Sunday, October 31, 2010


I hope everyone has a wonderfully safe Halloween.
It is going to be a quiet one here, which is pretty normal for us.
The Grandkids don't live close enough to trick or treat here.  Just once I'd like to see them in their Halloween outfits!  I think about going to their houses and then remember the hubbub of getting ready to go treating or to parties.  They don't need us in the way.  So much is packed into so little time, and then it is over.  Thank goodness for digital cameras. 
Jim survived his rotator cuff surgery (I think I typed cup last time - even though I KNOW it is cuff.  Sometimes I wonder about me.  Actually most of the time I wonder about me).  Anyway, he is doing really good.  We had the cutest nurse after the surgery.  She was 4 foot nothing tall and liked to laugh.  I'm not good at guessing ages, but she had to be close to 70.  She was refreshingly having fun with her job.  With the name of Mary Margaret, I would be she was a good ol' Catholic like me.
I have an ear Dr. appointment on Tuesday.  I still can't hear, but the pain is gone - so we are making progress.  At Church this morning, as I was walking down the aisle to go to Communion, next to me was this child of age 10 or so.  She had hearing aids in both ears.  I wanted to give her a hug.  Why did I freak out so over the thought of losing my hearing - and only in one ear at that.  It certainly is not the end of the world and could have been (and has been) a whole lot worse.  Anyway, I've given myself an attitude adjustment and what will be will be.  It will be no big deal.  Enough on that.
We are experiencing the most unbelievably gorgeous weather here.  It is time for me to finish this post, grab Jim (gently by his left arm) and head outside for a walk.  I'll bring my camera along and who knows - maybe I'll return with some photos to post. 
Sunday Blessings to all!


April Mechelle said...

Happy Halloween Deanna!! Glad that surgery went well on his Rotary Cuff. Have a great day and enjoy the walk !!!

Funny in My Mind said...

I hope you have a beautiful day. Along with Betty, you are my second favorite commenter!
I am glad his surgery went well, now I shall pray for a speedy recovery for your poor ear.
Hope you get a great doctor too!

AliceKay said...

Digital cameras are the greatest thing! :)

I'm glad Jim's surgery went well. I had to laugh at the description of the nurse. She sounds like a very sweet lady. I have to agree...her name sure sounds like a good ol' Catholic name. :)

I hope your appointment with the doctor goes well and you can find out what's next for your ear problem. Will continue praying for you.

We had a very windy, sometimes very bitter, day today. I wasn't outside much, but when I was, it felt cold. I put in storm windows yesterday, but I didn't get all of them done. My plans to get them finished today didn't work out. Just not up to par today.

I hope you and Jim enjoyed your walk, and I hope you were able to get some of those gorgeous pictures you often share with us. :)

Osage Bluff Quilter said...

Yes today was beautiful! Hope you got your walk in.

Was his surgery at St Mary's? If so I think the nurse you are talking about, his son is a priest I think she told us.
I've made chicken and rice soup and pumpkin bread for the kids, they will be here shortly.
Happy Halloween!
Glad the pain is gone in your ear. Now on to the healing.

Rita said...

Mary Margaret sounds like a charming lady. Glad hubby's surgery went well. Let us know how your ear doctor appointment goes.

When you mentioned the young girl with two hearing aides--I had to smile. I could almost feel all my dead Swedish relatives nodding and saying, "See. Told you. Count your blessings. It could be worse." (Well, it is Halloween--they are probably all hanging around--ROFL!)

Happy Halloween and I hope you get to see lots of those digital pictures and you enjoyed your walk. ;)

That corgi :) said...

I'm thinking God ordained for you to see that little one at church with hearing aids. Glad your hubby's surgery went well! what a wonderful nurse too! we are sitting here with a big bowl of candy and only three trick and treaters so far.....Oh no! thankfully I didn't buy the candy I like :)


Missouri Gal Nicole said...

I think you should go see your grandkids in their costumes! The nurse sounds sweet, glad the hubby's surgery went well.
Don't worry about yourself! I know what I want to type but my fingers don't always do so either
Have a wonderful day!

Nezzy said...

Loved that batty pic girl!!! It's just perfect!

I'm thrilled that Jim's surgery went well I know the rehab is a stinker for that one!

My prayers are with you sweetie, I had no idea that your ear was still givin' ya trouble.

Have a most blessed day and enjoy your stroll! :o)

The Farmer's Daughter said...

Hi Deanna, glad the surgery went well and sure hope your ear problem gets better soon.

Have a great day,

Rural Rambler said...

Hi Deanna! Glad all went well with your Hubby! And that your ear is not hurting. CH and I walked today, it was wonderfully Fallish!

Love your little bat!

Toriz said...

Happy Halloween! :)

Hopefully you'll get lots of grandkid photos, then you can pretend you were there, without feeling you were in the way. :)

Glad Jim's surgery went well! :)

It's natural for you to experience bouts of... For lack of a better way to put it... Self pitty, depression, and even resentment for what you are going throughh. Don't beat yourself up about it, just have your moment, then do your best to drag yourself back out of the pit of dispair and self pitty you'd allowed yourself to fall in to. I don't know if this will help you, but I found that keeping a private journal/diary - one that nobody but you will ever be allowed to read - helped a bit. Sometimes getting your thoughts down on paper helps you to sort them out. Just a thought!

Enjoy your walk!

Anonymous said...

I love your halloween pic, that is just so cute. Im glad your hubby did well with the surgery and I hope your doc appt goes well also, Im glad your pain is gone HUGS

Intense Guy said...

I hope you had a wonderful walk - and enjoyed the outdoors.

I bet Jim really enjoyed the nurses, short and tall, young and old, but prefers the lifelong love of his life.


I hope your hearing returns - a bit each day or suddenly as if a popping of the hears equalized everything.

I hope that 10 year old felt that warm smile coming from your heart - I bet she did...

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