Tuesday, December 7, 2010

This and that

It's been crazy busy around here.

This weekend is our annual Christmas Open House (fortunately, not at my house).  I ordered a cocktail dress last week to wear.  When I checked online this morning, it had not yet shipped.  Yikes!  I tried to call them but they are Pacific Time and were not yet open.  Please, please, please let me get the dress on time.  Oh, and hopefully it will fit when I get it.  Why do I always wait until the last minute to do things?

We went to Sears yesterday to buy some clothes for Jim's mom.  As I headed into the store, the door caught my shoe and tripped me.  I thought I was just being my usual clumsy self, until the same thing happened to Jim.  That's when we realized the door closure was not operating properly and was letting the door close quickly rather than slowly.  So we grabbed the first employee we saw and asked if we could show her.  She was grumpy.  She followed us to the door, watched, and then told us there was nothing wrong with the door.  That we were supposed to hold it.  She was wrong and she was rude.  So now we were shopping and grumbling.  By the time we were ready to check out, we decided it had to be reported - both the door and the employee.  The manager couldn't have been nicer and by the time our purchases were bagged and we were headed out, she had another manager and a maintenace person at the door, blocking it off until it could be fixed.  And we felt better that someone - probably someone elderly - wasn't going to get hurt.  Whew.

We attended the 50+ Club (we qualify) Christmas Dinner at Church last night.  Our Knights of Columbus served a yummy meal of fried chicken, roast beef, corn, green beans, rolls, mashed potatoes and gravy and pie for dessert.  We were serenaded with Christmas Carols while we ate.  This is the first year that we weren't part of the singing.  It was fun to sit and enjoy and visit with friends.

The house is decorated but the aftermath of unpacking boxes and hanging wreaths has not been cleaned up yet.  The floors look like they haven't been vacuumed or swept in months.  I should be cleaning instead of blogging.

I also should be embroidering some shirts for a customer.  At least I got the sheets for the tables ironed (they make great table cloths).

There is so much to do between now and Christmas.  Every year I say I am going to simplify things and every year I fail.  They are calling for rain the night of our party.  I hope they are wrong.  I'd almost prefer snow to rain.  Either way, parking becomes a challenge when the weather is not nice. 

Time to get busy.  Out to the loft to embroider some shirts and then on to work.  What a miscellaneous ramble this has been. But then, that is how my brain is right now.  Too much going on up there to sort through it all.

Have a wonderful week.


Jingle said...

best wishes for you, my friend,
sorry for the missing item.
good luck on coming days, weeks, months, and years.
you rock!
keep smiling!

Osage Bluff Quilter said...

Do you still need the dress? I have about 8 or more short party dresses and you can borrow one. I'm serious, just call me!! Most of them have never been worn but one time!
Call me!

Flat Creek Farm said...

I'm with you - so much to do! And every year I'm going to simplify.. yah right I am :) Hope your dress arrives on time and all goes well with the open house! Currently I'm struggling with getting our big 'prelit' tree to light up all over. I will never buy another supposed 'prelit' tree again.. lol! -Tammy

Toriz said...

I hope your dress arrives in time.

The only thing with meal events like that is that they don't seem to think about people who don't eat meat (and when they do they offer fish as an alternative, assuming that if you don't eat meat then you eat fish). Still, I'm glad you enjoyed yourself.

I think most of us say that about Christmas, but it never works. The thing is, it's so easyy to buy in to what everyone says about all the things you need to do... Big parties, piles of presents, etc.

Anyway, I hope the party goes well and that everything comes together in time for Christmas.

The Farmer's Daughter said...

Hope your dress arrives in time, Deanna. And that the weather will be good.

I'm still putting off finishing my tree. It's up but sans lights and decorations!

Good for you for getting someone to fix the door. It sounds like it could have been dangerous for someone. I'm naturally clumsy myself so I don't need anything like that to trip me up. I nearly fell down the escalators in JCP at the Columbia Mall the other day. I have a bad ankle and it just didn't want to work right after a long day. That was a scene I don't want to repeat!

Have fun at your party.

Intense Guy said...

I bet they have to look high and low for a size 0 dress for you... or is it a 1?

I hope you just let go of the "schedule" and enjoy the moments...

:) 50+ huh... they obviously carded you, though...

AliceKay said...

I hope the dress arrives in time for the open house and it fits properly. (now why wouldn't it?)

I'm glad you talked to the store manager about that door (and the employee) and they checked it out before someone got hurt. Sounded like an accident waiting to happen.

It's great you had the chance to enjoy the dinner and singing this year. Sometimes you just have to sit back and let someone else do the work.

Yep, there's always too much to do around the holidays. Bad weather doesn't help matters any either. I hope the weather holds and you get neither rain nor snow the night of your party.

Take a deep breath and enjoy the rest of your week. *hugs*

That corgi :) said...

glad the manager at Sears took your complaints seriously and went to check them out. I'm thinking the employee might be looking for alternative employment soon! hoping that dress arrives soon!

that 50 plus club at church sounds like fun! We can qualify too (hubby ordered his first item off the seniors menu today at Denny's, I was so proud of him :)

enjoy the season and it is okay if it all doesn't get done


Rural Rambler said...

Hope your dress shows up Deanna and that you and your Hubby have a wonderful time. I am praying that the crummy weather they are predicting isn't as crummy and that those single digit temps don't get us!

Rita said...

I'm so glad you reported the door to the manager and they were fixing it. (With all the unemployment you wouldn't think it would be so hard to find good service, but it is!) Hope your dress gets there and you have a good time--rain or no rain. :):)

Anonymous said...

Yall are so lucky you didnt hurt yourselves at Sears, and hopefully after informing the manager like you did all will be well :o)

I wish I had a Christmas party to go to. I hope you have a nice time at yours and the rain holds for you, HUGS