Thursday, December 9, 2010

My little pretties

When we sold mom and dad’s house over a year ago, it was a rush to empty it of 53 years of accumulated “stuff” (we moved there when I was 5). 

Do people still have linen closets?  Mine is a multitude of linen drawers.  In mom’s bathroom was a large closet with shelves of dry goods… linens, towels, sheets, embroidered pillow cases, table cloths, rags… You name it.  I boxed up as much as I could and drug it home.  Some items actually made it into my linen drawers.

Last week I decided it was time to sort through these drawers – get rid of some things, consolidate others.  Out of the blue I found a stack of embroidered tea towels. 

embroidered tea towels

Although there is nothing to indicate who embroidered these, I am fairly certain it was my dad’s mom.  Her hands were never idle and one of my childhood memories of her was that she was always embroidering something… pillow cases, table cloths, sheets, and towels. 


She even embroidered a red chain stitch around the edges of each towel.  Mom treasured them as a labor of love, because they had never been used.


Obviously they couldn’t be packed back away, hidden from the world any longer.  But they also couldn’t be used like some old dish towel I picked up at Wallyworld.  What to do…

This is where having a spouse with an artistic mind comes in handy.  He took one and folded it until he had it the perfect size.  Then after folding, ironing, and placing little “stay stitches” on each one (I did that part), they were ready to hang.

 embroidered tea towels hanging up  

I love the new old addition to my kitchen.  Thank you grandma for your many hours of work.  I can only imagine the love you put in each little stitch.  And thank you mom for caring enough to store these away all of these years. 

PS.  The “dress” is in transit.  According to UPS tracking it is in Iowa and will be delivered “on time” on Friday.  If it works out, hooray.  But if it doesn’t, no big deal.  I’ll just wear what I wore last year.  I’m not so vain as to think anyone will remember what I showed up to a party in a year ago.  Heck, I couldn’t even remember what I wore until I looked back at pictures. 

Hope everyone is doing well and having a wonderfully blessed week.


The Farmer's Daughter said...

A great idea for the towels! Hope your dress arrives safely and is a good fit. My hubby's company dinner is tonight. I don't why they picked a Thursday. It's not a real dressy affair, but I haven't quite decided which outfit to wear...I better go do that! ~Cheryl

spacegirl60 said...

I love stitch work. It is fantastic that you treasure this artwork also. What a nice way to display them.

AliceKay said...

Beautiful handmade artwork. You can see they were made with love. I like Jim's creativity. They make a wonderful addition to your kitchen, and I bet you smile everytime you see them. :)

My grandmother used to do a lot of embroidering. I have some of the things she made in a drawer or cupboard or two. The table linen she used to keep on her bedroom vanity is now on the chest of drawers in this room where I'm sitting.

I hope your dress arrives in time, but if not, I like your attitude. I would do the same thing. *hugs*

Rita said...

I hope your dress arrives in time and fits and you have a wonderful time. :)

Both my grandmothers did embroidery on pillowcases and hand towels and such. You are lucky these were saved and not used so that you can hang them proudly in your kitchen like that. They are precious and sentimental and look great there! :):)

Nezzy said...

Shoot, I can't even tell ya what I wore to Church last Sunday!!! Heeehehee...dang if this menobrain isn't gonna get the best of me!

I love how you displayed your treasures. My mom embroidered anything she could get her hands on.

God bless and have a splendid day sweetie!!!

Toriz said...

That's a good idea with the tea towels. :)

Hope your Dress arrives!

That corgi :) said...

Love your hubby's idea to display those towels! My mom used to embroider a lot like this, pillow cases and whatnot! so neat that you have this wonderful memory from your grandmother!!

whatever you decide to wear to the party, I'm sure you will still look smashing and have a great time!


Rural Rambler said...

Deanna those little birds are darling on the towels. They are just very sweet, made sweeter by the fact that your Dad's Mom made them and that they were treasured by your Mom. And now they hang in your kitchen, how cool is that?

Glad the dress is on the way! I need a dress for my niece's wedding in February. I don't own a dress and I don't think they will let me wear jeans. I hate to shop!

Intense Guy said...

I actually have a linen closet. Its full of non-linen stuff though. :)

Those towels are really precious - I think I would have framed them - maybe with one of those big frames with mattes (sp?) that let you put in a bunch of smaller pictures. Just to keep them clean... (you know I have problems with dusting things!)

I'm sure you looked lovely last year - and some of the guys remembered what a vision you were and what you wore - but they won't mind a repeat - who would ever object to an encore visit from you?

Intense Guy said...

*bites finger nails wondering if the new dress made it...*

junyah said...

mY aunt was the one that did all the sewing. But we did have linen closets, matter of fact we used to have flour barrels full of used clothes. we had a attached woodshed and a milk room and in the shed part was a big ole truck and that was full.In the Trunk was more linens and dad used to hide his hunting rifle there during hunting season and he though i wouldnt find it and go hunting. ( I did anyway but always made sure it got put back before he got home) In the living room was a built in set of drawsand a china closet and it was where mother kept her favorit linens and towels and the like. THanks for the memories...Smilies . YOP JR Wwwith e big ole Christmas HUG..

MarmiteToasty said...

oh how precious to have these.... they look like beautiful bunting hanging in your kitchen :)

priceless treasures


jewelzmomof4 said...

Those are very pretty!!! I LOVE where u hung them.....just remember to tell the grandkids they are not to be used as a towel know my boys will use them in a heart beat!!!