what is important in my life.  If I can make myself do that, I’ll bet my reaction will be much different!  I’m a lucky lady and I’m sorry! 

But he still owes me one big time.  I wonder where we are going to for supper tonight.

Stay cool peeps and have a wonderful rest of the day.  I know I’m going to.


Osage Bluff Quilter said...

Ha, sounds like a PMS day from the past.
Hope today is better.

Missouri Gal Nicole said...

I'd been right there with you! My hubby and whiskey is a BAD combo! Hang in there.

Vicki Lane said...

I think this hot weather puts us all on edge --"causing to man burning fevers, hysterics, and phrensies"

Janet said...

Oh yes, I have those moments. I'm not proud of them either. I usually blame PMS. But I do think the heat, my losing my job, and my cat being sick had a lot to do with it the other day when it happened.

Toriz said...

I do that sometimes. Not as much as hubby does though. He's one of those people who usually ends up breaking something when he loses his temper. Usually resulting in me losing mine because he broke the item.

Yeah, if we get in a fight, you probably wont want to be here. And you'll know about it from a couple of streets away I think. ;)

Lynn said...

Bless your heart punkn, gosh yes I have been there and sometimes I have wayyyyy dramatic LOL When we were younger the making up part was fun but not its just like we carry on and act like nothing happens most of the time.

I just have to say that we love eating spaghetti squash also most times instead of the the noodles and I agree it is very yummy indeed.

I hope you have a good one also and I hope all goes well :o)

Funny in My Mind said...

Sorry you got so excited about a good meal and were disappointed!
It sounds yummy!
I know of a good place to eat, if you can stand the gospel music travelers (all 30,000) in town!

Intense Guy said...

We've all been there...

Even a saintly granny like you...

Now, you know, eating crow won't be all bad... you got some makeup se.. er... kisses in the offing.

AliceKay said...

Been there, done that. Threw things, said things, and sometimes regretted things.

I hope you had a nice dinner tonight. *hugs*

Queenie Jeannie said...

This is my theory:

We women put up with so much, day in and day out, and DO so much, day in and day out, and bite our tongues so much, day in and day out, that sometimes we just gotta blow!!!

That's my story and I'm stickin with it!!!

The Farmer's Daughter said...

Hmmm, kinda think I've done something similar a time or two. Had a hissy fit, I mean.

The Hubster is the easy going one at my house. He rarely gets upset about anything. Of course, being the perfect lil wifey that I am...he doesn't have any reason to get upset. And if you believe that.........LOL!!

Hope you got to go out for a nice meal!


Rural Rambler said...

Hope it is a better morning Deanna :) I don't know about you but I would be putting alot of blame on this crappy summer weather we have been having! And Deanna I have had a lifetime of those what you call "over reacting" episodes. I'm not proud of it but they seem to be part of my DNA. They have gotten better as I have gotten older but they are there and when I am stressed, WHOA! And then the next day I am thinking what the heck did I make such a big deal about that for? It wasn't worth all the ranting. And I feel awful cause CH is such a good guy and he just kinda looks at me like, "what the heck, it ain't that important." I'd love to have some of his patience and lose some of my necessity to have it all under control. You ain't alone Deanna and I am taking your advice to take a deep breath and I am thinking Queenie Jeannie is right, sometimes we just gotta let it blow! Oh and we love our spaghetti squash but we ruin all the good health part of it cause we like butter, salt and pepper on it! :)

Sharon said...

I'm a quiet one. I get ticked off at my husband, but I want him to HEAR what I'm saying. So, I wait until I'm settled and quietly tell him what is bothering me and why. He usually feels so guilty that he apologizes over and over, and strives to not repeat the infraction.

My mom says she doesn't know how I do it.