Monday, September 13, 2010

Ah, the simple life

The Lake of the Ozarks is the largest man-made non-flood control lake in the United States.  That is where we spent our weekend.  Good food, good friends, and water all around.  It was so relaxing.


A fast and exhillerating boat ride in the afternoon, was followed by a lot of laughter and story telling, a great supper, and then a moonlit put put ride in the evening.  As we slowly skimmed across the waters, we were able to make out the Big Dipper, Little Dipper, North Star, Milky Way and even saw some shooting stars.  Wow.  What a gorgeous night we had.


Jim and Gerard just chillin’

Tall bluffs with trees on top

The sky was a gorgeous blue, lined with feathery clouds.  Another trip through these waters, when the rich color of the Fall season is on display, is definitely in order.

beautiful home for sale

There are several “million dollar coves” on the Lake. 

huge houses with many roof lines

The understatement of the day was when Patti  said:  “There is a lot of money on this Lake” 


Condos and houses dot the hillsides that only a few short years ago were home to deer and other wildlife.

Mansion with a homemade water fall

This man-made waterfall amazed me.  They are actually four of them pumping water over the bluffs of their property.  


sparkling lake water

Some of the shore lines are still pristine to the naked eye, but I’ll guarantee that if there is a way to get a road into these hillsides, there is a house lurking behind those trees.

Condominium project abandonedThis condo project is a dream gone bad.  So far it has sat unfinished for two years.  The number of homes for sale was staggering.

high bluffs with trees

Our destination was HaHa Tonka State Park.  Sitting high on the bluffs is an old burned out castle built in the early 1900’s.  The boat slips were too small for us to dock at the Park.  I’ll do a post on HaHa Tonka sometime soon.  It will be a wonderful Fall day trip.

60 ft boat fastly overtaking a 10 foot dingy

“Don’t worry little guy.  I won’t run you down.  Trust me….”

012           Ah, the simple life.  This guy has the right idea.

035Back home again to our favorite place on the Lake.  Nestled into the hillside, this humble abode is where we spend our time.  Ah, the simple life!       


Funny in My Mind said...

We had dinner at Baxters. Love that place! We should meet there sometime. HaHaTonka is one of our favorite places too!

Missouri Gal Nicole said...

Ha Ha Tonka is so pretty! I've been meaning to go there the last few years for some photos shots!
Table Rock is my favorite lake in MO. We went there a lot when I lived in Joplin.

AliceKay said...

Beautiful pictures, Deanna. It looks like a wonderful place to spend a relaxing weekend. I hope you get a chance to visit in the fall so we can see your colorful fall foliage pictures of the area. :)

myjoyproject said...

What a beautiful spot - and such incredibble weather! Here on the west coast of Canada we are all about the rain these days...

Teri said...

Your photos are so serene and calming. I can almost feel the sunshine. Beautiful.

Steve Skinner said...

It looks like a great place to spend a weekend any time of the year.

~Tonia said...

Great Picture! We have always went to Pomme De Terre lake. It gotten more popular in the last 10-15 yrs though.
I love HahaTonka!

Anonymous said...

I sure wish I was there right now, It all looked so lovely and wow on the houses and the waterfall, yep there some money on that lake lol Im glad you had a relaxing weekend and I cant wait to see the park and the castle, that really got my attention :o)

tattytiara said...

You know, I'd rather spend a weekend in your place than one of those McMansions. Once you get lost in those mazes of rooms you lose all connection to the nature you went there to be part of in the first place.

That corgi :) said...

absolutely beautiful place to spend the weekend!! looks very serene and relaxing!


A. K. said...

WOw! That's all I can Say! Now I want to go on a vacation!

Rita said...

Holy Smokes! Yah! There's a lot of money around that lake. Kind of a shame. I'd prefer the deer. Beautiful spot, tho--absolutely gorgeous! Would love to see pictures when the leaves are turning. :)

Queenie Jeannie said...

How wonderful!! I love boating on lakes and those homes are amazing. I wouldn't want to have to pay the mortgage on them though, lol!!

Rural Rambler said...

Good Morning Deanna! Beautiful pictures of the Lake. So nice in the evenings in the Fall. Good food, good friends and a Lake, can't go wrong with that combination :)

Intense Guy said...

:) Nothing like a nice slow gentle boat ride under the blue skies (or with the stars sparkling) to help one adjust their attitude.

The only scar was the condo(s)... and the reminder of the real estate market crash.

I too, prefer deer. :)

Glad your toof is all betters!!

Hugest Hugs -

Vicki Lane said...

Boy, do I prefer the 'humble abode' to those gaudy monstrosities that shout 'Look at me!'

Vicki Lane said...

Boy, do I prefer the 'humble abode' to those gaudy monstrosities that shout 'Look at me!'

junyah said...

Any bad day on the water is better than the best day at work. The water color catches my eye when i see pictures of the lakes out that way and even to the south.More of a greenish Hue to them.Not sure why that is,here most lakes are clear and can be measured in feet for clarity.The lake i fish on called Sebago is a water district too, it is the second largest lake in the state and one of the cleanest waters in the whole USA.I do like the Houses where they make lawns right to the waters edge. On the other hand the ruff look is always the style most people go for when they think of camping. I cant blame them there. Thanks for the great shorts. Hugs U JR

Toriz said...

Sounds perfect!

Nezzy said...

You can bet I'm just a little (lot) jealous. We've been so snowed under here at the Ponderosa none of the boats have taken a dip this summer. Maybe next year, in the meantime thanks for takin' me out on the lake with ya!!!

May God fill your day with blessngs sweetie!!! :o)

Anonymous said...

I love your new picture up top punkn :o) Hope your weekend is a good one!

Porch Days said...

It looks like you had perfect weather for your outing. Wouldn't mind lounging on a boat myself!

GardenofDaisies said...

I LOVE your "humble abode"!! A great little lake house if you ask me! I can't believe the Mansions some people build. Just ridiculous if you ask me... but no body did. ;-) What a wonderful way to get away and relax for a few days!!