Monday, November 8, 2010

Sugar and spice

One is 13 and the other 3.  Ten years and two days separate their ages.  They both celebrated birthdays last week.  They both stole this Grandma's heart the day they were born. 
Emily turned into the T word.  You know, the word every mother dreads.  *whispers teenager*.  But she is such a disappointment.  She doesn’t have a teenage attitude.  She is sweet to her brothers and sisters most of the time.  I’ve heard rumors that there is the occasional blow-up but I don’t believe a word of it.  She is the everything nice of sugar and spice  Grandpa calls her Emmalemma (mostly to irritate her).  But I think over the years she has come, if not love the nickname, accept it.  Happy Birthday Emily, I love you very much.
These big brown eyes, dimples, and sweet smile melt my heart every time.

emily easter
This three year old knows her way around my heart.  Reagan calls and talks to us, telling us about Tina (her baby sitter) and all of her friends.  Since she talks 100 miles an hour, we usually have to have her daddy interpret the conversation after she says “Bye I love you”.  When she says that, she is gone.  Boom. 
Reagan’s smile is infectious.  When she smiles, I can’t help grinning like the silly grandma that I am.  Whoever coined the phrase that little girls are “Sugar and Spice and everything nice” had to have had Reagan in mind.

Reagan with her presents

She gave every present special attention, but that guitar lit her up like a Christmas tree.

Reagan playing her guitar

I don’t know if her mom and dad noticed, but I tuned it before I left the party.  Taylor Swift – move over!           

Reagan playing her guitar

Working on her picture taking techniques. 

Reagan taking a picture

Back to Emily.  Who says you can’t surprise a 13 year old…

Emily opening new cell phone

I can’t figure out who is happier with the new cell phone, Emily, or her little brother James.  I even sent her a text – and I don’t do text!

Emily smiling with new phone

Happy Birthday Emily and Reagan!  Love you both very much.


Leah said...

So cute. :) And I'm glad your daughter was a disappointment in terms of not living up to the teenager attitude. :)

Osage Bluff Quilter said...

Happy birthday girls. I know all little girls hold special places in their gma and gpa eyes!

Rita said...

OMGosh! They are all so cute! Happy birthday to the girls. :)

spacegirl60 said...

You can tell Emily is related to you. She looks a LOT like gma. Reagan is adorable. Funny...we've been watching your grandkids grow up all these years. :-)

Intense Guy said...

Aawww.. such sweetie pies!!

I hope Reagan is more Taylor Swift than Joan Jett! :) I know it dates me, but Shirley Temple - move over!

Emily is going to break a bunch of boy's hearts... and make one very lucky one so very happy.

Vicki Lane said...

Happy Birthdays! You are a lucky grandma!

That corgi :) said...

beautiful young women! happy birthday Emily and Reagan; both are soo adorable! love that Emily doesn't have that teen attitude and that she loves her cell phone (what teen wouldn't) and save me two seats for Reagan's first concert; she has the look that she might go far in a music career!

truly a blessing to have such special grands like all your grands!!


Toriz said...

Hope both Emily and Reagan enjoyed their birthdays! Happy birthday, girls! :)

AliceKay said...

Happy Birthday to both Emily and Reagan. Such happy smiles all around. Looks like Emily was very surprised to see that new cell phone. And little Reagan...that guitar looks like it was made for her. :)

Great pictures. I love seeing pictures of your grandkids. :)

jewelzmomof4 said...

Mom I love the guitar it is so cute and perfect for Reagan!!!!! Emily cracks me up with the cell phone I just LOVE that picture!!!! Happy Birthday Girls!!!!

Rural Rambler said...

Happy Birthday to your Granddaughters Deanna! I love that Grandpa calls Emily Emmalemma but I would have trouble not adding "lou" to the end! Sweet girls, you are a lucky Grandma :)

The Farmer's Daughter said...

Great photos of the birthday girls, Deana. They are so cute! I know you are a special g'ma to them.

Have a good day,

Queenie Jeannie said...

What sweet girls!!! I can tell you are one proud Grandma, and rightfully so! Presents - such fun!!!!

Anonymous said...

Awww happy birthday to both of those beautiful girls, they both look so happy, thanks for sharing with us, I hope you are having a good week HUGS

junyah said...

Your one lucky lady to have such a wounderful family.All those grand children to keep you bakeing cookies. Im hopeing i get to spoil Joslyn as offen as i can, my wife penny has taken a great love for her. Have fun with that brude.. YOP. Junyah